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Protesters, Police Clash After Fatal Police Shooting in Charlotte, NC


Protesters, Police Clash After Fatal Police Shooting in Charlotte, NC

Nika Knight, staff writer

Protests erupted late Tuesday in Charlotte, North Carolina after police fatally shot a black man who was mistaken for a wanted suspect. The demonstrators clashed with police in riot gear, several people were injured, and five protesters were ultimately arrested, the New York Times reports.


This is horrifying. Another man shot, to death, with no questions being asked or alternative responses sought. This 'shoot first, ask questions later' mentality puts everyone at risk. Police are creating environments that are hostile toward them. If they continue to murder without consequence, we can count on major riots in the future.


What will it take for these murders to stop? Some are suggesting hiring only officers with advanced training - in the US most police forces have a 3-month training period, whereas in other countries it's much longer and more substantial in content, especially non-violent de-escalation, which is sorely lacking in the U.S. Then there is the fact that officers who are fired from one jurisdiction, or who have a negative evaluation, can move and be hired in another place. And finally there is the problem of militarization -- both in the weaponry and the training they receive now, and in the number of armed forces personnel who join the police without proper psychological assessments and counselling, often after having participated in violent encounters and always after having undergone a dehumanizing training that turns them into purely reactive killing machines. Any or all of these solutions on a nation-wide scale might be a start, but Trump and Pence certainly do not want to address the problem, only aggravate it. There is a glimmer of hope with Clinton and Kane, though only with continued grassroots pressure. Oh, there is also a very urgent need to weed out the white supremacists and also to address the persistent racism.


First, we name the reasons for the discontent.

A. There's little or no actual democracy, no system for rectifying government wrongs. The voting machines are black boxes with a track record of being rigged. The state is gerrymandered within an inch of its life. The black population is deliberately excluded from voting. Finally, the two party system seems to be rigged to only produce grafters, not public servants.

B. The cops are acting as a law unto themselves, and numbers of cops appear to be out and out racists who murder black men simply because they can get away with it. The system has other racial rigs but this one takes the cake.

Now we can talk about what to do about these problems.

Mohandas Gandhi said that violence is better than apathy, but that nonviolent methods are best. Look it up.

Violent methods tend to hurt people who aren't directly connected with the voting fraud and the murders. Rioters may be hurting their potential allies.

Dr. King always aimed to bring blacks and poor whites together. Both struggle under an unequal system.

Red lives matter. The police are murdering slightly more First People per capita than they are Black people. The police are also shooting brown people, but Hispanic activists are so busy with deportation issues that they haven't even bothered with "Brown lives matter." If you really look you'll find that police also shoot a few white people, and that's still not right. The only people that certain police really don't want to shoot are rich white people and other cops.

There's a Sioux encampment in North Dakota where the people know who their adversary is. It isn't the people in the bulldozers. It's the people in control. That's nonviolence. It has been painful in the extreme, but the people are going to be successful.


This is what happens in a culture of impunity which surrounds the Police force.

The Police have a history of lying after such events in order to protect the officer in question. Fellow officers rally around the one(s) that shot and reports are falsified. Time and time again later evidence shows the officers in question did indeed lie about their version of events be it through the release of cell phone footage of the same or police cameras , the evidence given by police is contradicted.

Added to this body cameras mysteriously fail at the wrong time of other video evidence is "lost" . In short there always a concerted effort by the Police to protect the officer(s) in question.

This is all compounded by a judiciary that sees the Police officer as a natural ally and one of their club which will go through get lengths to try and clear a given officer. Given all that is needed is a small element of doubt over the circumstances to clear an officer, every step along the way allows for the insertion of doubt and given the Police themselves provide the evidence it very easy for them to insert that doubt.

The confidence in the Police has eroded. While it has always been that way to an extent in the Black community, it has reached a point where they just can not take it any more.This loss of confidence is a result of the Police themselves and the justice system along with that inherent racism in the same.

Now the Public does not know the exact series of events that surrounded this latest killing by Police. They DO know that the Police tend to lie after such instances and their reaction to the Police version is "The Police are telling just another lie".

It will be more than a little difficult to restore that confidence, meaning it will lead to even more deadly force used by the Police with even more reactions such as this. If the Police and Judicial system are unwilling to Police their own behaviour and as public servants demand people defer to their authority and "judgement" in all cases rather then the other way around , then they will inevitably become little more than thugs and the people will respond in kind.


