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Protesters Block Betsy DeVos From First Visit to Public School


Protesters Block Betsy DeVos From First Visit to Public School

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Protesters briefly blocked Betsy DeVos from entering a Washington, D.C. school Friday morning in her first visit as Education Secretary, one woman shouting, "She does not represent anything that [public schools] stand for!"

The crowd followed DeVos as she turned to leave, with another man saying she had bought her way into the position. (Indeed, DeVos made campaign contributions to every senator that voted in her favor.)


Ok....she is a corporate shill and the sister of a guy who ran a war-for-profit mercenary outfit. I don't like her either. But maybe, just maybe, letting her into a public school without blocking her at the entrance could be the first step in a very, very long process of reforming her. It has happened before with others.


By the way, another way to let Betsy DeVos know it is to boycott the Richard DeVos owned NBA professional basketball team the Orlando Magic. Check the NBA schedule for when they are in your city; for example, the Richard DeVos owned NBA Orlando Magic will be at the Verizon Center in Washington D.C. March 5,2017 a Sunday to play the Washington Wizards. Television camera crews from around the world will be there to cover the game, it would make a huge statement for the television crews to film an empty arena with protesters outside explaining why.


a reasonable point. it happened to diane ravitch, who now works for the forces of Good and Light.

DeVos, though, is unlikely cut from that cloth. Ravitch was a true believer who lost her faith in neoliberalism. DeVos believes in money. And that seems to be the one faith no one at the top ever loses.

That said, this sorry spectacle in irritating. It's hard to believe that the Democrats are going to draw their line in the sand over the bloody Sec of Education. Maybe start blocking the Pentagon? Or State? Or someplace more immediately useful?

I think Trump has to be resisted, too. But this isn't a resistance. It's a bourgeoi circle jerk.


Thank you to all of those who showed Betsy DeVos the contempt she deserves for 'Buying' a position in Trump's Insane Clown Circus.


I disagree...she has lived a life of total privilege and the die has been cast. The Tahitian pearl necklace she was wearing retails between $15,000 and $20,000...enough to pay for school lunches for an entire third grade class in a PUBLIC school in a high poverty neighborhood for six months. And the tweed suit, most likely custom made with pure silk lining ran her more than $3,000, the cashmere sweater $900, the lambskin purse around $3,500, and could not see the shoes...probably Jimmy Choo at $5,000. And the limo ride to the school, around $1,500/day (does not include the cost of Secret Service escort). The "academy" may be called a "public" school but it is a CHARTER school...a private school that uses public funds and picks and chooses who they will let in with children with disabilities totally left out...into which DeVos and her pals, the Waltons along with any number of hedge funds pour money to earn high rates of return earned ON THE BACKS OF PUBLIC SCHOOLS AND AT THE EXPENSE OF OUR NATION'S YOUTH.

The visit did not have an ounce of good intention in it. The CHARTER school was chosen to showcase her support of the charter school system (along with vouchers for private schools with parochial/Christian schools her personal pets) and it backfired! Woo-Hoo!

The look of shock on her face says it all: "What the hell have I gotten myself into?"


Read the Horace Mann story, education is always immediately more useful.


I think it's important to protest her. She bought off the Congress that's supposed to represent us. You need to know when your efforts at 'reform' will be wasted. This is the sibling of Eric Prince- Blackwater fame. Not redeemable material. Or if she is, she can do it in the privacy of her home, not as head of the Dept. of Education.


Great analysis ST.

Speaking as a former public school teacher that worked for the most part with some of the poorest populations in CA, this woman is an embarrassment to the public school ethos and deserves all the humiliation she gets. Maybe it will serve as a wake up call and her world will expand to include the well being of other life forms.

But, we all know that power does not concede their advantage without a struggle. Nor even understand the "other" in this tiered social structure that we live in. Or should I say, attempt to live in.


Thank you for your contribution to the future success of so many! My brother is an English and Writing teacher in an inner city public school in Pasadena, TX and he faces an uphill struggle with these children of poverty and daily violence who come to school hungry, angry, and dazed. He is there because he loves his students and feels that he makes a difference in their lives maybe not right away, but at sometime in their futures. He was also a decorated wounded Army veteran who served two tours of duty as a Medic in Vietnam. Guess his altruism and loving-kindness are in our family DNA....


Oh poppycock.

She is on a mission to destroy the public school system and protesters and teachers should ensure that she cannot in any way succeed in her role leading that corporate coup.


At what point do you just not fight and confront them? She doesn't have to be reformed as much as she should be made to realize that she will cause lots of anger and who knows what else if she gets her way. Bull Connor didn't have to be changed or reformed, just beat the hell back. Maybe others watching this can be reformed, she can't be. She was unmoved by what people wanted in Michigan.


RESIST. Do not give an inch, or they will take a mile.


Yep, and we've given enough inches since Reagan. I wanna take them back.


So the protesters aren't making a principled stand? So, to satisfy you, they first need to head over to State, then swing over to the Pentagon, to be worthy of taking a stand on public education resisting the corporate driven agenda to destroy public schools?

Defending public education is "bourgeoi", or bourgeoisie even?

How ironic.


your opinion might change when someone drops a bomb on your head. But that's just me, I guess. Happy 'protesting'!


Straw man, but it's a nice outfit!

Why is it hard to at least consider this a diversion? Non one's saying it's unimportant, but do you really believe that of all the fights to pick, the DeVos one should be the line in the sand?

Because if you do, and I say this with no malice at all, then you might as well raise the white flag and go have a nice barbecue, because this ones over.


Not every action against Trump has anything to do with the Democratic Party. People don't need Chuck freaking Schumer to get angry about someone that wants to dismantle public education. Beyond that, I seem to remember the Communist Manifesto calling for universal public education. I think Marx might have a thing or two to say to you about this being "bourgeois". I do wish that people challenged the neoliberal Democrats when they push for school privatization more than they do, but I also think that something has changed with the population, and it began before he was elected. In fact, if the DNC didn't do what it did, I think we very well might have president Sanders now. The Democrats going with someone like Booker or Clinton will make a right wing victory more likely in 2020, so I hope they get around to noticing, or at least are forced to notice.


You go tell the poor communities she is going to destroy, tell the poor parents of the kids that go to the schools she is going to dis-invest from and is going to close down, that them fighting this is a diversion. I dare you. I live in Chicago, where neoliberal Democrats have destroyed public schools. The people fighting that have been radicalized and are angry. As I said, you wouldn't have the guts to tell people that fight this stuff that it is a diversion. My guess is that you...live in the suburbs, but I could be off.


The key to understanding DeVos, besides her billions and bought and paid for congress creatures is that she is at the front of the class of the christo-facist-gawd-24/7- Dominianist Squad.
Will she change? Nope.