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'Protect Us': Colorado High School Students Post Video Pleading With Local Authorities to Ban Fracking

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/01/protect-us-colorado-high-school-students-post-video-pleading-local-authorities-ban


This is the county in which my father grew up. I know it well and it is sacred to me. Bless these youths who speak the truth. Speak until the ears of power bleed!


I hope they send this to Biden …


We don’t allow booze or tobacco stores(or weed stores)within a certain distance of schools and churches. The same should be true for fracking wells. Good luck, kids! I would suggest you propose routing the drinking water affected by this well to the houses of the corp’s owners, and no bottled water allowed. It must be used for drinking, laundry, and bathing. We’ll see how quickly they shut it all down.
Water Is Life! #NoMoreFlints!


She is smart to be careful because petrochemical fumes are powerful hypersensitizers that can set people up for a lifetime of health misery.

The problem is “Toxicant Induced loss of Tolerance” (or “TILT”) and it remains with somebody their entire life. TILT is what causes multiple chemical sensitivity -


The politicians don’t care what ordinary people want, only what their rich donors want.

One reform is desperately needed: multi-winner districts with ranked choice voting so everyone will have someone to represent their views.

See Fair Representation voting on FairvoteDOTcom

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Bottled water isnt healthy to rely on because endocrine disrupting chemicals fromthe plastics used to make the bottle persist in the body a very long time and cause a whole host of illnesses. Its a real ticking time bomb. Please read up on endocrine disrupting chemicals. many are carcinogenic, for example, like many petrochemical byproducts, some are aryl hydocarbon receptor agonists and many are PPAR gamma active substances (usually also obesogens/obesogenic). They can cause all sorts of problems with sex hormone sensitive targets in the body, leading to a cluster of different cancers, breast, prostate, testicular, also neurological problems, also of course, morbid obesity, that can be transmitted to at least one subsequent generation through as far as I know a still unknown mechanism.

Obesogenic chemicals change the bodys energy set points, and alter lipid homeostasis. As they build up on the environment they are being found everywhere on earth. They are increasingly shown to be interfering with human and animal reproduction, so they threaten our species very survival. This kind of pollution urgently needs to be stopped.


Trade and investment agreements (treaties) however are increasingly taking large bodies of policy (The things that involve profits and trade, financial services, jobs and working, etc.) out of the reach of domestic regulators because the policy locks in and each deregulation become entitlements of international investors. (so as to give corporations certainty in perpetuity) Its a one way street, which is why these clauses are called colorful and descriptive words like standstill, ratchet, rollback, and so on. Thse entities are a defacto new world government where the real power is being vested.

Were voting still actually able to change these things, as it was a few decades ago it would likely be illegal. the only reason they are giving voters ranked choice voting is probably the fact that trade and investment agreements have rendered voting ineffective at changing any of the policies that people most want and need to change.

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Well unfortunately you were born in 'murica kids, where the dollar is more valuable than your life. Good luck. You will need it.


One of those kids might make it all the way to President someday! If they start extolling the virtues of polluting industries they might.

You guys only need to participate in American democracy.

Buy more politicians than the plastics people do.

In Canada at least, they tend to displace vulnerable people from their affordable rental housing by greedy landlords during the construction period and the influx of workers it brings.

Landlords can evict if they are ‘renovating’, and then triple the price.

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Stop pleading and start obstructing!



Were you maybe directing your comment at the wrong post?

Proud of these young people for taking action.

Isn’t that what the trump’s and Kushners do for a living? Thereby pricing less desirable people from affording rents.