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Protesting Rise of Alt-Right at Home and Abroad, Parisians Rally Against Trump


Protesting Rise of Alt-Right at Home and Abroad, Parisians Rally Against Trump

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

With an eye towards their own upcoming presidential election and the growing popularity of National Front leader Marine Le Pen, French citizens took to the streets of Paris on Saturday to protest U.S. President-elect Donald Trump, vowing to mobilize against the international rise of the far-right.


Just like in the USA, Marine Le Pen is quite popular in that country's equivalent of flyover country, 'La France Profunde.' The demonstrators would be better served countering the FN's fairly effective message in those areas ASAP.


The political pollster class everywhere had better talk and opinion-gather in the non city rural areas.
I listened in stunned horror to a On The Media program yesterday brought me to tears. A white separatist speaking with Bob Gladstone was making a 'rational' and 'logical' the case for white supremacy and separatist policies. This is the shite storm that is now acoming...stand up, speak up and for the love of everything dear, wake up.


The majority of voters voted for Hillary Clinton and yet we are stuck with Trump thanks to rural tilt of the electoral college. And while Democrats running for the House get more more votes than Republicans the House is also controlled by the Republicans. While the majority of Americans clearly don't want this garbage the electoral system is not cooperating because of the way it was devised to ease the concerns of less populated states. Since France does not have states the situation could turn even worse there. At least in the US there are states where the majority view which is against this white supremacist junk is reflected in the government. People need to stand up to these rural bigots in the US and France. Absurd claims of white superior genes or a master race must be discredited and strongly opposed. These rural haters make up their own facts. In their crazy world they have better genes than non-whites and global warming isn't occurring or is not caused by humans. Just because you don't live in a city doesn't mean you have to be nuts and reject the findings of carefully researched science. The ugly side of humans has again emerged in full force and needs to be opposed once again.


I thought the majority of Americans didn't vote...so it's hard to say what they did or did not want.


I do wish you would drop the 'chic' term Alt-Right. Let's call them what they are bigoted, hate-monger I got White Supremacists