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Protest Stopped the Predators. They Will Be Back


Protest Stopped the Predators. They Will Be Back.

Bill Moyers, Michael Winship

Mark Twain noted that man is the only animal that blushes — or needs to.

He also believed that “public office is private graft.”

Those two observations from our greatest and most sagacious humorist intersected with a bang on Capitol Hill Monday night, when the bright lights of the Republican House Conference met in secret behind closed doors at the end of the New Year’s holiday.


All public servants must be required to sign a contract stating they are aware of a provision that if they commit any crime of ethics they will not only lose their position but their pension as well.


So our 'democracy' now depends on protest by the peons ?

OK - I'm in.

I am protesting the imminent breakup of the Larsen C ice shelf in Antarctica. With enough peons on side - we'll just stop that 'cold' in its tracks - Ha !


...and also if they had promised something during their campaign and then spoke, or voted, against that promise after being elected, the same (or better, stiffer) penalties would befall them.


...and also, if anyone died as a result of their illegal operations, they would immediately be sent to the guillotine. Off with their heads. Ya think that would stop Wall Street crime?


There is a quote from a Revolutionary War commander, variously attributed as being sent to Washington or to the Commandant of the Marine Corps at the time, about dealing with the epidemic of desertions in the American forces. It was something to the effect that "the only way we will ever put a stop to this plague is if we shoot a few of them."

Jus' sayin'.....


Not until at least one head was actually chopped off, and considering how obstinate our elected terrorists are it would probably take at least 3 heads! :hugging::skull_crossbones:️ [And we still need a guillotine emoji!]:thinking::hugging:


Thanks for your sense of humor in these approaching dark times. We really do need to get the guillotines running 24/7. The ethically challenged are deserving of it, now more than ever.:imp:


"his amanuensis Kellyanne Conway was telling George Stephanopoulos on Good Morning America that “gutting it doesn’t mean there won’t be a mechanism” — just that there had been “overzealousness in some of the processes over the years.”

This is KC's #1 rhetorical ploy: carefully chosen words with no meat in them = lies that stupid people miss.

A mechanism? But she does not even state that mechanism is, and I'll bet sycophant Stephanopoulos did not even bother to ask.

She also loves the sounds of language:

"overealouSneSS in Some of the proCeSSeS"

Oh Kellyanne such the talented wordsmith, dazzling the drumpf brainwashed with such elaborate consonance.


What we'll need is the MSM covering these things widely and often, along with Congressional and public outcry and action. We shall see....


This is a picture that a friend made for me -- all I have to do is look at it to feel much better!


Being that the terror drones known as Predators have not stopped flying I consider the choice of wording in the headline to be rather poor.


After Trump is sworn in, this article and others like it will probably be on Twitter as fake news, something like: it is all a hoax..folks.


That's priceless Ann. Let's start a new political party and call it the Guillotine Party! Our slogan could be, "We Eliminate Corruption in Government Better than Anyone Else".


The picture is the header on my blog with the catch line Guillotine mediocrity in all its forms!**
**Because I see our elected terrorists as being truly mediocre!


Mediocre is being way too generous Ann. ~:v: