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#ProtectMueller: Groups Vow Mass Mobilization If Trump Moves to Fire Mueller

#ProtectMueller: Groups Vow Mass Mobilization If Trump Moves to Fire Mueller

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"We need to make sure Trump can't fire Mueller and derail the investigation. The American people deserve the truth."

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Mueller can also be played as a ‘mule’ and it would be profoundly naive to imagine that the power games being aligned behind the guaranteed-to-fail Trump administration cum charade.

There is an ancient fable from the middle east:
Nassurdin was well known on both sides of the border for the heavy loads of firewood and other things his humble donkey would transport for trade. This went on for months and one of the border guards could no longer contain his suspicions. “Nassurudin!”, he called one afternoon as the old man returned from trading. “What precisely is it that you traded today? Was it contraband? Should we arrest you?”

“The same as every day, of course”, was his reply. “Donkeys”

Yes, by all means, protect Mueller, but make sure you are not being handed the next, newest, improved tin hat to place on your head like a dunce cap.


The charge against Manafort goes through a Grand Jury that Trump can not fire. No need for the Protect Mueller hysteria. Also Trump has been named already by Papadopolous. The problem I believe is the Kochs who I think called Walker and Snyder to fix the election that was so close and backed-up their power with Pence they have always owned. The GOP is still very powerful and I believe also could be charged with treason for giving the nation to their Donors like the Kochs.
McConnell stole the Supreme Court and much of the legal system. The GOP SCOTUS has been against democracy since 2000. No way to have an honest election in 2018.

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Trump and the Republicans are finding themselves in great danger, even if true that this Russian probe is " a witch hunt" because of the Mueller indictments. And the way I see it, if Trump, the master of distractions feels the heat to be too intense, he will probably fire Mueller and could probably attack North Korea…because what could be a better distraction! Of course, hope like hell that I have it wrong!

I am reading Yanis Varoufakis new book “Adults in the Room”.

While the book and following quote from Yanis are about the Greek crisis, specifically the 162 days he spent as finance minister, the book has a much broader reach, and addresses the issue here - Mueller, the FBI, in short, the deep state, shadow government, oligarchy, whatever you choose to call it, and the problems inherent in this now overly complex land of diminishing returns on complexity itself.

In short, the presage to collapse, alluded to in the original 1972 Limits to Growth", in the later “Planetary Boundaries” from Stockholm, in Joseph Tainter’s many works on complexity, with comment from Noam Chomsky and other intellectuals…

The “black boxes” and “super black boxes” Mr. Varoufakis refers to are his shorthand for the complexity of Tainter and the opaqueness of the human mind as viewed from any outsider, i.e., just what is the ‘other guy’ thinking - really ?

Here is that quote:

“It is my view that the 2008 financial crisis, which is still with us almost a decade later, is due to the terminal breakdown of the world’s super black boxes - of the networks of power, the conspiracies without conspirators, that fashion our lives.”

  • p. 13, “Adukts in the Room” (October 3, 2017)


I agree with the comments here which regard this ‘progressive call’ to protect Mueller as strange, given that he and the FBI are part of the problem.

  • TomJohnson1 ; LillithMc

It is always dangerous to think one sees the bigger picture, but at the same time, it seems to me increasingly obvious that no ‘creative savior’ is going to save the world.

I noted with dismay Yanis’ use of the emphasized word “terminal” in his quote above.

This is exactly the opinion of one of the lead authors of “The Limits to Growth” - that there is no stopping what is coming as a result of our - words escape me - perhaps - human nature ?

Which doesn’t preclude trying to avert the worst - and preparing for the worst, all the while maintaining hope, and a belief in the innate decency of the human being.

“Less is More” may be a simple way to think of what we should all be adopting - that and a re-acquaintance with both ourselves and the natural world - one being, I think - dependent upon the other.

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" Mueller and the FBI are part of the problem".

Bingo! Enough said!

^^This^^. Fascist ideology was en vogue in the US before Trump (I know that’s a bitter pill to swallow!)
The democratic process has been violated with the help of Democrats who helped to push the Patriot Act and the NDAA through Congress. Both documents are designed to dismantle/override the US Constitution leaving us THE PEOPLE without legal protection and open to despotism by our government. What we are experiencing is a slow moving creeper kind of fascism. At some point we’ll have to get up from behind our computer screens to keep Liberty and Freedom alive…


How about a mass mobilization if the repubs enact their huge tax cut giveaway to the rich?


Mueller, Comey, Steven Hatfill, and the anthrax case, seem to be buried in the mists of the past.

“The FBI’s prolonged focus on Hatfill reflects at least two factors that deserve a public accounting: Mueller’s flawed evaluation of the evidence that propelled the push, ultimately abandoned, toward the indictment of Hatfill. And, Mueller’s transforming of the FBI from a conventional law enforcement agency to one whose top priority became preventing terrorism. The latter has won the FBI director widespread praise — without a necessary airing of the consequences for the anthrax investigation and future cases.”

See: http://archive.boston.com/bostonglobe/editorial_opinion/oped/articles/2011/06/15/revisiting_mueller_and_the_anthrax_case/


Thank you.

Hey whiney people. Wow how far is the puppet masters hand up your ass. I say this just to wake you up. Look you people think because you can spout off crap like parrots you tell yourselves your smart.

This is not brains its mass masterbation
He says this and she reinforces it and round and round the wheel goes round.

It doesn’t take a genius to see none of you can stand on your own in a real crowd and be part of the solution. Can’t do that you dont have the backbone to “comprimise”
If your not part of the solution you are part of the part of the problem.
Man seeing people who say they are intelligent deny any other view points as useless or beneath them need to humble themselves before none of you have anything.
If you think a new world order is going to help anyone but the elite and corporations. This ain’t rocket science its common sence.

Who ever you are the razor edge im so much smarter than you is for lame ass hide behind the screen social bullshit.

Stand slightly to the side and take a look from a different angle. All I hear is children, old people or blue collar it seems should just shrivel and die. Or the reds are making a forced labor state.

Here is some old school in your face shit. How high is the stock market going to go when workers walk off the job. How good a thing is it when the thieves have no guidelines and crash the market.

You people in the top 10% income and wealth. Great for you dude. More to you. Now butt out.
You who fall in the lower 90 zillion percent. Dont be fooled because daddy got a few millions.
Look at least start by doing a pro and con sheet on both sides. Trade them. Then add in some gripes and some ideas.
A mind only works when its open and this is going to require more than little quips as to why the other side don’t deserve the air we breath.
The whole thing has been a manufactured fight by the makers of the surviver series. No, butt give yourselves a break. You young people have a hard freakin road ahead. The jobs out there are at slave labor rates. Even the lucky ones that have a degree. If you have student loans. Guess what. The bankers have the benifit if your hard work. For lucky ones that dad or mom paid for and it wasn’t their retirement. Great for you. Does that mean only people like you deserve air? If you even kid and make a joke then you need to grow a heart and learn empathy at least. And the wolf of wallstreet is poor. Figure out why.
We aren’t conservatives or progressives or supremists or love children with utopian ideas of the way the world should be.

We are like every generation before us with just a few gadgets more.
If you struggle with your budget to take care of your living expences and maybe some vacation or investment money.

Think of this. I was 15 in 1975. My dad was a Philadelphia cop. He made like 500 a week. We had a four bedroom decent home. A summer house dad and my uncle paid for. A boat two actually. And never went hungry or the lights were never off. Put my two sisters through college.
By my writing skills you can tell i cut that day they taught writing skills 101. I did get aviation electronics training in military.
I do however care about ALL of you. Drop this “fake” us or them crap and even if ya gotta call it a love fest. Extacy is better than bricks. I understand you folks need a break. Give it to the other guy and you know what. If they are asswipes just find someone cool thats got other ideas and drop it. Go canoeing or something. But don’t talk politics at all. Both sides are programmed to be high strung and they gave you a enemy you think and if you let the air out of fighting eachother. The man can’t screw up the next 10 or twenty years with his greed.
So im going back to my planet now. Chill

PS who freaking cares you can with great insite say something the other guy did horrible in the past.
What will this for US. I mean us.
The world will keep going to go on with or without comprimise. It is your time to comprimise. The water under the bridge stuff from the past creating anguish now. Think Why is that? Stupid huh. Give each other a break first. Be the bigger person. Be tolerant. When the going gets tough. The tough go partying. Wake up and go to work.

Read his last book, but not this, yet. Will read next on my on my list. Varoufakis has one keen mind and a good heart. Thanks for the tip.

Yanis seems the real deal, like JFK & RFK.

Between this book and “Farewell Kabul”, re Afghanistan/Pakistan/Iraq, one is hard pressed to think other than that irredeemable corruption, incompetence and stupidity reign from top to bottom in all civilized countries.