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Protect Net Neutrality and Internet Freedom: World Wide Web Inventor


Protect Net Neutrality and Internet Freedom: World Wide Web Inventor

Treating all content equally online is key to individual empowerment, democracy and economic growth. But the FCC is threatening to take that away.


Everything in our lives has a stake in this remaining free, everything. But it has been shown time and time again people don’t care about freedom or rights. It didn’t used to be this way. I remember when it wasn’t and it makes me sad and it makes me angry. Here is a man with vision and talent giving away his talent to us as a gift and we most likely will throw it away. How very very sad and totally disrespectful.


Who IS this dude?  All loyal DamnocRats know it was Al Gore who gave us the Internet!!


The FCC is threatening the net? Most progressives knew this was coming. Same ol same ol: CUI BONO?


I don’t think so Ditton.

“Treating all content equally online is key to individual empowerment, democracy and economic growth. But the FCC is threatening to take that away.” (sub-title of the article)

  1. individual empowerment - I am all for this !

  2. democracy - All for this too !

  3. economic growth - ?? = collapse (Limits to Growth, Planetary Boundaries etc…)

  4. The world wide web was designed for file sharing at CERN - the Large Hadron Collider - entirely government funded super expensive part of the Military Industrial Complex.

John Gofman, Manhattan Project, said, after his rebirth as anti-nuclear activist, that he should, by all rights, have been prosecuted as a crimes against humanity war criminal.

In our super-complex and specialised society and hierarchy, we have good intentions galore, but precious few who can actually think generations ahead, or even past their next paycheck, which workers at the Manhattan Project and at CERN are certainly recipients of - i.e., well-heeled, prestigious, comfortable - with conscience surfacing like particles from the quantum vacuum, that is - ephemerally.

It takes a multi-billion dollar factory to produce a computer chip - hardly a democratic egalitarian concept.

And who is going to listen to the protests?

It has been shown again and again we are immaterial to the decisions in DC - or anywhere else where governments exist.

Where does that leave us?

Amidst all the flurry to protest - to organise - to fight multiple battles on innumerable fronts - a surer way to lose strategically was never invented.

For me - I will operate at the individual level as much as possible, believing that this is what the powers that be are truly terrified of - the thinking, well informed individual unafraid to say and do what is right.


I mean really - talk about cognitive dissonance !!!

Who really believes CERN was designed for seeking the truth?

Who is that naive ?


The reason this struck me this way is…I give my art, in it’s many forms, away for free, it is a gift to me so I give it as a gift to others. I have never made a dime from my art. I am simple minded in that respect. I don’t have any hidden agenda’s so I don’t see them in others until someone, such as yourself, points them out to me. You ask? Who is that naive? I can be at times. I didn’t see any of those things you wrote about, I just didn’t see them. This does not make me stupid or dumb, rather it makes me pure. Can you see purity in being naive? I am an INTP after-all :slight_smile:


The system is threatening the net - a loss leader - conventional marketing technique.


Any time business gets hold of something, as say the net, they take it over and use it for their own nefarious reasons. This can be seen now as Facebook and Google have become corporate weapons in stifling dissent or alternative views differing from the ‘approved’ narrative. Ajit Pai, the head tool of the FCC along with the criminal cabal in Congress want to totally turn the net over to the largest ISP services with their blessings and usher in the next great wave of censorship in the ultimate crushing of what little democracy we have left.Then instead of the inverse totalitarianism we now, instead flipping it on it’s head for complete control of all citizens using the net. WE CAN’T LET THIS HAPPEN!!! If it does happen start counting the days when you’ll be able to read Common Dreams, Counterpunch, Consortiumnews, WSWS, or any other leftist sites as they will quietly be ‘disappeared’ from public spheres. Really this is a serious issue, every bit as is the tax scam, sexgate, others too, maybe even more so because once gone it’ll be gone for good for, most likely, all time.


Big Brother wants your Internet. Fight!



He was very careful in saying he invented the World Wide Web (the part that goes http://www) which was the HTML markup language. TCP/IP has already been invented and in use. He made the internet accessible to less computer literate folks, so everyday people could use it, without knowing cryptic unix stuff.


