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Prosecutor's "Reprehensible" Memo Proves GOP Aimed to Put Accuser Dr. Ford on Trial, Not Brett Kavanaugh

Prosecutor's "Reprehensible" Memo Proves GOP Aimed to Put Accuser Dr. Ford on Trial, Not Brett Kavanaugh

Julia Conley, staff writer

A memo from Maricopa County sex crimes prosecutor Rachel Mitchell, who questioned Dr. Christine Blasey Ford during her testimony on allegations against U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, revealed late Sunday that Mitchell would not advise a criminal prosecution for Kavanaugh—obscuring the reality of the consequences Kavanaugh currently faces if the FBI finds evidence that he has committed sexual assault or perjured himself in any way.


From Maricopa County with Agent Orange’s best friend Joe Arpaio and the GOP—what would you expect?


If Dr. Christine Blasey Ford just made up this story (on behaf of those horrible Democrats) as the Senate Committee maintains, then Dr. Ford is obviously lying.
On the other hand, if Dr. Ford is telling the truth, then Brett Kavanaugh is obviously lying.

Lying to Congress, under oath, is a crime.

If people are free to commit perjury with no consequences, then the Congress has no business hearing testimony in the first place. People who lie under oath must be held accountable for their crimes.

Therefore, if Kavanaugh is confirmed for the Supreme Court, then Dr. Ford must be lying and she should be charged accordingly.
If Dr. Ford is telling the truth (which is what I believe to be the case), then Brett Kavanaugh should be charged with perjury and not only should his confirmation be denied, he should be removed from the Federal Appeals Court.

One of the other should happen.
If they do not have enough information to determine who is lying, then they need to take the time to do so.
To do anything else is to disrespect our “honorable” Congress.


Well now, isn’t that special. The hearing was a trial? What? I live in AZ, I have most of my life. Without a doubt it is a dry heat, the kind that makes minds rot. It is distressing to see this rot spread like a cold or the flu. And what to make of this “memo”? At what capacity was this special person suppose to issue a memo in the first place? This whole thing stinks like a 3 day old dead fish left in the desert sun of AZ. Kinda smells like obstruction of justice to me but I’ve had 2 nose jobs and it’s still doesn’t work right, it leans to the left on my face. Bad joke, it’s Monday at 7:15 am guess I need a beer. I like beer. I drink beer. What the hell, have 2.


Sometimes I wonder if these situations are to rebuild trust in our secret type services. Other than that, this whole situation is bothersome. It seems more like the Republicans got a week to do what is necessary to increase the number of votes. But I guess time, though little of it, will tell.


Note that while Prosecutor Mitchell questioned where Ford was getting money to fund the costs of shining light on Kavanaugh, no prosecutor or anybody else has asked Kavanaugh who has been funding the propaganda campaign to get him seated on the SCOTUS wherein more dark money from right wing extremists has been flowing in EACH HOUR to that propaganda campaign than the total costs that Ford will incur.


Any prosecutor who is found to politicize a case must be removed from office and disbarred.
Mitchell should receive her pink slip this week but won’t because the republican party is an evil group of sub-humans bent on creating America in their christo-fascist image.

We let them exist at our peril.


Mitchell is nothing more than a hired gun. She likely had to agree to read whatever memos Mitch wrote for her.


Kind of obvious that this had been set up for a while: Grassley et al. pick a sex crimes prosecutor to question Ford and Kavanaugh, with instructions that she write a memo that would be leaked, which they would then refer to as perfect and conclusive evidence that BK was innocent because who would know better than an experienced sex crimes prosecutor and here is her written (and oh, by the way, completely unbiased and unpartisan!) opinion.


As Hirono said, if he thinks she’s part of a partisan conspiracy, was she also carrying out this conspiracy when she told her husband and therapist about it years before BK was nominated?


This whole episode is a perfect analogy of the times.
His documented lies to Congress don’t even come up in the conversation. Instead of the many, much more recent reasons this surly little trust fund baby has shown he’s way below the job, the democrats bet the farm on something he did in high school. Why is that?
The Vichy democrats can’t call them liars because they tell the same fucking lies, every day. Just like they can’t call republicans whores for the 1% or say they worked with Capital to destroy and abandon Labor or point out their total disregard of the Constitution or call them warmongering terrorists or yada yada yada.


From Trial Law 101:

If the facts are against you, pound the law.
If the law is against you, pound the facts.
If the facts and the law are against you, pound the table.

I’d say Kavanaugh learned his lessons well.


I read the memo (except the timeline table at the end) and to call it reprehensible seems like hyperbole to me. Mitchell states the reasons for her opinion that the case involving Ford would not be possible to be successfully prosecuted in court. What Maryland prosecutors will decide (hopefully with more information from the FBI, but we’ll have to see if they come up with anything or not) is up to them.

I agree she should have included statements about Kavanaugh’s credibility, of which their are many interpretations online (and again, I hope the FBI has something to say), but I’m not sure I would go so far as to call it a firing offence for Mitchell.

I do think Kavanaugh commuted a firing offence with regard to the stolen Democratic documents though - not coming forward with those an lying to the Senate about them should have been enough to have him lose his current job.



This summation of yours is spot on.

Please, if you can, get this to one of the Democratic Senators on the Senate Judiciary Comittee.

They must make this case to the American

Either Brett Kavanaugh or Dr. Christine Blasey Ford must be found to be lying, after a thorough investigation.



I’d say, Kavanaugh hasn’t learned anything since well before his 17th birthday.

Perhaps, someday when he is incarcerated, he can go back to school, and learn civility and basic decency.


Also learn how to doublespeak!


It’s a one sided opinion which ignored, as you noted, anything about Kavanaugh.

And, she was assigned the responsibility of a questioner, not as a judge and jury.

This was a set up in a sense as anyone could have carried out asking these questions –
including either Susan Collins or Lisa Murkowski who could have questioned Kavanaugh,
as well.

Kavanaugh is beyond being a wholly unsuitable nominee for our SC, IF we had any real
standards any longer for the SC. Once Clarence Thomas was put on the court the Supreme
Court essentially became an embarrassment for this nation and around the world.

And the right wing control over it as it has been used to attack women and minorities has
made clear the true perversions of the SC.

Two sexual perverts on the SC will likely bring it down - and Roberts knows this.
Not that Roberts isn’t himself a criminal fascist in his efforts to put “W” in the White House.

The Court exists not to limit our individual freedoms but to protect and expand our freedoms.
Trump and his “White Male Supremacist” administration exist to take us backwards into the
renewal of prior oppression on minorities. And the administration is at work on those goals
every day.


From hearing kabuki to comic strip


Don’t defend her. She could have said an emphatic NO.


Short of anyone in that room along with Brett K. who witnessed the entire event I don’t know either–we have been told his buddy was in the room and drunk himself and has refused to speak out about incident. Ford made it clear he was going along with the whole event. Grassely refused to have him testify.

If not firing then firing Grassely for his overt and orchestrated attempt to subvert justice. I do not give her a pass as she could have refused to act in this capacity. Period.

OK, so why wasn’t it enough you must ask yourself. I wonder if this went through Ford’s mind and remembering her ordeal and the thought this perjuring cretin will be on the SC for life to wreck further harm on women–and yes, it is much bigger than that as he will oppose labor and people of color and the poor–she decided to come forward.