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Prosecution of Julian Assange, America’s Betrayal of Its Own Ideals

Prosecution of Julian Assange, America’s Betrayal of Its Own Ideals

Nozomi Hayase

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange remains arbitrarily detained in the Ecuadorian embassy in London. As he is in a critical situation under a special protocol imposing prison-like surveillance, news emerged that shed light on the grave danger he has been facing.

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We would all do well to read and re-read your book: _WikiLeaks:
the global Fourth Estate; history is happening
What a classic piece of psychological projection and CIA Black Op. for the
Pentagon to accuse WikiLeaks of “having blood on their hands.”
Is it coming to the time when Ben Franklin’s line about fighting the
British is true today: that, “we all hang together or we’ll surely
all hang separately”?
Christian tradition has always asserted that, “An unjust law is no law at all.”
St. Augustine first thought it, Aquinas put theology to it; and Dr. MLK jr. put
it into the 60’s American civil/human rights protest movement.
And your defense of Assange and WikiLeaks revives the spirit of its truth.


Since “a New Pearl Harbor,” how many innocent activists (and voices) have been targeted? And, were all the step-by-step escalations against anyone who would dare to even speak, or moreover, reveal Truth to Power, planned – just like those color-coded terror alerts?

[See] Obama’s head of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs where, among other things, he [was] responsible for “overseeing policies relating to privacy, information quality, and statistical programs.” In 2008, while at Harvard Law School, Sunstein co-wrote a truly pernicious paper proposing that the U.S. Government employ teams of covert agents and pseudo-“independent” advocates to “cognitively infiltrate” online groups and websites – as well as other activist groups – which advocate views that Sunstein deems “false conspiracy theories” about the Government.


When the terrorists destroyed building 7, the Constitution became irrelevant.


Trump might be convinced to change course on this if he was reminded everyday that he will be continuing Obama’s legacy and acting just like him, that fact would drive him bat sh!t crazy.


Seeing how FOX (faux noise) is Trump’s sole source of “news”, we will need to wait until FOX conveys the “Obama legacy” message, which I predict will happen within a century of hell freezing over.


Seems like that would have had to have happened in some measure before those particular terrorists did that.


All people do good things, and all people to bad things. All people do things with good intentions that have bad effects, and all people do things with bad intentions that have good effects. Nozomi, I don’t know if you are in love with Mr Assange, but your incessant worship of him is interesting, and we disagree on good and bad intentions and effects. Common Dreams is trying to bring people together. I am not sure what your reason fo repeating the same opininons incessantly here is, but it is driving me away - I think the editors of Common Dreams are as naive as you are. You bring dis-repute on many good articles, and raise questions in my mind about Common Dreams, and the camoflaging of self-serving moralists in the cloak of humanitarian values. I do not disagree Mr Assange did a good thing, but I also believe, and the evidence is in the public domain, that he did some very bad things. He seems to be ironically, alot like Mr Trump, a narcissist devoid of compassion and humility, who believes that if he does it, it is right, a do his enamored flock.

Which terrorists?

Good riddance?

It is every citizen’s duty to reveal the crimes of the state. We americans should be thankful to the Australian citizen for having put himself at great personal risk by exposing the crimes of the US government.


“… and the evidence is in the public domain”

The ‘public’ domain you speak of and appear to be using as a source of information is a very large group of fallible human beings all cloaked by the anonymity that the internet provides, who receive their ‘sources’ from like-kind fallible human beings, the vast majority of which don’t even know propaganda when it bites them in the arse.

I’ve not seen this ‘evidence’ you speak of, and I’m also very careful when studying the words of people, to attempt to discern their motive and I never give full weight to anything without solid proof.

On the other hand, I’ve taken care to listen to the words spoken by Assange and I find him to be very believable. I also find the people who Assange surrounds himself with to be reputable and ethical people as well. This speaks volumes about his possible motivations.

Of course, our American political ‘administrations’, currently filled with a large number of un-ethical people, will attack; they have egg on their face. Those who have misplaced allegiance with our body politic will attack because they can’t think for themselves and lastly, and the most frustrating group of attackers comes from so-called ‘liberals’ in the Democratic party. There exists a large group of people who so wanted a Clinton win that they vehemently strike out against anything they believe had a part in her losing, truthful or not. These people are not ‘liberals’, they are Democrats solely because they are not Republicans.

At some point in time, I hope that the truth of the leak of the DNC and Podesta’s documents is told. There are many people who know this truth (it wasn’t the Russians who gave those docs to Wikileaks). Assange himself has very clearly stated the truth without breaking his rule about divulging his sources.


HI Michael_Stevens: LOL and what a silly argument that all people do both good and bad things. Yes, they do----- but it depends on what level and where and how
the evil exceeds the good. For example, Hitler loved dogs------but not people.

Nozomi Hayase is correct----the current- in -charge- people, although referring to them as “leaders,” seems to be the wrong word, as the current power brokers really are betraying the ideals of America. The current president seems to believe that he is an emperor and goes on to attack all levels of people and government. Although this has been shown to have been going on for a while-- including Mr Clapper as he smiled and said he spied on Congress.

Sadly, a lot of the media doesn’t call many in government on their lies-----but there is that truism that if a lie is repeated often enough-----it becomes “truth.” When so many are scrambling to live------it’s more important than ever that truth tellers are protected and just as important to remember past history… you know like what became of that guy who declared the Treaty of Versailles to be —" just a scrap of paper." : 0


American values are exemplified by what the US wanted to accomplish at the Nuremberg Trials 1945-46. The American side wanted to establish a legal code of protection for those who blow the whistle on atrocities - as Julian Assange has been facilitating. The US has amnesia on this.


The fake terrorists that were the patsy’s for the real terrorists.

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The real terrorists wear nice business suits with American flag lapel pins, and of course Star of David lapel pins.

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How do you know Assange said any of those things? Computers are great lip-synchers. Since paranoia seems to be the favorite rationale for hatred of everybody and everything who does not hate everybody or everything, this is outside of my “twisted, limited” fogginess. The only interesting resjponse I got was somebodoy who asked me if Assange should have published Demos emails. Interesting question.
Yes, if he had not timed them to drown out "Trumps pussy grabbing ", which does not seem to bother anyone. Since there is evidence, which all you conspiracy theorists can blame on the “power brokers”,
that Assange released them at Russia’s request at the time that he did. I am not an anarchist, I am not a capitalist, nor a socialist, I am a cooperativist, which paranoia poisons like it poisons everything else it controls. I guess the “Common Dreams” referred to by the editors is a common belief that everything that does not oppose every agent of social cohesion. Back to the question, should he have published them, I believe NO no when he did. If he had published them when he got them, then my answer is YES. The “miliatary-industrial” complex is the enemy of the better side of human nature, and, Eisenhower warned us about them, but he had to be part of the conspiracy, right? This is a food fight, and good luck, may you find paradise in paranoia land.