No mention on how the capitalist are using racism to sell the destruction of net neutrality. They know it’s bad for the consumer, and thus use right wingers lack of technical knowledge to sell it as one of Obama’s ideas, they are basically saying at their propaganda sites “It was implemented by a black man, so it must be bad”. That is exactly how they are marketing it to absolutely brain dead AmeriKKKans.


You and I both remember early television, when it was young and inventive, creative and pushed the envelope. Folks today don’t have that knowledge set. I remember when PBS was brand new and exciting, inventive and creative. Again, repeat and rinse. When it’s gone, it ain’t never comin’ back. But due to the reaction I get from around the web, it doesn’t seem to bother too many people. Just the one’s that are still free-thinkers.


Don’t take [Fester] too serious – [he] ain’t nohow permanent.”  —  Walt Kelly [sort of]


It’s Verizon, AT&T, Comcast, etc. versus everyone else. These corporate giants have been fighting for this for awhile but so far have been defeated. They must be defeated again or much will be lost.


Somehow I have confidence that even if the parasitical slugs in the communication companies and our “protectors” at the FCC conspire to hose the Internet, free-thinkers will continue using their imaginations to come up with a communication system so revolutionary that it will make our present Internet look as slow and cumbersome as shipping information by oxcart. Yes, I hope to save Net Neutrality, but I also know the human craving for communication will out-grow any stupid limitations that the greedmongers can think up. They have a choice: they can put up with a free and open Internet, or they can try to squash it and get their butts REALLY kicked by what we are forced to come up with to replace it.


I hope it’s cheap cuz I got mega bucks tied up in old out dated computers that no longer run on the web but still work just fine.


Yes I can Ditton.

Naive in its true meaning = ‘natural’.

My wife is an artist, and like you, has always painted for free.

I had to look up INTP - and you would fit the bill I think - an “Architect” - also a profound compliment.

Heh - since the internet and CERN (rough translation ‘European Center for Nuclear Research’) are both high tech endeavors, here’s a thought ~

How come Common Dreams almost never focuses on positive technological possibilities, like mining asteroids or space exploration as a way - a ‘progressive’ way forward ?

Alan Stern is the chief scientist on the Pluto Mission “New Horizons”, which has made dazzling discoveries about the ninth planet. By way of human interest, he still considers Pluto a planet, and writes about it as such even in peer reviewed literature, and he asserts many, even most planetary scientists do so as well.

I have Mike Brown’s book on the demotion of Pluto to KBO (Kuiper Belt Object & dwarf planet), and so this provides a glimpse under the hood of these scintillating scientists mental architecture, to continue the analogy.

Not to minimize the atrocities in Yemen - but in perspective - human beings have been doing this since the species evolved in Africa.

In the same Scientific American issue (December 2017) in which Alan Stern describes the Pluto system, there is another article by an archaeologist, Catherine M. Cameron, “How Captives Changed the World”, which documents our equally long history of abducting both women and children into our tribes - again - nothing new under the Sun.

I’d like to see Common Dreams broaden their thinking - and their articles.

Perspective is non-trivial.


you ask why CD doesn’t do science? it isn’t their focus, which is politics, they do stories about people who hate science but science directly, no…Ya being INTP, ain’t it great? Not!, I will accept “natural” though…with the small staffing and low budget I am very happy that they are able to do what they can and yep, I donate :slight_smile:


That’s a nice sentiment. And I agree that computer geeks and hackers could well come up with their own system to replace our current ‘Internet’ (they may already have, and we just don’t know about it). However, you don’t seem to understand the situation we are in. We (those that want to keep ‘net neutrality’) are not trying to save this freedom that the FCC (Ajit Pai) are trying to take away (although you could call it ‘freedom from market forces’ I guess). What Pai wants to do is to let the Internet be MORE free of regulations than it is now. For net neutrality to be maintained requires that the corporations that control it follow certain rules. If some hackers/geeks make their own Internet-type system, it will also be free of regulations in the same way Pai wants the current Internet to be more free of regulations. So this isn’t really what we want (or could just the people who would use this new Internet actually be able to self-regulate?? I really don’t think so…).