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Protest Condemns 'Horrible Politics of Division' as Fascist Jair Bolsonaro Arrives in US to Meet With Trump

Take it one step further. Since they Are Criminals, why are they not in Prison? Something must be wrong with our Justice System too…

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"Regime Change in the United States."

Oh how sweet it would be.

Unfortunately, with the horrific statistic that exists here, that every election, 95 to 97% of those that vote, choose to vote for Increased Military Spending, Continued Income Inequality, No Real Curbs on Guns, Voter Suppression, Corporate Welfare, Increased Pollution of our Air and Waters, and on and on, simply because they are addicted to supporting the Evils of the most corrupt system of government this nation has ever known, the **Duopoly ** Uniparty.

Once again I apologize for being a broken record on this, but it’s easy to see why 100 million voters stop voting because of this 95 to 97 % that support Evil.

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Shazam, ya think?

Broken doesn’t really define it properly Guitman.

Well said my friend. I wish the democratic socialists and Green Party could somehow merge into one liberal-left party. A good way to get a realistic GND to be put into place for one thing.
And a workable, passable, healthcare policy to vote on.

No apology needed; not a broken record…a record of truth!

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