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Protests Break Out After DNC Committee Votes Against Holding a 2020 #ClimateDebate

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/22/protests-break-out-after-dnc-committee-votes-against-holding-2020-climatedebate


“We need to focus every inch of our being on climate change because if we fail to do so then all our achievements and progress have been for nothing. And all that will remain of our political leaders legacy will be the greatest failure of human history and they will be remembered as the greatest villains of all time.”

Greta Thunberg

Think about it. Pelosi and Trump, Obama and McConnell and the corporate leaders, etc., etc. get to be remembered as worse than Ghenghis Khan, Stalin and Hitler.



“Top brass at the DNC opposed the climate debate from the get-go, fearing it could sow discord in the base and hamper the eventual nominee in the general election.”

These people are utter losers and have no place with any power in any major party. Sorry, but it is a real shame that we are saddled with these two horrible parties. They are not up to the task and mediocre thinkers and people control them. Let’s think about this, we are facing the collapse in human civilization and these horrible, worthless nothings say that trying to avoid the collapse of our civilization may “hamper the eventual nominee in the general election”. Let’s just assume that the public doesn’t realize what is coming for us. Does the DNC just follow their worthless, overpaid hack consultants and just look at polls, or lead on the damn issue and try to get people to realize what is coming for us, what the science says and what changes are needed? Let’s be honest, they assume that a horrible Biden type will win and they don’t want the structural changes that the science says we need. Focusing on what the science says and what changes are needed (not an option, not something people want simply for ideological reasons) will show how inadequate people like Biden and Harris are, so instead of leading on this issue they would rather protect their pathetic nominees of choice.

And lets be clear, if any party is internally democratic, it wouldn’t allow one horrible hack like Perez to decide that there will be no “single issue” debates. If the Democrats were actually internally democratic and if the rank and file wanted this, it wouldn’t matter what Perez wants or tried to decide on, it would be in the hands of the rank and file. But it isn’t, because that party is corrupt, not democratic internally (when the presidential nominee goes to the second round and the superdelegates have a huge say and choose another bore nothing, it will once again be obvious). As the DNC lawyers have said in court, if those in charge of the party decide that they want something, they can do it in a smoke filled backroom. They have at the national level, here in California, and they will again. Cause it is a party that has a left flank, and that flank has no power in that party nationally, nor will it any time soon.


That’s assuming there is anyone left to remember them at all.


Can we name names on that 8-17 vote? Roll call? Anyone know?


Tom Perez like many are simply incorrect, wrong or whatever word you wish. The climate catastrophe is not a political issue; it’s an existential crisis of global proportions. The fires in Siberia, now the fires in Brazil.


Perez is as guilty as Mitch for why things don’t get done that the American people want.
I would like to see Sanders and Warren say they will be having a debate on Climate Change, any other candidates that want to be included are welcome. They should say that the debate will take place whether the DNC likes it or not.
Although Jay Inslee has dropped out, he should be welcome to join the debate.
If the MSM doesn’t want to cover the debate, I’m sure Amy Goodman would be glad to host it on Democracy Now!.


Perez, Pelosi, Puke, Putrid smells, trump. They all mean the same thing, disgusting annoyances you want out of your life. Thank you Sunrise Movement for being the only adults in the room, even though you aren’t.


this is how much the damn dems care what we think. How anyone can still support them is beyond my ken. they could care less what happens to the planet and all of us. time to take to the streets and allow nothing to go forward until things begin to change to save the planet. otherwise nothing else really matters now does it???


It’s way past time to bypass the Democratic Party. It’s run by corporate shills. We need a new party. I suggest the Democratic Socialists. The party Bernie belongs to.

We have two conservative political parties that are bought and paid for by the controlling corporations. We need a people’s party. Which won’t be easy because the corporations control everything. The media, the banks, the schools where we are sent from age 6 to be conditioned to accept capitalism and Christianity and be compulsive consumers. The general American way of life that is over-indulgent and selfish.

We need a complete change in the way we view life. And this happens not by waiting for someone else to do something but when we see for ourselves what a completely corrupt, greedy, narrow life we are leading in this and other countries. Both Western and other countries.


The problem is, how do we change this party? Just like 2016, they wanted clinton instead of sanders and we all know what we got since I think Sanders would have won the electoral college vote. Maybe we should all write a letter to the dnc? Would that do any good? If the climate issue is not addressed, then we might be in for another 4 years of insanity.


Which side are they on ? - well that’s been pretty goddamn obvious for over 20 years? half a century ? since WWII ? The same shills that rejected a climate conference/debate are the same that will and are sabotaging Bernie Sanders for president!

The entrenched DP DNC establishment that controls all party decisions is not representing the base, only big-money bribery and the richest - they must be deposed or a new party formed or we are proper fooked!

This is an existential threat and the thing is this entire election, so critical for the future is now controlled by those same soldout corporate lap-dogs and their big-money masters that have betrayed us time and time again - us, the democratic/independent/left base - the future! - the pelosis, schumers and all the other Quislings must go or be forced out or a new party formed that will represent the future and the masses that won’t get fooked again !

We will perhaps lose either way but at least we would lose fighting -standing on our feet, not complying on our knees!

"Es mejor morir con los pies que vivir con las rodillas" ! Emiliano Zapata


California, because the progressives got bamboozled into a quagmire primary process, will not lead on this existential issue, unfortunately. Just looking at the election results from the last few cycles, California is run by Demi-cans and Clintonistas, pretty much. The Uniparty elite worked its dirty tricks on you.
This certainly will be a huge drag on the Green New Deal unless regional movements in San Diego, Los Angeles and the Bay Area get their head around what a rise of 17-30 feet in the sea level, the end to commercial fishing and tourism, et al., really means.
Many of my friends are investing in Mendocino, Humboldt and even Plumas Counties, just in case it goes sideways from the double-whammy.


There is no leadership by those with power, outside of Bernie, AOC and a few others. There is a bunch of buzzwords in a speech and dick else. I, in fact, think it is far worse to offer up 2% of what is needed if you quote the science as far as what we are facing than not knowing the science and speaking out of ignorance. An ignorant person is far more justified in pushing for horrible policies, as they don’t know any better. Once you know the science and quote it, it is far worse to not offer up policies simply because the corrupt system and the corrupt empty shells running it won’t do what is needed. You are then knowingly pushing for what amounts to collective suicide, and you’d have to be an idiot to try and argue that it is pragmatic to do so.


Sometimes there’s just nothing left to say other than, what the fuck?

After wildfires cover the northern hemisphere all summer, and now Brazil, no sea ice in the arctic, and the US pumping out CO2 like it’s free, you just have to wonder, have the stupid people finally won?


Which side are you on ?


Well I just received a “survey” from the DNC today. You know the one, a series of narrow push-poll type questions regarding what issues are important to me and at the end "how much money would you like to send us? "

I’m going to print this article, and a couple of others, and return them in their envelope.


BINGO! Can there be any doubt that these two pathetic corporate stooges Biden/Harris… will be the DNC’s nominees in 2020?


I don’t think it would do any good to write to the DNC.
They have shown that they don’t care what the people want.


The quote at the beginning of your comment underscores the simple fact that the Republicans have an organically natural base, while the Democrats have to cobble together a coalition of strange bedfellows.

My advice to the Ds would be this: There’s always discord within your base so you’d be wise to give them a forum for hashing things out and coming to a consensus around actual solutions instead throwing around feel-good weasel words that solve nothing.