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Protester Says He Was Nearly Killed After Trump Says 'Take Him Out' in Reno


Protester Says He Was Nearly Killed After Trump Says 'Take Him Out' in Reno

Jon Queally, staff writer

So who nearly killed whom in Reno, Nevada on Saturday night?

A fracas at a Donald Trump rally captured on live television Saturday night saw the Republican candidate whisked off the stage by Secret Service agents and left those watching perplexed by what happened in the front rows as police in military gear appeared on the scene with one man ultimately led away by officials.


Hair Trump in action...


I have to commend this young man...


The secret service is well trained - eyes on the crowd - control established - presence/absence of weapon established. How tragic this could have been in a neighborhood where lack of training and discipline in our law enforcement caused panic over the shout "gun" and someone ended up shooting. This without even drawing any racial components into the mix. All in all well done by the secret service - and while I am pleased with the outcome - it is troubling that we don't know who shouted gun and caused the ruckus. Hopefully there is a continuing investigation. Likely if the individual would come forward - there was no malice or intent to cause this situation, but it would reveal just how easy it is to make a mistake in a charged situation.


"Make America Great Again"..... what this really means... This is the Mid-Life Crises of the US Empire that cannot go back to the way it used to be, similar to the situation of the Mid-Life Crises for men in this culture..... No it is time that the US empire evolves out of its former adolescent state into a mature state of being.....If it trys to go back to its adolescence, then the world will be caught up in more wars and conflicts and conquests for resources from throughout the world...Now this phenom is not limited to Donald Trump, nope, Hillary the Hawk is also guilty of this phenom....The guy from the Libertarian party, GJ, also is of this camp.... Only Jill Stein has the wisdom to see that if humanity would like to have a liveable world, then we need to make drastic changes in our life-patterns..... Go Local, Vote Greens- Jill Stein....

You think your vote does not matter for Jill Stein, it matters greatly for we need to get to 5% of the vote to gain financial resources, so don't think that you are throwing your vote away. For if 5% is not achieved, and you have voted for Hillary or Trump, then you may have indeed thrown away your most valuable vote.


This shows what could so easily happen in this gun-addicted country. Had there been guns allowed in this rally who can even estimate how many innocent people might have been killed, including poor Mr. Crites.


I wouldn't be surprised if the idiot was paid by the Clinton campaign to do that. There is evidence of the Clinton campaign paying people to disrupt the events of her competitors, hoping to get an overreaction that would reflect badly on that candidate. Trump is a jerk, a narcissist, and a con-man, but Clinton is a neoliberal warmongering corporatist with maniacal ambition who leaves no stone unturned in her quest for power.

I know that many of her supporters are seduced by her flowery rhetoric and her Identity Politics, but her past actions in governmental office or as the president's spouse, as well as what has been revealed by the Wikileaks emails, are not consistent with her rhetoric or her promises. Also note that while the use of Identity Politics by a socialist or other leftist politician may be a sincere attempt to make sure that no one gets left behind in the movement for equality, Identity Politics when used by a corporatist like Clinton is just a device to divide the little people to keep them from ever achieving the solidarity necessary to become a viable political force.

Stein 2016 (and Greens in all other races where they have a candidate on the ballot!)


But does Donald J Trump know (or subscribe to) that? He cannot tolerate anyone other than dittoheads.



"Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities."


The 2003 Iraq invasion is a classic example of a majority of Murkins believing absurdities that has led to endless atrocities.

The 2016 Hulk Hogan / tabloid - based excuse for an election has put absurdities in our faces for years instead of the months of run up to the Iraq invasion.

Sad to say the even more absurd 2020 excuse for an election will start November 9.


Gawd. It's Hillary's fault of course.


Party of cowardly thugs.


We all will. That being said, for the first time in my life, if Clinton wins, the Supreme Court will likely lean left rather than right. Assuming Justice Ginsburg retires, let alone Breyer, that could lock the court with that lean for a decade. That is big.

Of course, if Trump wins, it'll likely go full tilt right. Likely six justices that lean right to hard right. That is also big.


Huh? I don't get it.


When SCOTUS Justice John Paul Stevens (appointed by Republican POTUS Gerald Ford in 1975) retired in 2010 pundits across the political spectrum agreed that he was the most progressive justice on the SCOTUS in 2010, more progressive than the 2 justices appointed by Clinton and 2 justices appointed by Obama (Note: Jimmy Carter was the only POTUS to serve a full term that never had the opportunity to appoint a SCOTUS justice).

With respect to the SCOTUS. don't get your hopes up no matter who wins on November 8.


"In a democracy, the people get the government they deserve" (de Tocqueville)

I am becoming more and more enamored of this expression.

As a former pilot, I remember well the lesson, i.e., 'once that plane in in your hands, don't be blaming anyone else - its all on you.'

A tough and difficult lesson - like the lessons a mountaineer learns.

The slightest amount of sanity would see Jill Stein elected president - just as the slightest amount of sanity would see Inhofe and the climate denial lobby in jail.

But then sanity is in short supply these days, isn't it?


Trump and particularly his followers are fascist. Hillary, for all her faults is not. I have no idea what presumption of innocence has to do with anything except that most Trump supporters don't believe in in it.


During the 20th century corporate control of government defined fascism. By that definition the DLC turned the Party fascist in 1985 and the DNC continues that mission after the DLC was so successful that it was no longer needed after 2011.

The Party has made it clear on many occasions that the likes of Kucinich, Dean, Sanders and other relatively progressive Democrats are welcome only if they sign on to the Party's corporate control mission.

Trump's opposition to TPP and support of restoring Glass-Steagall make him no more or less fascist than Clinton. In the aggregate, Gary Johnson is just as fascist as those two when you consider that he supports TPP and is against restoring Glass-Steagall or any other New Deal regulations..

Anybody not wanting a fascist government has a choice of the Green Party or the two socialist candidates that are on my ballot (Green is on 45 state ballots, not sure how many state ballots the socialists are on.


So we have a presidential candidate that is unable to complete a sentence; so, in other words, if he was involved with a complex negotiation with another world leader that refused to agree with him and Donald wanted him to leave the room, he might tell his secret service detail, "take him out"......the detail of course would merely assume he meant, take him out....of the room.

Donald sounds too much like a Godfather directing his squadrons to remove or eliminate anyone that does not agree with him. That's not temperament, that's premeditated assault.


Your vote counts; your vote counts; your vote counts! We hear this mantra from the MSM ad nauseum, but what they really mean is your vote only counts if you vote for the dog or the pony in the embarrassing dog and pony show called an election for POTUS.

I would argue, that your vote only counts if you vote for Dr. Jill Stein whether she wins or not. Lets all work for 5% in 2020!