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Protesting 'Morally Repugnant' Trump Policies, Poor People's Campaign Demands Action on Housing, Health, and Climate


Protesting 'Morally Repugnant' Trump Policies, Poor People's Campaign Demands Action on Housing, Health, and Climate

Julia Conley, staff writer

The Trump administration and its open hostility toward Americans living in poverty were the target of the Poor People's Campaign's latest day of coordinated actions on Monday, with economic justice advocates marching on federal agencies and allies across the nation rallying at state capitals.


I don’t get it. The same people pushing for unfettered immigration are also pushing to help the poor Americans here. So which is it. Bring in hundreds of thousand poverty stricken immigrants who will tax national, state, and local budgets or spend money on poor people who were born here.


I think you know the answer= spend money on the illegal immigrants- they bring in cheap labor.


You need to be put down.


I see someone makes an intelligent statement and you then make an unintelligent, uninformed , hyper emotional statement back. I guess only you are entitled to opinions. Grow up.


“…U.S. Protesters also expressed anger on behalf of the 3.2 million Americans who have no health insurance.”

Although I applaud those participating, THAT is how many AND MORE need to take to the streets, not a couple of hundred!


Voting is not going to help- politics is about money. Help starts in families and communities not in a pols pocket. Why would a pol who is supposed to be a public servant cow tow to the wealthy? They should be charged with treason.


They can go to the streets- but they should actually volunteer and donate for example to a food bank. I doubt these sign holders do that. More important to get the picture taken with a sign.


If you really concerned get involved with community not just being a child on the internet.


Dude You thought that was Intelligent?


I was talking about dehuges2 statement. Never mind.


I noticed something also- people have been poor for many years here- but suddenly illegal immigrants’ poverty is more important than people’s who have been here for decades and decades. Maybe it’s a PC thing.


Unless the PPC extends the critique to BOTH parties it’s destined to fail.


Lots of people who were born here are poor-------and the ones that come from the south as in Mexico, and Central and South America-------they are here because America and its CIA et al and military came in and uprooted , lives cultures, and their natural resources-------- so in a way, we poor are both a lot alike.

I graduated from college and am still poor…why? Oh wrong college! : ) I guess I should have done Stanford, Yale, Harvard---------somehow it seems that in government many are from elite colleges, but you wouldn’t know by listening! : )Good ideas come from everywhere— remember, people thought Edison was a dolt, but he sure invented lots of stuff. Passion can create great ideas-------and there are so many things to be passionate about.
Although America is pretty jacked up now, as corporations are now people and people seem to be thought of as unnecessary and annoying vermin…A THOUGHT??? HOW DARE YOU!
And for some reason, people in government seem to be getting dumber, although media says its the people. But---- what to do with the coming climate change? Start small, know your neighbors and share-------because when the chips are down, real people share their chips! : )



Comments - like this one – on this site are absurd, involving no analysis and all ideology. If you really want to solve problems, get real.

Forty percent of tax revenue is provided by the top ten percent of income earners. That’s not a reason to fail to provide some low cost housing but the fundamental economic definition – the allocation of relatively scarce resources among competing demands – dictates that money go to where it will be most effectively used. There’s room for some social housing - preferably as a public/private joint project – but if you try to solve everyone’s housing requirements out of general government revenue, you won’t have an economy any longer.

It sucks to be poor but America provides more opportunity for low income earners to re-enter the economy than any other economy on the planet. I speak as a Canadian.

There is no understanding to be gained by reading articles or most comments on this site.


You raise a contradiction, the truth of which will be lost on the ideologically committed readers of this site.


That is one of the largest tubs of crap ever spoken…opportunity, my ass. Where I live most people have 2-3 jobs just to makes ends meet…and those ‘top ten percent of income earners’ get their money from the labor of the minimum wage earners, so that’s a bunch of bullshit also…and then there is the military budget, if halved, would pay for EVERYTHING WE NEED. What you’ve said is mostly irrelevant and some of it are lies.


Halve the Pentagon budget and we could cover everything… I don’t see why folks don’t get that…


I have thought that myself M.O. but thought I was just being my usual cynical self.