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#ProtectTheInlet: Massive Protest in BC as Thousands March to Stop Kinder Morgan Pipeline


#ProtectTheInlet: Massive Protest in BC as Thousands March to Stop Kinder Morgan Pipeline

Jon Queally, staff writer

Disregarding an injunction won by the pipeline company a day before the planned protest, thousands of people marched in Burnaby, British Columbia on Saturday to protest the expansion of a Kinder Morgan tar sands pipeline and export terminal that First Nations and climate justice campaigners say would threaten local waterways, erode Indigenous rights, and increase planet-warming carbon emissions.


. . . but, like his fellow politicians on this side of the border, he’s getting richer every day!


Thank you First Nations! Yes, we all live downstream and you are the firewall trying to protect all of us.


Love that the people defied a BS injunction and marched anyway.

When are the powers that be going ot realize these are not ordinary times where some legal gymnastics are used to justify the rule of law? People want solutions and justice for people and nature, not another corporate money power play.


Justin Trudeau is the white Obama. All talk and no action. And in fact, negative action.


Kinder Morgan has done quite well abusing public resources. Since 1997 when they were a small publicly traded energy company until now worth several billion dollars. I wonder how that happened?



Alberta Premier Rachel Notley is playing hardball, in order I think to have a chance of winning the next election against right wing, pro everything oil, opposition.

It’s a sign of the times, a socialist premier championing the tar sands, and a socialist provincial government in British Columbia with a strong Green presence, duking it out as the climate spirals ever closer to some threshold(s), i.e., tipping points.

Aware of the science - jobs and re-election are more important.

Does that sound familiar, Lrx ?

Many, in Calgary

Rachel Notley doubles down on threat to cut B.C. oil shipments


I wish them better luck than we’ve had with protesting lately.


If you are home and need some hope – Bloomberg climate leadership and action. (new?)



Outstanding. There is strength in numbers. It is the only thing the Fascists fear. Unity is victory.


As Chris Hedges says: I don’t fight fascists in order to win, I fight fascists because they are fascists. Hang tough and stay true to yourself.


Maybe this will jog your memory. Obama rejected the Keystone XL pipeline. Obama took plenty of action including ordering the Clean Power Plan after Congress refused to do anything about climate change.Obama talked the talk and walked the walk.


Why don’t they build a refinery over there in their huge filthy pit?


The working answer is that it’s “too expensive.”

The real answer is that Canada exports raw materials to the empire.
That’s Canada’s role, and always has been. Canada is the Anglo-American establishment’s back yard.

See softwood lumber, uranium, potash and nickle for further examples.


Yup, Obama did do some things. But he also missed big in some big things. Like Dakota Access, More dead in the middle east than Bush II, Comanche Pipeline, Wall Street bailout and MANY more.
So yeah, he talked the talk, but his walk… well I wouldn’t be quite so proud of his walk.



The Obama Administration also suspended the permits for the Dakota Access pipeline. You don’t remember that?

It’s amazing the way the left has adopted the right-wing method of making up ad-hoc fake facts on the spot to support an argument.


Justin Trudeau is the Canadian Obama. But who’s the fracking queen of fracking? Our lady who missed the presidency by a few hairs. Mrs. Clinton. Sold it all over the world, while she was doing Libya and Syria. That lady got around.


Kinder Morgan = tar sands expansion !!!
Kinder Morgan = the rule of petro politics


Before addressing the misinformation in your post, I’d like to point of the following logical fallacies (a partial list, I’m sure there are more):

Ignoratio elenchi fallacy as you present a red herring, non sequitur as your implied conclusions don’t follow from your assertions, petitio principi as your circular reasoning implies the conclusion in your predicate, false analogy fallacy, as your examples do not demonstrate your implied conclusions, and incomplete comparison fallacy, as you fail to acknowledge that there are non-petroleum solutions to your assertions.

You seem ignorant of the fact these people want to be able:

  • to drive their renewable energy charged electric vehicles, instead of going to a rally like this

  • heat their homes with solar energy, instead of going to a rally like this

  • derive their plastics from bioplastics, rather than petroleum and natural gas (petroleum is actually a very small share of the plastic industry’s feedstock), instead of going to a rally like this.

  • take their airplane trips on biofuel powered aircraft, instead of going to a rally like this one,

but instead they are going to a rally like this to avoid the climate damage occasioned by the continued burning of fossil fuels and to further the cause of being to do the things they’d rather do, as listed above.


My spouse who is Native American and only posts on face book,says your rebuttal is excellent!