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Protesting Outside GOP's 'Lavish Retreat,' Federal Workers Demand End to Shutdown Amid Growing Calls for Strike


Protesting Outside GOP's 'Lavish Retreat,' Federal Workers Demand End to Shutdown Amid Growing Calls for Strike

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Amid growing calls for federal workers to walk off the job in protest as President Donald Trump continues to hold their paychecks hostage and downplay their financial hardship, government employees rallied outside of the Wa


Barbara Ehrenreich is a national treasure.


Trump has bragged that he has been hanging around the White House, I guess to be there in case the government magically opens without his say so. Confusing. I was thinking maybe the reason he has been hanging around for a month according to him is because he has an ankle bracelet on. ha.


If only, he was found hanging in the White House, we could all demand that that day be made a National Holiday.



Aside from being cruel to the workers and causing economic dislocation, the Republicans are being really stupid. They are conspiring with Trump on this issue; if they had any sense they would allow a vote and let Trump veto it and take the heat. Obviously these people are destructive as well as brain dead. Meanwhile they occupy themselves with silly partisan and reactionary issues that have nothing to do with the country’s
functioning. Sort of like Nero fiddling while Rome burned, or Marie Antoinette’s, “Let them eat cake”.

Reminds me of a Northwest bumper sticker of a decade ago, “Clear cut Congress”.

OK Mitch, keep up the good work and more of your kind will go down in 2020, especially POTUS.


Are you on a list or not after saying that? lol


I think a TSA strike is about the most interesting response possible. What concerns me is where this shutdown lies along the spectrum of shocks that will cripple the economy and usher in the neoliberal goal of “austerity” (a.k.a., defunding–stealing–the Social Security and Medicare funds). Looks like 2019 might be the year it all comes down, eh?


I am on a list of First Amendment Rights junkies for sure.

Many of us senior citizens are Rebels Without Any Claws.


Workers that vote for guns, the flag and mom’s apple pie buy into the oligarchy’s carefully crafted meme that conservative chickenhawk draft dodger Republicans are tough, patriotic and love the military are now finding out that these oligarchs don’t give a shit about them.


Republicans mantra has always been “less government” and this is their fantasy come true. Their other mantra is “privatization” which will be their answer to this phony unnecessary crisis. Republicans believe the only expenditure should be the military to control the world and a strong law enforcement structure to control the American people. It is a party of authoritarians and so far it has persuaded the people via corporate media that they are just a “grand old party”.


Nothing Grand about them old white men.

Greedy as hell though.


" government employees rallied outside of the Washington Nationals’ ballpark in the frigid D.C. weather on Thursday to demand an end to the government shutdown as Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and his fellow Republicans held a “retreat” inside the stadium"

Dems were much smarter. Had their junket in Puerto Rico. Much nicer weather and no protesters.



The “Washington Nationalists” having a night out at the Washington National’s ballpark.



I think even a two day national strike would bring this to an end – and should be happening.

Otherwise, we are in a situation of black mail to reduce this nation to third world status.

A nation walled in is a third world nation.


space –

Agree – and with “less government” comes more corporate monopoly –
and less effectiveness of our government agencies against lobbyists heading them up.

When our government goes into court now they are the weak and corporations are the strong.


Democrats should be LEADING a national STRIKE by unpaid federal workers, promising them that Democrats will not let Trump fire them for refusing to work without pay!!


Apparently there is no compromise attitude coming from the right. The House has passed, and sent to the senate, bills to fund everything except TSA. That is as close to a compromise as the House needs to go. You’re up Mr. pussydent.