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Protests Break Out in Wisconsin After Police Shoot Black Man in Back Multiple Times at Point-Blank Range

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/24/protests-break-out-wisconsin-after-police-shoot-black-man-back-multiple-times-point


It’s very clear to me that beside the racial center of this and countless other killings of innocent people, usually people of color, doing nothing to warrant such depraved indifference for their lives and the lives of others around them, training is at the heart of this - training to violence as the first and almost always the only response from cops in every incident.
That leads to the police training and who these cops were before becoming cops, and that leads to military training and ex-military becoming cops - and border patrol, and all the other jobs created to put ex-military trained to kill into civilian jobs that kill or treat people as the enemy worth only to use violence they have been trained to use against every person they come into contact with!
Men, Women, Kids, senior citizens, EVERY person is a “perp”, “the enemy”, and target for violent depraved indifference for their lives, and any understanding of why the interaction is happening absent!

This constant trail of tears and murder by violence trained cops and the protection of them by DA’s and unions that are only ex-cops in suits, complicit to the crimes!

Most all police agencies hiring do not want people that are “too smart”, too intelligent - they are rejected time and again to apparently choose people that will just react to the training to violence and killing - about time that changed forever!

Defund and repurpose cop budgets!


I recall the findings of the American commission on civil rights back before the signing of the civil rights and voting acts during the administration of LBJ.
There are two America’s, one white, one black. Separate and unequal.
Blacks and Hispanics now have less wealth accumulated in comparison to whites than they had prior to 1964. White Americans responded to the civil rights era by changing state and local laws that made it impossible for black neighborhoods to thrive, and hung the threat of death or imprisonment around the necks of nearly every black man in the USA.
What we are now witnessing In the USA are the death throws of white supremacy. Oh, and not just the white supremacy of fringe groups like the KKK. I’m speaking of the systemic white supremacy that has kept whites in charge and every minority in service of them since white men first landed in the Americas. Whites see the change coming, and it appears that, instead of graciously accepting their colored brothers and sisters as fully equal compadres, that we are going to establish a brutal police state that maintains the white status quo long past it’s shelf life. And if we whites have to shoot all of you in back, then so be it.


Death throes? That sounds like a good thing. Glad to see optimists like me have finally won you over.

Since Ahmad Arbery’s murder, it’s felt like something in the air. It has everything to do with the end-times note struck by the pandemic’s intensity in USA: Everything old is new again, including home canning and innate domination games. The world, our world, is revolving into a new phase, and people like Derek Chauvin have thought about this and decided to say something, in their violent language, to establish the rules of the game – the facts on the ground – in World 2.0.

Official activists with guns, radical racists – what is it that continually motivates them to such incendiary extremes, compulsively? The freaking fascist police act like automatons, but what’s really going on in their heads? This is where I find Isabel Wilkerson’s masterpiece Caste to be most pertinent. Caste is bigger than your miserable self. Caste is something worth sacrificing yourself for, for the sake of the caste.


Many years ago a friend of mine was the HR recruiter for a regional dept store chain (Hills). His job was to administer pre employment tests to all applicants. The standard to meet was pretty simple. If you scored too high, you were not hired, as the companies rationale was that, if you were too smart, you may rip them off.
That same sort of standard is at play in the hiring of police this era. However, that alone is not the only issue. It is estimated that over 75% of police hires since 9/11 are veterans. While they always made up a significant portion of law enforcement, most were we’re pretty standard ex-MP types that had never seen action. Now, our police depts are chok full of guys who saw multiple tours of duty, many suffering PTSD, riddled with steroids, and all trained the same way. Keep firing until the combatant is on the ground, or your clip is empty.
That’s how cops look at us now, we are no longer citizens to “protect and serve”. We are now all potential combatants, that must be met with as much force as possible in all situations. Until that dynamic changes, black men will be slaughtered like cattle.


The Commission on civil rights has a far broader authority than the quantification of wealth.



True, we have always been a caste system. And the collapse of status quo will ultimately be a good thing. But a whole lot of people are going to die in the streets before whites share power. They would literally rather see the empire collapse into chaos than to give up power to our former slaves.
This will not end well.


Burn that police station down. Defund police and military in this country by 20% and put towards education and jobs for the poor.


The question for us europoids will be, and is: which side are we on?


Part of my arsenal of optimism is the attitude of the US military through all this. The joint-chiefs head having to publicly apologize for being seen with the president on his infamous incursion across the street is telling, imho – and it’s because our military has had to be atypically inclusive, one of the only places where intelligent people of color can distinguish themselves in our insane system.

There have been a remarkable number of murders and disappearances at Fort Hood in Texas – that might be symptomatic of similar racist tension within the military, but we haven’t yet heard much of that nature. Some serious career military folks have no use for Orangeman. My hunch is the Navy really hates his guts. Could be worse. I’m no fan of the US military, but if they were on the same page with our dictator-for-now, our goose would be quite well-cooked, for sure.


We had incredible thunder and lightening yesterday evening, with a cloud burst that lasted about five minutes.


The “status quo” is just delaying the inevitable. The genii is out of the bottle. many of them are already getting used to the shift. The hardcore adherents are dwindling in number day by day and that scares the hell out of them. The remaining few will vanish after Trump is gone. They will crawl back under the rocks from whence they came and wait for the next David Duke or Donald Trump. But the next Donald Trump will be a wannabe (like Tom Cotton) who will have his balls cut off the moment he tries any of these old stunts. Remember, this shit (sort of) works the first time around…but that’s it.

If you’re Bay Area like me, that’s not good. We’re getting scarce, fat raindrops spotting through and immediately drying, like a week ago, but I haven’t seen lightning this morning. We are officially anti-lightning around here, on our way to the worst wildfire season yet.

Yesterday the the smoke for Bay Area residents was the worst yet, especially in places like Dublin where the breeze shoves the smoke against the foothills.


We need much more respect and love and much less greed and suspicion, bigotry and violence.
And we need healing of our souls and resolve to work as hard as we can for massive change, especially after such acts of racism, brutality, violence, as this shooting represents - around the world.
All people of good conscience and heart must share the weight…



Shoot first, ask questions later, is the way these assholes seem to operate.


I’m on the other side of the Altamont Pass in the valley. It is not typical for this time of year and the thunder was so loud it shook the windows. All that smoke comes through the Carquinez Strait this time of year with fires west, south, and east.


A menacing racket, this time of year. They’ve said we don’t need any more fires, but it seems likely we’ll have new blemishes on the firemap this morning, with Gaia shaking her fist like that.

(That Altamont Pass is one of my worst recurring nightmares. Someday I’ll stall and get killed up there.)


I agree it is not over by a long shot.

Oh yeah, the Altamont Pass can be treacherous. Well stay safe, wait until they are all going the other way.


These two white cops are the scum of the earth. Not being religious, I wish at the moment there were a hell, because these two racist a**wipes deserve to rot in hell there for eternity for doing this. Not only have they almost killed an innocent man; they have permanently scarred his children who were in the van when they shot him repeatedly in the back. Bring back stocks. These guys should be locked in stocks in the neighborhood to be the target of whatever rotting garbage, dog droppings, etc., that the community can bring out to heave at them. Leave them there for a week and see how they feel.


I want to say profound thanks for your story about gassing migrant detainees, Dave. I’m mystified as to why so few seem to have noticed this atrocity. Perhaps we have atrocity overload.