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Protesters Greet Trump At Mississippi Museum As Leaders Honor Civil Rights Figures


Protesters Greet Trump At Mississippi Museum As Leaders Honor Civil Rights Figures

Julia Conley, staff writer

"Why should anyone give the stage to the president so he can have a photo op only to fight against all the things that civil rights workers fought for?"


They should have cancelled the event when Trump announced he would use the venue to divide the country even more. It’s time for folks to refuse Trump access to events like this. And then we could all watch his fragile little ego implode when no one loves him as he believes they do. Of course he can always have his white supremacist rallies to keep on with his delusions of grandeur. But everyone else should shun his sorry sociopathic a$$.


We may not have to worry about civil rights, soon.
*We the People won’t have any.
Unless we cry, “ENOUGH!” and take them back.


Too many Uncle Toms! Having a white nationalist, like Trump, at the dedication of this tribute to civil rights where so many were beaten and died is a travesty, to say the least!

Like Hitler attending the dedication of a holocaust tribute to the German Jews!


Exactly, Trump is a divider and I would call him a racist but I really think he has gone the point of simple racism. He is a white supremacist racist.with a full endorsement from the KKK and other rabidly racist groups.

Is Donald Trump a Racist?

YES! And as a racist, he is unable to serve all Americans. Therefore he is unqualified for the job as president. I will go one step further to say the racist Trump was a knee jerk white Republican backlash for two terms of Barrack Obama, the first Black American president in US history.

And now it his turn for a backlash from mainstream America, all of us including non white Americans. My prediction is a Trump backlash in the 2018 congressional elections, and a full backlash in 2020 when he runs for re-election as president.


Uncle Toms? I think the Black leadership was giving him enough rope to hang himself. And yes, he did.


Yes! But I was talking about the people who posed for the photo-op.


At least the diabolical dimwit stuck to the script with the exception of “very, very good” (typical kindergarten DJT speak) and only addressed a select few in a closed room appearing for a brief time period. He was still high from his adulation fix in Pensacola (and campaign stumping for Moore the racist pedophile) and giddy at the prospect of immediately leaving Mississippi for Mal y Loco, his den of debauchery where this self-proclaimed monarch holds court.

With this tyrant in the WH, there is only shame, disgrace, and denigration being disseminated and felt by two-thirds of all sentient Americans…the other third are the ignorant simpleton demographic that support their megalomaniacal messiah.


It was a mostly white event in a majority Black city. Maybe we should be calling out those white folks.


I could tell he didn’t mean a syllable of the speech he read – it was dull and uninspired, an insult and nothing like his speeches about North Korea (Fire and Fury!) or football stars who took a knee (Fire them!) or anything else he believes in. Somebody talked him into making that speech.