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Protesters Decry Poland's Proposed Near-Total Ban on Abortion


Protesters Decry Poland's Proposed Near-Total Ban on Abortion

Nika Knight, staff writer

Poland's ruling right-wing party on Friday pushed forward with a nearly complete ban on abortion, and women around the country and in cities across Europe rose up this weekend to condemn the legislation.


Take a look at what you'll be seeing during the presidency of Trump, folks.


No mention of the Catholic Church . . . but presume they still have
a grip on Poland?




ellie --
Very interesting link -- thank you!

“If the face of the opposition is aggressive feminists yelling in church, then it helps PiS,” he said.

The article doesn't mention at all that this is a male-supremacist religion.

And since there isn't either any mention of Catholic pedophile priests, I guess we have to presume
they don't exist in Poland.

And presumably no homosexuals in Poland, either. :slight_smile:

I also see that church attendance has dropped now from 50% to 39% (2014).

I always thought of the Polish Pope as the CIA Pope because I had read long ago that the
CIA was very interested in gaining access to the intelligence network of the Vatican/RCC.
(Think I read that in "The Secret War Against the Jews" by Aarons which is a misnomer because
the book is actually about so much more.) That was what enabled them to move gold in and
out of Hitler's Germany and eventually Nazis around the world after WWII.

US/CIA "Operation Gladio" -- it's support for right wing dictators around the world -- it's votes
against freedom and democracy and equality at the UN -- and its coups against democratically
elected governments all over the world, also make clear the continuing corruption of our US
government by the right wing.


Even if they Ban abortions (excluding ones where there is a serious threat to mother), the number of abortions will not decrease. It will only result in women seeking illegal services. Such ban will result is serious threat to maternal health all over the country, not to mention that women should have right to their own reproductive health. If you are to remove all forms of contraceptive for women, how are they to Prevent a Pregnancy? Should they just stay barefoot and pregnant? Why not just regulate abortions and remove the risk of women going to illegal abortion providers.