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Protests Across the UK as Syria Bombing Vote Looms


Protests Across the UK as Syria Bombing Vote Looms

Common Dreams staff

Thousands of people protested in London and around Britain Saturday against Britain joining in bombing attacks on ISIS in Syria.

The UK Parliament will vote next week on whether to join with the US and France in launching air strikes on Syria. Prime Minister David Cameron is leading the push for bombing.

The UK protests are organized by the Stop The War Coalition movement, which is also holding a string of other demonstrations around Britain.


Dear Distinguished Signatories,

Sorry, but I see what a grand time old Tony is having and I must get what is rightfully mine.

David Cameron
Prime Minister of David Cameron


Wonderful anti-war letter from Stop The War Coalition.

But the surreptitious answer that you will never, never be told is: the war profiteers make the rules! And those rules most peacemakers and progressives know too well.


The last thing this trillion $$$$$$ war industry wants is peace and until they are stopped nothing will ever change. Like I have stated before, if the war mongers that worship their filthy lucre and are murderous, insane psychopaths, with no conscience had no enemies, they would have to invent them; and that is exactly what they do!

The war racket is no different than any other business in the world, they cannot stay in business without a demand for their products. The war profiteers must love the hubris and hegemony of the oligarchs because they make soooooo many $$$$$$ from protecting their evil albeit, vested interests.


Hmm... Who shall we bomb today? ISIS, trained and armed by CIA, financed by our good "friends" the Saudis? Are they the ones who taught them all their head-chopping skills (50 this month alone)?

War is SO profitable for the MIC when you arm both sides. I'll bet they take out another power plant and disable a water treatment facility like they did last month. Send another million Syrian civilians into exile. Then not accept them into the USA because they might be "terrorists". I'd be a f***ing terrorist too!!


The Guardian has taken a hard right turn in the past few months. It now belongs in the trash bin. I am afraid the Old Guardian is over. I do not trust the new people there and their flashy style says it all.


Corbyn: what a Western anti-war politician looks like. Great post, JonnyJames!


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The best thing for both Britain and the United States to do would be to stay the hell away from Syria. Because both Cameron and Obama feel they don't have to abide by international law. And they continue
to repeat the same message. "Assad has to go" Which tells me there priority has nothing to do with destroying Isis. If they were really interested in destroying Isis. Those mile long line of Oil tanker trucking
flowing into Turkey from Isis held Syria Oil fields. Would of been destroyed a year ago.


Also keep in mind. Events is Ukraine have been heating up again. Crimea's electrical system was sabotaged a few days ago. Most likely by rightwing fascist working for the Ukraine Regime. Apparently
this loss of power. Is creating a unstable situation for the nuclear power plant that provides this power. There have also been a number of sanctions taken place by both countries. Ukraine banned Russian
commercial aircraft from flying in there airspace. And now Russia has done the same. The question I have is will the U.S. and Nato hit Russia on a number of different fronts at one time? Some time in the near future. In any case Russia must remind vigilant on all of it's fronts.


Ah, the good path forward, war. Sign up Matt.


So what's your point the electrical grid coming into Crimea from Ukraine was sabotaged. Which opens up the possibly Russia might have to siege this area of Ukraine to secure 80% of Crimea's power.
The Ukraine Regime was also the country that started these sanctions. In case you don't know it. Denying the people of Crimea basic electric power is a war crime.

Read what the article is saying you disinformation junkie.

Members of Ukraine's Right Sector, an ultranationalist militia, have since joined the Tatar-led blockade, which some have feared could strangle the peninsula's economy and invite a forceful response from Moscow. Despite the Russian rule, the region still relies on Ukraine for supplies of water and electricity.

If confirmed that Ukrainian nationalists launched the attack, it is likely to further increase tensions between Russia and Ukraine at a time of escalating violence on the front line around the rebel-held cities of Donetsk and Luhansk. The incident would also likely strain relations between the government in Kiev and the country's independent, and often well-armed, activist groups.


You are right but at least they protest in the UK against more bombings. Here in the USA the anti=war crowd has gone to sleep since Obama was elected.


Yeah, Obama....the more effective evil!


Why does " Assad have to go"? That narrative has been repeated over and over and over! Think about it: Could the reason that Assad is so demonized by the West have something to do with oil?

Of course, but what the MSM never tells you other than Assad is a dictator and a thug that gassed his own people, is the West wants to build an oil pipeline from Qatar to Europe through Syria which Assad is adamantly opposed to and that will not happen until there is regime change and Assad is replaced by another puppet for the Amerikan Empire. Just imagine if the MSM came out and told the American people: "Assad must go because he is in opposition to our wanting to build an oil pipeline across his county".


I don't understand how they can ban you with no explanation. In any case your prospective will be missed. What other sites do you post on?


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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.