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Protesting 'Shameful Demands,' 40K Verizon Workers Set to Strike Wednesday


Protesting 'Shameful Demands,' 40K Verizon Workers Set to Strike Wednesday

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

In what has the potential to be the largest work stoppage in the country in recent years, up to 40,000 Verizon workers from Massachusetts to Virginia will go on strike at 6 am on Wednesday, unless the company "reconsiders its shameful, and I do mean shameful, demands," Communications Workers of America (CWA) president Chris Shelton has warned.

In a call with reporters on Monday, Shelton said, "nobody wants to go on strike."


After reading several articles on CD, I can't imagine why anyone would not vote for Bernie Sanders! We need him now more than ever.


I'd love to "boycott" Verizon in support of the strikers, but they are a virtual monopoly for internet and phone service - I could switch to 100% non-union Comcast but that would hardly be an improvement.

I envy Canada, where telecom services (phone/internet/cable TV) are still nationalized, 100% union, and the service is good and cheap.


Remember, Verizon is also leading the charge to end Net Neutrality. The greedy rich.


And where do the candidates stand on these issues?-do they support treating the internet like a utility? All I hear about is a constant mantra of the delegate count-nothing about real issues. This strike and why they are ready to strike should be front page news???? We need to take back our media!


If a strike doesn't work unplug people. Wifi is radiation, it is also used to track you like a probationers ankle-bracelet. Get hard wired. Wifi is poison to all living things.


Funny how Verizon can't manage to find the cash to maintain a fairly compensated workforce, yet at the same time have no problem anteing up sufficient funds to tender a buyout offer for YAHOO.
As for Senator Sanders, if he really wants to do some good and address the core issue (that nobody seems to really want to discuss) he'll start seriously speaking about anti-trust enforcement and efforts towards reversal of the spate of multi-billion dollar mega mergers. Obama promised to do something about it when he was candidate Obama in '08. Once elected, he charged the Senate to investigate. A committee was formed including both senators from Vermont, Leahy and Sanders. Not much happened with that. The problems only grew worse. You see, it's not just merely about breaking up the 'too big to fail' banks, for they represent a minor aspect of a more insidious greater whole. It's the bigger picture that needs to be seen and understood.

for your reading pleasure:

Imagine the implications.


I cannot understand why is it that there are not millions of progressives boycotting Verizon (and Comcast for that matter). Here is a company that treats its workers poorly and is leading the dismantling of net neutrality and yet people are not willing to give up relatively small material advantages in favor of alternatives that are at least less evil.

This is pretty basic, we do not need the greatest and latest cable and phone choices. One can do without watching TV at all for that matter (here is a hint, you won't miss it at all if you give it up). The seriousness of the political situation is quite dire as so much is all stake, even the survival of much of the planet's species including us. However people are not willing to make choices that are not even that relatively difficult to carry out such as boycotts of evil entities such as Verizon. It is the people of the United States who have the most consumer freedom to have the greatest effects but at the same time have a great apathy preventing basic actions such as boycotting (and even voting for that matter). There will likely come a day when we won't even have the power to carry out these actions as the wealth and power of the people is dwindling every year.


Good stuff, good to see some group push back.
And contend problem is deeper.
System's manner of relationship-value computation / world culture's dominant information processing mechanism -- humans using monetary code -- can't process our new levels of complexity with sufficient reach, speed, accuracy & power.
If your culture's relationship with the sky and ocean are deadly, your cultural genome sucks.
For example, a European study states there may be as many as 57 different pesticides involved in colony collapse of bee populations.
K, now use monetary code to calculate the value order of the 57 pesticides. Generate a pricing hierarchy that represents the relationship values of the components and does so with reach, speed and accuracy, not only for right now, but for at least the significant downstream impacts on bees, birds, food production, crop pests, run-off and groundwater pollution, handling safety, etc.
Can't do it.
The Watson computer can read 800 million pages a second. (I can read 3? words a second.)
Verily, I'm a loser.
A somewhat imprecise distillation re info processing: Software code is to monetary code as alphabet code was to pictograph code.
The reach of our culture's coding mechanisms doesn't match our physical reach, our species new numbers wielding more powerful technology, that is, tech with ever greater reach in-and-across geo eco bio cultural & tech networks, and across time.
see postgenetic; culture, complexity and code


And yet, Verizon Workers are represented by AFL-CIO which backs HRC, Wall Street emissary, pro-job exportation treaties supporter. They are pouring money into her campaign instead of helping to organize Wall-Mart Workers. Too bad the stand alone radical CIO got "merged" into the AFL. Maybe, like the banks, they should be "broken up" also?


This is true. Turn it off, Tune it out and converse and read. You will sleep much better and wake up refreshed. TV, NPR and the likes are just an addiction like any other. Try it for a week. Put a blanket over those devices to remind yourself that much better and more restful sleep are in your future. A mass movement to turn in our Verizon phones would go a long way to further our political revolution. However, there go a lot of US jobs. Laws would be much better; so would be a strong union; so would getting the AFL-CIO to support Sen Sanders. Why are they supporting HRC??


Very good point. How to change this?


Hello notwistalemon,

You have a point that some of the decisions regarding which corporations to boycott do get more complex, considerably because we failed to boycott when the first carrier started off-shoring jobs. While this a little off topic, the lack of consumer action that I am most dismayed over is the lack of local farmer's market attendance, and the purchasing of slave goods from the large list of offending countries.

  • David