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Protest In Harmony for Elijah McClain - Until Cops Teargas His Violin Vigil

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2020/06/30/protest-harmony-elijah-mcclain-until-cops-teargas-his-violin-vigil


Show up this “Independence” Weekend.

Our message:

Disarm The Police.


There could not possibly be any more peaceful tribute to that young man - a violin player himself - than the beautiful music bring played that day in his honor! What a truly beautiful & awesome idea that was/is! I can picture the families walking by enjoying the music on their walk on a beautiful, sunshiny day & the talented musicians playing their string instruments, from the heart, in honor of a young black man - 1 of too many - viciously killed by police who decided they’d be cops, judge, jury & executioner to the young black man on that day.
Back to current day & the lovely sounds of heartfelt music being played - not as angry protest, but as beautiful tribute for all to enjoy on that fine day. How wonderful! At least it WAS…until a bunch of “cops in full riot gear” dhowed up, looking like stormtroopers in black, with their hate-filled attitude of, “how dare they!”
When police show up at a peaceful public performance of beautifully played violin music, dressed like a SWAT Team out to apprehend a serial killer, you just know that, THAT P.D. is NOT there “to protect & to serve” the good people of the community!
It is completely inappropriate for police dressed for violence & war, to show up there like the gang of THUGS they were about to prove they are & without warning or provocation, ATTACK citizens & musicians peacefully enjoying the beautiful afternoon of music. Those cops showed up “cocked & loaded” & looking for a fight! Full riot gear? I mean, come on! There is a mentality, an attitude, that goes with putting on all that gear & it certainly is NOT 1 of “let’s go see what’s up over there”. That police dept is out of control & from the top comes thr ok to behave like bunch of armed thugs with badges that give them permission to… what?!? Beat up & tear gas peaceful residents out walking, listening to lovely violin music!!? EZ to believe that those cops would kill, not arrest, a young black man for no good reason.
Shame on those cops & their Chief & all police depts who think it’s ok to show up in riot gear, as if they think they’re in a war zone & all of us, whether black/white/brown are “the enemy”!
WE ARE NOT THE ENEMY & THIS IS NOT A WAR! At least it ain’t s’posed to be! Shame on you! Police should be better trained & have more psych evaluations so they don’t treat everyone as “enemy”. You are not at war against us & if you think so, last thing you should be is “law enforcement”!


Absolutely ELEGANT!

This is human science at its best. It sets foundations, its beauty that of the creation itself. This is what the Christ was teaching. Megachurches /// * \\ not so much.


Here’s the option exercised by someone in Aurora, CO. Sadly, the po-po are and their right wing allies are making this option more and more common:



Beautiful and courageous gestures that endure in time despite any downward trajectory of human behavior.


These fucking thugs called cops just can’t find any humanity at all in their evil souls. They should all be treated like the rabid dogs they are. My apologies to dogs in general. Many blessings to all the folks who show up to honor in peaceful vigils those innocents who are murdered by these rabid inhumane thugs. It is clear that nothing is going to stop these murderous thugs if they can show up and destroy such a beautiful tribute. These fucking monsters need to have all their assault weapons and riot gear taken away from them and then see just how “brave” they are. Of course that will never happen. The USA is a plutocratic police state and the police are not going to stand down as they like the power to kill at will with no consequences for the most part. The fact that they are standing in solidarity with their fellow officers who are charged with killing tells me there is little hope to reign them in now. The USA is in its final death spiral now.


One would think that with all of the scrutiny the Police now under they would try and adjust their behaviour and refrain from using violence against peaceful protestors.

That they are not doing this shows how rotten the Police of become. It a to the core rot and their actions here were no different then what the Police would do to peoples in places the US Government always condemns for not respecting human rights.

I posted a video of Police in the Ukraine throwing down their riot shields and refusing orders to use force against a crowd of protestors some years back. This is not happening in the USA. The Police are just too far gone on their power tripping. Some years ago there another article on Police Forces in a major US City switching to all black uniforms. The Police Chief claimed that all black uniforms was more intimidating and that it would mean the citizens have more respect for authority. I find that statement rather ironic in todays climate with the Police losing respect all across the board and with the Police claiming that Black people gathered together are intimidating.


How loudly and clearly do the police need to shout, “DEFUND US”, before our politicians will grant their request?


My sister the neo-con who sent her son off to be a Federalist in DC used to live in Littleton

Columbine is about 30 minutes from Aurora

Columbine Littleton Englewood Cherry Hills Aurora
Kinda curious dynamic in that area
Just saying


When I think of the brutal police forces around the world, I hear this passage in my head from the Bible’s Revelations, 12:12 - “Therefore rejoice, you heavens and you who dwell in them! But woe to the earth and the sea, because the devil has gone down to you! He is filled with fury, because he knows that his time is short.”


Hi Ecipsing Sun:
We are A!! Pa!estinians now—when the cops show up. : (


For Elijah:

Alabama by John Coltrane


From a post:

On Sunday, September 15, 1963, a bomb exploded at the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama, killing four young girls and injuring 22 other worshippers. The incident had a profound effect on many Americans. One of them was John Coltrane, one of the leading Jazz saxophonists in the 1950s and 60s, when American Jazz was at its commercial peak. Coltrane composed and performed “Alabama” that same year in response to the 16th Street bombing. The song is an instrumental, with no words. Music historian Craig Werner describes it this way: “Coltrane patterned his saxophone lines on the cadences of Martin Luther King’s oration at the funeral of the four girls who died. Midway through the song, mirroring the part of the sermon where King transforms mourning into a statement of renewed determination, Elvin Jones’s drums rise up from a whisper to a tumult of directed anger. Propelled by the rhythms, Coltrane’s sax summons the people to what can only be understood as a unified assault on Pharaoh’s palace.”


According to many Blue Lives Matter folk, Elijah McClain deserved to be tackled and put into a choke hold because he “failed to obey a lawfull order” and “resisted arrest”:


The prevalence of this mindset is part of why I support the abolition movement.


Thank you, Abby. Your text and photos and video do a superb job of conveying the beauty and the ugliness of this peaceful vigil on behalf of the spirit of Elijah McClain.


A thought to consider: the police are just doing dress rehearsals for the real massive insurrection that will come if this country continues to subjugate every one but the rich.


Right you are, zopilote. We all need to persuade our towns and cities to prepare for a violent takeover of the U.S. when Trump loses (or refuses to step down). Remember that Hitler had only 10% of the population with him, and Trump has 40%. Don’t think it can’t happen here. The rich 1% know their days are numbered unless they put the rest of us down by force.

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