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Prosecutors Drop All Remaining Charges Against Trump Inauguration Protesters After 'Epic Failure' to Prove Wrongdoing


Prosecutors Drop All Remaining Charges Against Trump Inauguration Protesters After 'Epic Failure' to Prove Wrongdoing

Julia Conley, staff writer

More than three dozen defendants in the year-long #DisruptJ20 trial celebrated Friday evening after prosecutors dismissed all remaining charges against them, following a number of failures to prove the protesters were guilty of wrongdoing.


All of this going on for 15 months for $100,000 in alleged damages?

How much is Trump costing us every week with his $20 million trips in Air Force One
to Mar-A-Lago? Or to his various Golf courses? Or to his NYC Trump Towers?

Or for the entire family’s security – including Melania now going back to NYC with Barron?

There should be a bill due for this family when they finally leave town –

and there should be new limits on just what taxpayers will cover for any president in the
way of “trips” and “security.”


“Epic Failure”…says it all.


Meanwhile –

White Supremacist Group –


What the feds did to these protesters is one of many tactics that prosecutors use to take away first amendment rights.
Even if charges are later dropped, you’ve already been arrested, a permanent arrest record is on NCIC, you may have been caged and had to pay bail, you’ve had to hire attorney, you may have been fired from your job or lost wages, etc.
Many times the police will beat you up as well, or deprive you of food and water.
Tyranny rules in America. Thomas Jefferson had a remedy for it.


More of these jerks need to be named and centered out in there comunity,see how brave they are on their own.


This is more evidence that the courts are still working and the US is still not a fascist state but it is hard to imagine this episode happening under any former president. Just about everything in the news involving the Trump administration seems to be a reminder of how important the upcoming election is to obtain some power over this racist and fascist president. As with climate change, I think with stopping a fascist takeover of the US by the right the window of opportunity is rapidly closing.


Department of Justice? That’s a crock-o-shite! This trump regime DOJ and its “religious” hyper-partisan shill AG is a walking travesty of justice!

BRAVO to all the fighters for actual justice, who put their bodies on the line - who put action where their mouths are to fight trump regime racism, fascism, for-profit war, environmental degradation, exploitation, pollution, and other abuses of so much and so many, by so few depraved psychopath criminals!


Eh. Just a minor typo. Correct spelling is Department of Just Us.


In a related demonstration at Lady Liberty, Patricia Okoumou staged a wonderful example of personal action to protest the heinous trump regime family separation…and now refusal/incompetence/stupidity/disregard for the law, to reunite the children with their families!

The removal of sightseers by police for her action of resistance was entirely unnecesary, IMO, and those who came to see the Lady were denied their moment, not by Patricia, but by cops doing their usual routine of making a mountain out of a mole-hill - the situation could have been handled much differently and still maintained the “security” they think they needed.


i’ve twice been refused entry to Canada, and told that i need to prove my “rehabilitation” to enter, because i’ve been arrested several times for civil disobedience in the USA. Most of my arrests were in the 1980s: blockading US arms shipments to El Salvador, protesting US support for apartheid in S Africa, opposing US nuclear war preparation and environmental catastrophe at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation, etc.

My only “recent” arrests were in the 1999 WTO protests - we not only had the charges dismissed “with prejudice” (meaning the judge found the charges so stupid he blocked the government from attempting to try us again), but also we won a lawsuit settlement against the government for violation of our constitutional rights - and then i was arrested for a highway blockade in the run-up to the US invasion of Iraq in 2003 - again we had the charges dropped. No conviction, no crime, but i’m in the data base as an arrestee, which shows up if i try to cross the border.


I’ll give you two guesses.


Yes, this is exactly how the government tries to harm non-violent protesters. And try clearing the NCIC record–it’s almost impossible.
They’re logging all of us who protest, on a database of resisters.
Thank you for doing your part to stand up against the evil in society!


I think what the organization is doing in ID’ing these people is really worthwhile,
especially when they’re connected to MIC contractors like Northrop Grumman.

And when they very clearly document their violence and aggression – which is
certainly not “self-defense”

I don’t think anything personal in interaction with these people would be wise, but do think
that spreading the word on the internet about who these people – and who they represent
would be helpful. And also pressuring FBI about investigating this group and their activities.
Also, the connection to Northrup Grumman/MIC should be circulated with the expectation that
they will fire such employees – and/or to explain whether they are sponsoring these activities
in any way.

As one of our trolls complained about immigrants: “They vote for Democrats.”
Well – I hope they vote for “democrats” cause there aren’t too many to be found in the DP these days.

Rahm Emmnuel also made clear, the voters who put Obama in office were “f-ing liberals” who would
stop the wars and put an end to the MIC. And this is a liberal nation.

If you add in women who are more concerned about damage to nature/plants and to the planet –
about chemicals and pollution which effects the health of children and everyone else on the planet –
it’s clear that the MIC and White Supremacists have the same enemies.

The only way the right wing can continue to hold power is through violence and oppression and it
sure looks like that’s the road they’re staying on.

Of course, we do know also the road that the anti-abortionists took in harassment of women seeking
care at women’s clinics, in bombings at the clinics and other violence which shut down many clinics –
and of course the many MURDERS of doctors at women’s clinics. We don’t want to be them, either.
Nor those religious extremists/fanatics who picketed at schools and churches which the children of pro-
choice politicians attended. Nor those who picketed at homes of clinic personnel and heads of the clinics.


Haif Hitler Chump trump is good at losing. That’s what losers do.


Wow. Meanwhile, others get fired when their employer finds a picture of them fingering the presidential motorcade from their bicycle…


But what would you expect Northrop Grumman is part of the fascist war machine - so of coirse they don’t mind employing fascists…


Trump and all of his Gangters he put as heads of Govt Agancies should be held accountable for the theft of taxpayer monies. We see it every day… Robbery in broad Daylight!


Why is there a permanent arrest record, if charges are dropped? That seems ridiculous, mean and unfair… so is Scooter Libby’s arrest still logged somewhere, and is his conviction still logged somewhere? Does hs pardon erase all that?
Or do certain people in America have access to Orwell’s Memory Hole and their crimes evaporate?------Is there a Memory Hole Dept. hiding in plain sight?