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Protesters Drop 'Impeach Trump #Resist' Banner at First Nationals Game


Protesters Drop 'Impeach Trump #Resist' Banner at First Nationals Game

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Protesters dropped a massive banner at the opening day game of the Washington Nationals on Monday that read "Impeach Trump #Resist."

The banner, which also displayed the colors of the Russian flag, was unfurled from the observation deck after the game had ended, in view of all spectators.


Trump was scratched from the lineup, voluntarily. He's being evaluated by team owners and may be put on the disabled list for mental issues related to family conflicts.
His roster spot would likely be filled by a back bencher with an unusual skill set, Mike " The Pentacostal Flamethrower " Pence. He's a former player/coach for the Flat Earth Fops with a " can't field, can't hit, good base stealer ", resume. Pence is also known to be learning to switch hit and other fundamental skills, something he's been working on since his youthful days in The Catholic League.
At any rate, it's definitely going to be a very long and interesting season in America's favorite spectator sport. Play ball, indeed.


=Impeachment by 2018=
if not SOONER,
(emphasis on sooner)

Let mister pence hold courtly duties.
I'll call him President and won't rage with disgust
when he makes TV appearances or on radio stutters.


Well done! Creative and very entertaining. Many thanks for the grins:smile:

The "switch hit" in the Catholic League was priceless.


The Star Spangled Banner has been replaced by The Impeach Ttrump Banner as America's national anthem. Pence is a zealot for an activist Theocratic state. A big NO NO, on that idea.


I figure Pence's association with trump hurts his reputation, therefore as
President he would have to play centrist rather than ideologue. I'm waiting
for trump's health to fail as the excuse to leave office. Thanx for the
reply. I do civil engineering draft work, bridges, mass transit. It's a
thankless job.