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Prosecutors Mulling 'Assault' Charges After Videos Show Children Being Dragged and Hit at Arizona Immigration Detention Center


Prosecutors Mulling 'Assault' Charges After Videos Show Children Being Dragged and Hit at Arizona Immigration Detention Center

Julia Conley, staff writer

Maricopa County prosecutors in Arizona are considering potential criminal charges after reviewing footage of children being dragged, hit, and shoved by staff members at a detention center near Phoenix.


Ah, Family Values !


What the hell is there to “mull”? Charge the bastards already!


It seems like every day there’s another reason to be ashamed of being a citizen of the UFSA! (I’ll let you guess what the “F” stands for! It ain’'t “Friendly,” THAT’s for sure!)


Just freaking breaks my heart. From where do such ghouls get “grown”?


by all means “mull”. then maybe actually do something. then maybe stop privatizing essential public functions so you stop hiring a bunch of otherwise unemployable psychopaths for 8 bucks an hour.


What the hell is there to investigate??? Oh, that’s right… I bet they ‘deny it loudly’ and we all know Trump equates that to innocence…


Tarsudamus predicts a single low level employee will face criminal charges and eventually get fired, which will be hailed as a “major victory” for progressives everywhere and an important first step towards the abolition of child incarceration.
Meanwhile the 2019 budget will include several billions earmarked for privately owned child abuse centers.


This is normal behavior for Maricopa County Cops; what was the name of that former bullying asshole Sheriff?


Hi Tarsus, why are they called “child abuse center?” Maybe the employees think of “abuse” as their duties-------------------it seems that very often , if things are ,“Privatized,” as in prisons and in child welfare----that horrors will soon abound. : (


What did anyone expect, that’s the normal SOP in a concentration camp.


Absolutely! And start with the creep who ordered this abusive treatment of asylum-seekers, the white house occupant.


Pink Floyd, Leave those kids alone


When, oh when, is the United Nations going to investigate the appalling treatment of immigrants in the United States? I believe there is a provision for the general body of the U.N. to take action if the Security Council - held hostage by the Trump administration - will not act.

And when is the free world, including former allies now alienated by our Horse’s-Behind-in-Chief, going to demand action in the face of Hispanics being treated like animals by the “Greatest Nation on Earth”?