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Protecting Birth Control for Millions of Women, Judge Blocks Trump's "Insidious" Coverage Rollback


Protecting Birth Control for Millions of Women, Judge Blocks Trump's "Insidious" Coverage Rollback

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In what advocacy groups hailed as a major victory for women's reproductive rights, a federal judge late Sunday stopped President Donald Trump's widely denounced attempt to roll back the Affordable Care Act's (ACA) birth control mandate from going into effect in 13 states and the District of Columbia.


Good ruling but no name, just ‘the judge,’ no mention of the court. We don’t know what level or what district/circuit, etc. This is not reporting news. I don’t know what it is but, I don’t like seeing fact free articles that just report what twitter accounts say. Wrong generation, I guess. I still want to see reporting, even here.


This is one of the dumbest fucking things these ass holes can do. As many people say and have said in the past, if a woman has an unwanted pregnancy who in the fuck is going to pay for that child and make sure he/she is cared for properly throughout his/her young life? Jesus fucking Christ, for the miniscule cost of birth control this is really fucking stupidity.


Characteristically authoritarian/dictatorial/fascist governments have usually sought to place the females of the non-elites classes under a ‘paternalized’ rule of law that restricts or otherwise removes choice.
Perhaps it is an underlying psychological obsessive/compulsion of power to attempt to exercise some sort of control over the breeding of other people. Witness the localized power controls of some authoritarian cults which tell members whom to marry and to whom females should have children by.


My belief is that is all economic (as are most socio/political policies). The economic elites want to hold economic control over “families” or in more and more cases today single mothers. Most mothers (and fathers) will do anything to protect their child, like taking a fucked up shit job at McD’s, Wal Mart, various “dollar” stores or sometimes combinations of the above. You become an economic prisoner for life, kinda like a serf or (wage) slave.


Did some math a while ago with data from public sources (unwanted pregnancies, unwanted babies, education costs etc) and the government would save ton of money by actually providing free birth control pills to every woman who wants them. The savings in K12 ed alone would more than cover the costs.