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Protesting 'Poverty Wages' and Exploitation, Uber and Lyft Drivers Go on Strike Across the Globe

Protesting 'Poverty Wages' and Exploitation, Uber and Lyft Drivers Go on Strike Across the Globe

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Just days before Uber is set to make its "blockbuster" debut on the public market, ride-hailing drivers with both Uber and Lyft are set to go on strike across the globe on Wednesday to protest "poverty wages" and virtually non-existent worker protections.

"This is an act of solidarity with drivers across the country, and really across the world, who are suffering with poverty wages."
—Bhairavi Desai, New York Taxi Workers Alliance


Predatory capitalism Uber Alles will not Lyft you out of poverty.


The agenda of the Uber & Lyft;

  1. to eliminate public transportation, taxis.
  2. to then clear the way for Driverless Cars.
  3. To then eliminate the use of private autos, and then the right to drive.

Uber and :Lyft are scams in the scam “gig” economy, If these drivers want better conditions they should drive for the Taxi companies – the jobs they are killing even as they cannot make a living. Those who use Uber instead are contributing to the gigging of other workers, as I wrote a few years back, ( published in the Blue Collar Review.) –


Have you been gigged?
You know, the post jobs
“gig economy”
no paycheck, no
insurance or workers comp
no sick pay or holidays, no
x-mas bonus and none of those
Social Security deductions
you’ll wish you’d paid –
assuming you survive to old age

Just shlubbing for uber or renting out
sofa space
desperately milking hobbies
to pay the ever rising rent and
scrape a meal together
working and worrying until
you can’t
the gig

is up


The concept of bringing private companies “public” by listing shares of the firm on a stock exchange, for the reason of raising capital needed to plough into the company to buy equipment, pay for new projects or research, etcetera, instead of asking for loans from banks, was already problematic in the days of the largely brick-and-morter economies, but in recent decades is especially so, and Uber is a perfect example. The reason for going public is not so that Uber can gain capital to build up its business, but rather is a way for founders and top executives to become shamelessly rich overnight. The founders of private companies have a much more direct responsibility to have a good working relationship, and even “to care about” their employees (who ALSO make sacrifices for the good of the company), as compared to those same companies when they go public, get rich, and then shift their focus from making a good product/service and taking care of its people, to doing whatever it can to keep investors and prospective shareholders enthusiastic about the company and seeing employees only as a cost that needs to be constantly trimmed back, for the benefit of shareholders.

But this is not just an Uber issue.

The stock market in its entirety is rotten and makes very little sense anymore. The only time a shareholder’s purchase of stock is equivalent to a cash infusion to the company itself (something that benefits the company) is the IPO event. After the IPO, shares trading hands is purely at the level of a casino, with no direct link from investors to the company. Shareholders after an IPO do not, with their purchase of stock, support a company, so the company is in NO WAY beholden to those gamblers. Considering that the average shareholder holds a particular company’s stock for not more than a few years before selling it and buying something else, what sense at all does it make for company execs to say “we’re working for our shareholders”? Those executives are only hoping to see the price of the company stock rise until they themselves decide to check out, sell their own shares, make a bundle of cash and forget about the people they used to work side by side with.

Of course this is a simplification, but it is true for a large part percentage of the shareholder economy. It is another form of feudalism, and is build on the premise of the elite class and the slave class. How much longer are the slaves going to take this?


The Green New Deal.

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Plus you will be required to provide your own liability insurance … the driverless cars will be bundled as securities, registered by an off shore entity that has no country. Laws will be passed declaring a driverless car can never be held liable because it is not a person. So, when it doges a three foot deep pothole and hits a bicyclist, you are responsible.


In reality, these Gig Economy companies need us more than we need them. Without drivers, they can’t operate. Same could be said with any other low ball CEO. Pay a fair wage of go find a Robot.

Here In Vancouver the City still does not allow Uber or Lyft to operate. That said they are said to be working on that process so as to make it happen. When I listen to all of the talk shows on this matter they NEVER mention how much the uber driver makes or how all of the hours he or she puts in is all but a poverty wage. Instead they focus on how “convenient” it is for the consumer.

There no such thing as people anymore with lives of their own. It all about Consumers in a world where everything around us is being consumed.


The strike breakers are going on strike. Self driving karma.

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“Uber’s biggest investors include SoftBank , Google , and the Saudi Arabian government. Silicon Valley billionaires, world-famous entrepreneurs, Uber veterans: These are the largest investors in ride-hail company Uber, which today filed paperwork to go public.Apr 11, 2019”

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I hope the strike is huge.

I thought that Uber was a part time work force. Like the local Manpower group that offered day labor jobs.
It becomes more than that in a slow jobs market. But we are near full employment now and employers will find it harder to find strike replacements.

You are absolutely correct. Do these striking workers feel the slightest remorse for the people they helped put on unemployment? Based on my assumptions about the percentage of ethical and empathetic human beings, I’d say that maybe 10% of the striking workers are concerned about the needs of taxi drivers and may be in doubt about the Gig they’ve chosen, or, literally feel they have no choice but to take the Gig for the pay. However, the remaining 90% are as self-interested and self-concerned as the 90% of bankers who lack ethics, integrity and empathy.

We should always be striving to move towards a ‘system’ that discourages wealth disparity and self-interest by its very nature. We can’t ‘tinker’ with our genetic makeup and our brain chemistry to the extent that we can suddenly change human nature, therefore we need to create a system of governance that allows for the greatest equality in SPITE of human shortcomings.


That statement might not be entirely accurate. I have a real job but do gig work on the side for fun and profit. As contractor I do pay Social Security. Actually I get to pay the whole 12.4%.

Thanks, Mark, as you convey much info in those 2 main paragraphs.

The nature of humans is inherently good .The cultural story of humanity is the problem. The story (myth) we have have been told for 3 millennia Is fallacy.
Until we change the first cultural myth and the ones that follow nothing will change .
For our cultural myths inform our ethics ,and our ethics create our behaviours .Yet the problem is that our cultural myth is at variance with our basic instinct.
Our first cultural myth is that human beings are inherently evil.This is the myth of original sin. The second cultural myth ,arising out of the first,is that it is the “fittest” who survive .These are fallacies (Myths).
Yet now for the truth our basic instinct is not survival, but rather ,fairness, oneness ,and love .
For further reading the book Conversations With God Book 3 Neale Donald Walsch is a help to raise awareness and a raising of conciousness. It explains it all !
Humans are awakening now ,but will it be quick enough .

When we see a newborn grasp your finger and shoot you the most heart warming smile, is because of innate evil, or is it just passing gas.