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Protesting 'Shameful' Refugee Policies, Doctors Without Borders Rejects EU Funds



Not quite the entire story Deirdre.


You would think the article would mention the fact that before 2011, Syria was a relatively peaceful place. Then, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and CIA/Mossad started sending "moderate" head-choppers into Syria to overthrow the legitimate government. It soon became a living hell.

The refugee problem was 100% caused by Western intervention and now the West is all aghast that these poor people want to migrate away from war and chaos.


Trump's idea is to build a protected city in Syria so these migrants will not have to emigrate. Sound good?


I do not understand what MSF is really trying to achieve. Do they want the EU to help the refugees by improving the living conditions in their camps by spending billions or do they want Europe to facilitate a bottomless mass migration strategy? Neither option is sustainable given the nationalistic populism that has been growing in Europe for some time now. At the moment, the EU bracing for a very possible Brexit and the last thing these elitists want is for other countries to follow the UK's lead.


Hi Carol, as a 68 year old pensioner I am working often in the slums of W. Africa saving lives from Malaria / Cholera. We have to accept that life on earth that requires 3rd party support is not considered to be of equal value. People die if they cannot find 2$ for a hand shake with a doctor.

The UK is taking a major decision this week - IN or OUT of the European Union. Most are fearful of more immigrants and it will be a close vote. There is no hope to top millions in the next years on the move. I am afraid that the "coalition of the willing" USA & UK in the lead went into Iraq, Syria, Lybia - trying to export our values of democracies turning the Arab spring into an Arab winter. We expect 150 Millions as per reports to move in Africa from the south to the North. Look at the drought in huge regions and the intense rainfall in northern regions. Global warming !
Here in Ghana we have the largest expanse of good water 17 Trillion m3 held by Akosomba Dam that uses Hydro power for the grid. Very carbon efficient but hey - not enough rain as this year and electricity has to be rationed.

We live in a world of change. ( in Africa they pray for the 'better' )


So what's "the entire story"? Condemnation of US bombing of a DWB hospital in Afpak?


Read the article. The EU isn't building camps in Europe. They're sending migrants back to Turkey (which they refused for YEARS to even allow in the EU). The fact is, Europe has been bigoted and prejudiced for a long time against Mulims, in spite of the fact that a lot of Muslims are from countries that Europe colonized and against whose natives they committed GENOCIDE.

Europeans are reaping what their fathers and grandfathers sowed.


The shining integrity of MSF is in stark contrast to the corruption at Red Cross. Raised half a billion dollars "for" Haiti, blew most of it.

Have never contributed to MSF, i think it's time for a small donation.


The Jerusalem Post reported on this in 2013...



DoesYour smart ass assumption indicate an aversion to an alternative point of view. I am willing to dial it down and present some interesting first hand local perspectives in Germany, where I live. Sorry no links, only first hand accounts .


Clean up your potty mouth and maybe I'll listen.


There's very few non-profits that are truly rigorous about their mission being their primary determinant in every decision. It's so normalized to pay exorbitant executive compensation, and layer in a couple other levels of high-paid managers and staff, at the larger non-profits.

i recall a scandal at the regional United Way here in the PNW, where the ED was spending several hundreds of thousands of dollars on ridiculously expensive teak and ebony office furniture. She lost her job, but the idea that "you have to pay market rate for top executive talent" becomes hard to resist for non-profit boards.