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Protesting for Black Lives in Trump Country

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/17/protesting-black-lives-trump-country


Sounds encouraging. Democracy only happens when we all participate. When we come together as a society and want the least among us to have equality and opportunity. There are many whites in this protest as they have been marginalized and have not had opportunities and live in poor neighborhoods that don’t have banks or grocery stores. Only 7 elevens like places. Are all your grandkids going to have opportunity like their parents and grandparents since the middle class has been knocked down a few pegs or more.

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Out of the mouths of Babes.


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Does this bottom up movement have the possibility to effect change?

When people are made to listen about areas of food desserts, ie those areas without healthy foods available for purchase and cancer alley neighborhoods which suffer severe pollution of the petrochemical plants, neighborhoods where the CAFOS concentrated agricultural feed organizations spray fecal material into the environment in order to lessen the overflow of the fecal waste lagoons, not to mention the inhuman treatment of our careral police state, they might just realize the injustices prevalent in this country.

When the citizens of this country need to plead for help from the UN maybe, just maybe our own citizens may be start listening.


Proving once again racism is a taught skill.
Even young kids that are being taught, tend to ignore the teachings when they interact with other kids that are different then themselves, the reason I believe ending school segregation is so important to overcoming racism in general.


This really could be a watershed moment for the deep south and racism. I’ve heard of small marches all over the south, where many more whites are participating than I ever would have imagined, some with police support similar to what the author is talking about. In Biloxi, MS. last week, there were more white protestors holding up “BLM” signs than AA in attendance, hopefully a great sign of things to come.


I am grateful for the smile this morning. “All my life,” from a 25 year old. Sweetie, my grandmother is 98 and I have lost hope that she will see racial equity before she passes. I had hoped that my grandchildren would not experience the things I experienced in my lifetime, but they are here and little has changed since my childhood. I was born into a city on fire and the city is still burning. The Kerner report laid plain the reasons for the riots all over the country and 50 years later, this country still responses in surprise at something that is completely predictable.

We are in store for four more years of complacency, no matter who wins the presidency because neither candidate really CARES about people of color. Trump proves it when he speaks and Biden’s history provides a clear picture of where he stands on the issue of race. My grandmother will probably be gone in four years. I will be four years older and my grandchildren will be four years older and we still will not have made any progress toward at least taking the things written in the Kerner report to heart. Before we can make any progress, we have to BELIEVE that what is written in the report is true. It is as true today as it was 50 when it was written.

I am not going to belabour this issue, because it is a wrap, but when Biden said, Black kids are behind because their parents… and their parents should… he demonstrates that he has never even READ the Kerner report. If he and we genuinely believe that racism is systemic, then we also understand that there is NOTHING those who are affected by it can do to fix the problem. The people subject to racism are not the ones to be fixed. The people who are racists are the broken ones and until we fix them and the system they rigged to operate in their favor, nothing is going to change.

I have never felt so hopeless about race as I have felt these past few weeks. We keep saying the same things over and over and doing the same non things over and over and nothing ever changes.


Man, I feel bad that I have to agree with your post pretty much across the board.

I want to have hope about ending this country’s tragically long history of racism. But I don’t.
And I wish that the lesser of two evils, aka, Sleepy Joe Biden, was worth a damn. But he isn’t.
Above all, I seek systemic change. But the rich man owns this thing and he likes it just fine.

I would go further. It demonstrates he is unwilling or unable to think or communicate rationally on the problem. Any rational person can see that effectively blaming a kid for what one perceives the parents’ shortcoming to be is an ethical delinquent (reading a report or not - I haven’t read it either, but I know enough not to say something like that - a person running for president should know that much too).

This just a suggestion - if you are looking at politics with any hopes of being optimistic about something, look at races besides the president because I agree with you, @SkepticTank and probably a majority of people here in that Biden is a complete disaster and I personally would not tell anyone else what to do, but I certainly won’t vote for him in the solid blue state of CA.

But what about the House and the Senate? There are some very progressive people - more progressive than Sanders who met my threshold level - running and Swearengin won her primary and has a real battle in WV for Senate and Bowman is now ahead of Engel in the NY (Bronx) primary by 10+ points (and if Bowman wins the primary, he is in - that district isn’t going R). To save my sanity, I’m putting most of my thoughts lately into these races (mostly democratic primaries, but also Lisa Savage in ME because of ranked choice voting - everyone progressive in Maine should be voting her as first choice).