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Protests and Outrage as Gorsuch Headlines Event at Trump Hotel


Protests and Outrage as Gorsuch Headlines Event at Trump Hotel

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Protestors gathered outside Trump International Hotel in Washington Thursday as Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch delivered the keynote speech at an event hosted by a right-wing advocacy group—a move critics argued crosses fundamental ethical boundaries, given that the venue is currently the subject of numerous emoluments lawsuits that could soon reach the Trump-appointed judge's desk.


And liberty and justice for all…ALL TRUMP’S FRIENDS THAT IS!


Federalist Paper #10 by Madison warns of just this sort of thing. I’m old enough to remember when Washington at least kept things in a smoke filled room away from all of us. This in your face corruption makes my head want to explode…POP.


The moon of oft awaited dropping of presidential drawers to be met with a sclerotic SCROTUS scramble to pucker-up.


Gors*it would expect nothing less.
Frauds respect fellow frauds.


The sign would have been more accuratre if it had said “The best less than adequate justice that money can buy”. What ever happened to the system of checks and balances that we all learned about in our civics classes? The other two branches of “government” are either asleep, paid off, too lazy or scared shi–ess to act to do anything about these blatant excesses. This buffoon has hijacked our country and is drowning it in the sewer that he made filthier than it ever was. Time to FIRE the dude!


Yeah, the Oligarchy just doesn’t even give a damn anymore. Just brazen as can be, screw it. What are the Plebes gonna do? They have no power - screw 'em. If nothing else, Trump has normalized corruption to the point where in a few more years most Americans won’t even bother to yawn about it. Meh.


Well, the nuts don’t fall far from the trees and Neil’s mother was Ann Gorsuch who Ronnie Raygun choose as his EPA administrator…with the predictable consequences. She had to resign under fire for gutting the EPA. Now we have Neil, the uber-wealth/corporate shill scrotus (thanks OG!) member who was reared and inculcated in serving the rich and powerful…all that congressional “questioning” of scrotus nominees a goddamn charade…It should be obvious neil gorsuch is a tool not a justice by any stretch…this utter lack of judgment shows much more than that…

When trumps EPA destroyer is charged and the case gets to the court (not to mention all the other trump atrocities) gorsuch, as trumps official bimbo would have to recuse himself…wouldn’t he???


Supremes are not suppose to be political but know the constitution inside and out and rule on constitutionality.

What a smack in the face to democracy but then there is nothing left of our democracy, nothing sacred.

I still blame dems for being silent these last four decades while this was all building like maybe they were silent partners. Kind of looks that way or they are a lot more stupid than we thought.


She was a piece of work…UGH!

And G. Jr. just bought himself and his wife a matching set of new Mercedes SUV’s with his honorarium from this speaking engagement. (Either that or a few weeks for his wife at the Clinique La Prairie in Clarens-Montreux, Switzerland to the tune of $33,000 for six days.)

So much for objectivity as practiced by a member of SCOTUS who will be where he is for his lifetime…unless Congress steps up to the plate and sends him packing (never happen). At least his corporatist peers at SCOTUS (Roberts, Alito, Thomas) lay low with their paid appearances out of respect for the Court and their positions therein.


The family’s original name was Gorsuchafraud.


How can any decision that this man makes, not be tainted by his association with the Orange Mental Defect, especially with the location of the event and with the group he presented his thoughts toward? It’s like another one of Hillary’s paid speeches to Wall Street. With that thought, I wonder what his total windfall will be from his presentation?

Are his decisions going to be based on the Constitution, or will they be be decided by those who may benefit most from his appointment, with boatloads of cash coming to him after he steps down in a few years?


Plain and simple, just like Drumph, Gorsuc(k) is a pitiful excuse for an authoritative figure, not a role model except as an example of greed and without a doubt, absolutely not fit to serve…Such a phkn punk.


Dummy me. And here I thot no scrotus person could be slimier or slither lower than Scalia and Thomas (in current times-- I know we can find slime further back).

Time for IMPEACH GORSUCH stickers…and add whatever other name for whichever monster you’d like to target…


How about: “Impeach and Impale”…the bigger the stick, the better.


Great! And each bumper sticker should say that plus have a caricature of the preferred idiot -target.


I love “protests” like this! A dozen paid actors wearing T-Shirts provided for them milling around with dumb signs. Why the T-Shirts? Well, since most of these people have never met each other before, it’s to help them identify each other.

The lamestream media totaled the number of protesters as “several dozen”. Look at the pictures. Count them. Less than a dozen.

I bet if you asked half the protesters who Gorsuch is, the majority wouldn’t even know. They’re just paid to show up, wear a T-Shirt, wave a sign, get their pictures taken, and go home. Even libtards should be able to recognize this is “FAKE NEWS”.


I’m really looking forward to Gorsuch dismantling a big chunk of the libtard disease that has swept America. With any luck, Ruth Gingrich will die and Kennedy will retire and Trump will get to appoint two more Supreme Court justices! Oh, I can just imagine the rending of garments, gnashing of teeth and howling protests by the left wing!

I didn’t even vote for Trump - and personally, I think he’s doing a mediocre job. But the deportations are picking up, the travel ban is holding up, Gorsuch was appointed… so there have already been some improvements. Now if they’ll just run the “Dreamer” list and deport them all…


I usually don’t go for this kind of rebuttal but BambiB, you are greedy, racsict and this ‘libtard’ crap you jam up your ass…and since you like to see folks suffer…fuck off!!..and btw your words are not welcome in this comment thread.