Just a word to add to this and it may seem like an aside.

When i was growing up I used to read everything I could get my hands on. My Dad loved his Western novels and I would read the same. I remember clearly how many of those books would describe a gunfighter , that being "He was known to have killed 20 men , not counting Indians and Mexicans".

Even reading some of the more historical accounts of those Gunmen they would use this phrase when describing him.

"Mexicans and Indians" just do not count and this is imbedded in a great part of the Dominant culture.

Some years ago on one of this psuedo news shows on American TV there was an incident where a white blonde female from the USA was raped and murdered while on a vacation. Hours and hours were spent on the story and yes it was a tragic event but people were pointing out that this happened to First nations Women and girls of color all of the time yet there not that same sense of outrage. Here in Canada it took decades for a commission to be struck to investigate the disappearance and murder of First nations girls and women yet the disappearance of one rarely reported in such a fashion on the news.

This selective reporting is little more then structural racism yet people to this day still deny there such a thing in our "Modern society".


Job Benefits - Police Officer:

  1. Union representation
  2. Pension
  3. Slaughter anyone with impunity.


The black community and its leaders are calling for a boycott of all white owned businesses in Charlotte.
They want the white community to feel some pain. Some economic pain.
Militarized police departments will end and so will the murder of innocents when the citizens begin to mobilize and withhold their dollars in an intelligent way.


Stein/Baraka. No glimmers of hope with Clinton (super- predator)/Kaine.


Two things:

First, everybody should vote for Jill Stein.
Second, after Hillary is elected, which she will be, the Left needs to bring her down by mobilizing against her at every turn.
Third, (well OK three things) vote every incumbent out of office in November.


I suggest a side-trip to Nate Silver's site and look at the trajectory of Trump's and Clinton's electoral chances.


I never believe the cops in these cases! I started to read the article thinking it was about Terence Crutcher -- but no -- it's about a DIFFERENT black male. There's no end to them! This is like a daily event in this country! I'm pleased to see some white arms in that crowd. I think we white people are the ones who need to show up to these more and more in greater numbers. I know it can be scary, but it will eventually be you one day because it is true that an injustice somewhere is an injustice everywhere and no one is safe when this goes on.


Yes, no doubt Hillary will probably be the one selected by Wall Street and the oligarch's.

Just asking: if Hillary is selected for POTUS by the electorate, Bernie said that first elect Hillary and then mobilize, does that mean to mobilize against Hillary?


Not all cops are evil , but hw the Cops react to these shootings and how the State treats these shootings IS.


Another corroboration that BLACK LIVES DO NOT MATTER ! To too many in white, Amerika, African, American citizens are considered second class citizens.


"This guy" -the latest- had a book. He was sitting in his car waiting for his
kids to get off the school bus. They mistook the book for a gun.

"That other guy" - his car broke down and he was looking for assistance. He
seemed to think the cops were stopping to help him so he walked back to his car
and was shot in the back.

What guns, pray tell???

Quoting Louis commondreams@discoursemail.com:

The guy had a gun and refused to drop it, how is that murder?

Explain to me what exactly you want a cop to do when they identify a guy with
a gun and he refuses to drop it when told to?

You want the cops to run away?

I am so with you on cases like the unarmed guy is shot by the female cop the
other day, she needs to be charged, but once you insert a gun into the
discussion in my mind everything changes. The gun in his hand, and his
refusal to drop it, expresses a very bad intent. Cops have to deal with that
or run away, so what do you prefer they do?


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In my state all the Democrats are Republicans and the Republicans are worse. But I will definitely vote against my Senator and Secretary of State both of whom were super delegates that supported Hillary despite the overwhelming vote for Sanders. Now THAT's a protest vote because in all probability their opponents will be even worse.
Jill Stein is NOT a protest vote.


It's worth noting that North Carolina has an open carry law and does not require a permit to open carry. But I guess that only applies to white people. Whether or not Scott was within his legal rights as far as possession of the gun goes, I don't know and neither did the cops when they shot him down. By the looks of it, a taser would have done the trick.

The rationalization that an extra-judicial slaying of an alleged black criminal can be condoned in a judicial system based on innocence until guilt is proven is white privilege screaming at the top of its lungs. The police are not judges, and they certainly are not harbingers of justice in these communities.


Does North Carolina have open carry laws? Yes or no?


Here's info on North Carolina's carry laws: