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Protest Targets Expo 'Spreading War on Our Communities'


Protest Targets Expo 'Spreading War on Our Communities'

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Hundreds of people gathered in California on Friday to protest Urban Shield, the annual expo showcasing police and military weapons and offering SWAT training in the Bay Area.


Thank you to the courageous protesters against the militarization of the police. This has needed to happen for a long time. Those of you who are doing this and risking arrest deserve our gratitude and praise.


Whatever violence we perpetrate on foreign soil(s) will eventually have to be brought home to the average Americans so as to continue that repressive brutalization overseas. I've been preaching this for more than 30 years and most people just get a glazed look in their eyes......
Most of our inner cities are now and have been "occupied" for decades.
We are either headed for a great race war or a civil one.


Urban shield is a very dangerous trend it is an excuse for militarization of our communities and we have to fight hard to stop this assault on our civil and human rights right in our cities and towns. The police are a bunch of racist thug sociopaths here to snipe at us and assassinate those they dislike. The police are here to protect the Chevrons, bank of Americas and the rich white areas of cities and towns everyone else are suspects to be shot at first and ask questions later. People everywhere should be alarmed and rise up to the enemy within.


I'm glad you mentioned "the Chevrons, bank of Americas and the rich white areas...," because police militarization is the symptom of the disease-- which is the big banks and the multi-national corporations complete occupation of our states' and federal government. This militarization-- which includes gifting of military weapons and equipment to local police forces by the federal government, state refusal to drug-test police (for steroids), state and federal refusal to reign in police unions and, last but not least, refusal to do away w/ private prisons on the state and federal level-- is really just a slice of the pie in the multi-national banks and corporations' plan to dissolve any semblance of democracy anywhere in the world, so they can continue-- without repercussion, without retribution, without consequence-- to extract ALL of the planet's resources for their monetary gain.
You may ask yourself- as a human who has two brain cells to rub together- why these folks would destroy the planet and most of its' inhabitants as a way to make a few more bucks, why they would do that? You would be asking why a severely mentally ill person does anything she or he does...because sociopathy and psychopathy are diseases-- diseases that are mainly identified by the LACK OF A CONSCIENCE.
We, as a people of the planet Earth, need to go straight to the disease and start taking the sociopaths and psychopaths out of positions of power. Any. Way. We. Can.


There is another corporate phenomenon I haven't heard reported yet.. I was told about a for-profit hospital with a mental wing that paid commissions to people to cause discord in the city's apartment buildings and get the residents arrested, to help keep their beds full.