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Protectors of Mauna Kea Are Fighting Colonialism, Not Science

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/27/protectors-mauna-kea-are-fighting-colonialism-not-science


They’re fighting the destruction of native flora, fauna and ecosystems on sacred land where a bunch of telescopes already are. We don’t need more telescopes. We need more pristine wilderness and unruined land.

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Look at the pics. The only trampling of the flora is by all the oil leaking hillbilly Hawaiian pickup trucks. These ‘Make Hawaii Great Again’ idiots are using single use plastics, parking and leaking oil all over the pavement and ground, putting up plastic tents, chaining their elders to cattle grates. This small group of the Native Hawaiian’s are Hawaii’s equivalent of West Virginia Trump supporters. Even wearing Trump red! The only thing missing are the MHiGA hats! This isn’t about colonization, that’s settled law in the US and Internationally. TMT is a call from the world for Hawaii to participate and in doing so, the TMT has already donated $5,000,000 to the Pauahi Fund (for Native Hawaiian education) and have agreed to donate $1,000,000 to the fund for every year of operation. These idiots are fighting against educating their own Keike (children)! It’s that stupid. This isn’t a US project, it’s not a white Haole project, it’s a WORLD project.

The ONLY way for Hawaii to become an independent nation again is moving forward, not looking backward. That ship sailed in 1959. Educate your children (Hawaii, the place with the first public school before any US place west of the Mississippi, is now 38th (12th worst) State in education!). Then secede. That’s the ONLY way, but it will take well educated Hawaiian Statesmen, not hillbilly Hawaiians.

If you want to fight unmitigated industrial growth, there are
plenty of true examples which will do great harm.
People are already fighting them, and could use your help.
Please don’t scapegoat a telescope as a stand-in for them.