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Protest Expert Says Anti-Trump Resistance Is Not Slowing Down


Protest Expert Says Anti-Trump Resistance Is Not Slowing Down

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

A scientist who studies protests said this week that the resistance to President Donald Trump is building momentum, not losing it, and the movement's continued existence could be a signal that Americans are changing how they participate in democracy.


The 'News' on TV is nothing but lies. The MSM are part of the Establishment, therefore, part of the problem.

The streets, the protests, the People exercising their rights to freedom of speech, that, is reality.

Turn off the lying TV pundits.

Boycott the products of those who would feed you those lies.

Be prepared to join a political party that puts People, Planet, and Peace over Profit.


I've been to three protests in the last 10 days. People are committed for at least 4 years. More and more groups are forming and I think more people are getting involved. It is becoming more socially acceptable to protest in the streets, as it is not such for those "radicals" anymore. People on the left and more toward the center are all out there. Trump is a threat to democracy itself so he is a common threat to millions. Who knows, maybe political protests will become a way of life in the US.


BraVO, such good news. PENCE is such a mean SOB that if we get rid of the megalomaniac Drumpf, we'd have to deal with nasty Pence. OY! I only hope/pray that protesters DO continue; that Bernie is the leader of a new political party


Oh goody - protesting in the streets is becoming mainstream! Shucks, we need something to replace Fri night bowling - the latest fad which is decidedly more glamorous than protesting at the polls, and now we even have "protest experts"! Is that sort of like a "life coach"?

" 'Many Americans no longer feel like their concerns are being heard just by voting",.... she said." No kidding! Folks have felt that way for years - look at our voter "participation" rates - and those who do vote insist on voting for the candidates of 2 corrupt parties that have been screwing us forever ,,,, then discovering that their concerns are not being heard - what a surprise ....