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Protester Shot in New Mexico as Clashes Erupt Between 'Civil Guard' Militia and Community Over Removal of Conquistador Statue

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/16/protester-shot-new-mexico-clashes-erupt-between-civil-guard-militia-and-community


Another reason I oppose police abolition. If the state does not maintain its monopoly on violence, other parties will be all too happy to try to fill the void.

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That’s why guns have to be taken from EVERYONE.


In order to take guns from those who are bent on keeping them on all cost (think the “molon labe” crowd), you not only need the political will to do so, but you will also require the threat of force behind that political will as well. While we may not agree with all words, Thomas Hobbes phrased it best: “It is not wisdom but authority that makes a law”

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the vigilantes are NOT a well regulated … per the U.S. constitution.
Therefore, they should not be permitted to have the weapons they are carrying. both pistols and rifles.
I do not spot any hunting rifles there.

More info will probably be on TV tonight. I expect to learn that the vigilantes are good buddies with local police and sheriff deputies. They think they are part of the team - yet this shooting is attempted murder.

The protesters are out in the open without any defense.


That mayor should feel like a jackass for waiting until someone got shot to have that statue removed.


Seriously, you think American iconography warrants violence.? Should we do an inventory because there is a lot of it.?

They could leave the statue in place and just change the caption to: Don’t let this happen to you.

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Here are 11 photos and story from AP that helps add info.


The well armed guy with sun glasses still has his rifle !!
The police have more gear than a soldier in combat.


What did i say that was indicative of that? :roll_eyes:

Your statement implied there was knowledge of contempt for the statue and it had been decided to remove it. I don’t know, and why I asked. Or, was this just a change of heart because it is representative of history.

The stumbling block: political will.

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Correct…I’m quite confident that the Mayor of this town has known there was “contempt” for quite awhile, in fact…

My comment didn’t imply that, you inferred it. And you definitely inferred whatever it was that led you to accuse me of thinking that “American iconography warrants violence.” Please refrain from replying to my comments in the future. Thanks.

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No problem…

A number of militia members were arrested, including a man in a blue shirt identified as the shooter who yelled that his father was a sheriff.

Somehow this absolutely ludicrous statement sums up our current situation with out-of-control police riots. I must be getting overwhelmed with the news, because I laughed out loud at the thought that somebody considered “My dad is a sheriff” would give him immunity from arrest.


They take the course of events into their own hands, but that has nothing to with the law in this case. Attempted murder is the exact opposite of that.


Kid gloves for would be killers

Only true in a very general sense, but this is the first public demonstration of this magnitude about it. The Mayor actually moved rather swiftly to have the statue removed.

The Albuquerque City Council, lead by the Mayor, has decided to create a new Community Safety Department, which will be unarmed, and will be the first responder organization for calls about the homeless, drug overdoses, mental health, people in distress, etc. It will be staffed by personnel educated and trained to deal with those issues and will not be oriented toward criminalizing the situation. While this doesn’t defund the Police Department, it does remove cops and their weapons and their “when your only tool is arrest, everything looks like a crime” mentality from a broad range of community needs better served by people focused on humane solutions.

I think the City Council and Mayor should be given credit for this, not castigated on the basis of what folks are “confident” of, but lack actual knowledge of.


Good point, one city removed its Confederate statue at night. Gone at dawn, no problem.

These guys are cowards they come armed with semi auto assault rifles (wouldn’t surprise me if some were converted to full auto) and dressed like soldiers, and their opponents are unarmed citizens. Send them to Afghanistan and see how they do against trained Talibangers with AK’s and rpgs. Good bye pussies.


Maybe the trouble with the 2nd amendment is that the word, " mi!itia," is not Leary defined.
"A we!! regulated Mi!itia , being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, sha!! not be infringed. "

Oh sorry…My !etter ! died again, so that’s why the !! is there. : )
However, this amendment is kind of sketchy—as what does," we!! regulated, " rea!!y mean? This mi!itia in New Mexico doesn’t seem regulated at a!!. I wonder what the Supremes would think of c!arifying this amendment?

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