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Protests Break Out in Wisconsin After Police Shoot Black Man in Back Multiple Times at Point-Blank Range

Had six Pgh Narco Squad cops take 4 scrawny sins plants from our apt, in Oakland in 1974. They were pissed at us (rightfully) to be as blatant as our neighbors, being a mixed couple. I’d said the magic white boy words, “shit, am I going to lose my job, now?” and released us OR (I’d a .410 side-by-side under the dresser they assidulously ignored, but took bags of hippy-style herbs in a shoebox we’d marked DOPE?) They’d been passing where she’d been boiling pasta water, still half naked, but she’d kept her head! Pittsburgh had a SERIOUS Heroin issue, back then. But most of the cops were Vietnam or Korean era draftees. And most in my West End neighborhood smoked dope, were pretty damn racist, but not free basing or tweaking… YET? We tried separately for $11.30/hr jobs with Equitable Gas: she got 140 on the IQ test and was told, “with your degree, you’d get bored and quit?” I was told, I wasn’t from a “targeted neighborhood?” Cops now are poor-ass kids who’d signed-up to GTFO of 'Murika? Trump HAS to trigger “riots,” “violence” & “looting?”

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Great thanks for shining a spotlight linking the toxic spraying of captive refugees reportedly 50 times a day by ICE with this attempted murder of innocent Black man, Jacob Blake, whose name now joins all the thousands of other victims of police deadly violence.

Both examples of racist contempt for the lives of others!

The deadly violence employed by the Border Patrol and associated thug agencies/departments now includes spraying families - men, women, and children with a highly toxic compound in the same category/use as zyklon-b in nazi gas chambers! A captive group treated as less than human exposed to life-threatening or life-endtng chemical agents!




Here’s how you " Become a hero in your community (as a police officer)" in Kenosha -

What many insularly ignorant Americans don’t know, is that in more developed countries police are trained in centralized institutions with courses of instruction typically 2 or more times longer that what happens in jerk-water country-based institutions.

Whatever course of action is taken regarding shifting funding and certain responsibilities away from police forces - what police forces that remain need to be better trained.

Some comparative data on killings by police:


Speaking of “Re-Allocate! De-escalate!,” perhaps you saw this:


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After watching this same scenario unfold again,and again, and again, one comes to think that the police are intentionally provoking an armed response to escalate their unlawful actions.

I’m beginning to think the police must be disarmed as they are extremely hazardous to people’s health.


Disregarding for a second whether they were justified in apprehending him, quite likely not; it is obvious from the video that they, two hunky cops one of whom had his shirt, could have simply grabbed him and if necessary subdued him without injury. No they decided to use weapons, first a tazer then guns. This is perverse, it is utter attempted murder. Police are supposed to be trained in hand methods to subdue or restrain a suspect. It is not rocket science, what is missing is attitude and intent.


The only thing I take issue with in your post: racists are not radicals as they clearly do not go to the root of who we actually are. They are blind to it and they think it serves them.

I have not read yet Caste but saw the interview of Wilkerson on Democracy now.


:broken_heart: :canada: This is heart breaking, devastating overreach by trigger happy police. It IS time for America to rise up and force policing changes. Stop hiring ex-military. Stop training police like military. Defund the police and yes, more money into social programs. One ray of light are the number of younger white people in the crowds who are marching and protesting with their coloured brothers and sisters. This is a systemic race problem in America. No more. As a white woman and a person who believes in Human Rights regardless of colour, gender, sexual orientation, I fully support #BLM. #EnoughIsEnough


We have permitted FOP to isolate the police and their families from everyday American society. They think they are the elite, the chosen few.

Providing them military gear has also given them the moniker = paramilitary.

Wearing camafloogies as they invade the wrong address. No names on shirts, helmets. maybe we can have them wear jersey with their individual motto sewn on the back!


I have no words. My heart and soul are broken, bleeding, wounded. All I can do is drum and wail.
Kenosha-Indigenous word for stolen Indigenous lands. White flight suburb for people from Chicago and Milwaukee(again, both Indigenous words). Racist to the core.
I rise up, still broken, to lift my fist in resistance, and take one more weary step up the hill, against the storm. I will not be overcome!!!


That’s exactly what they are trained to do - shoot first and ask questions later.


Dave, there is a hell…just ask any poor, black person living in the U.S.A.


Why would we want as a police officer, anyone who would apply for a job requiring a gun?


No need to defund, just take away the guns.


The next battle cry of the People must be: "Disarm the Police."

The Bobbies in Britain have nightsticks. If stronger forces are needed, they’re called to assist.

Stop the arms producers from flooding cheap weapons to our cities.

Enlist the police in getting illegal weapons off the streets as their primary function.

Working towards peace is just that easy.


A cut and dried case of Murder. They are going to justify their actions by claiming they thought the victim was entering his car to get a gun.

Yeah multiple officers pointing guns at him and this guy going to walk around to the front seat of his car to get a gun even as those are pointed at him. This type of “reasoning” means the police can shoot any one at any time whether they are armed or not.

The guns must be removed from the Police. Qualified immunity must end.


Yeah, they have a lot of ways of racial profiling, a friend of mine had applied for a well paying job and had a similar high I.Q. but did not get the job and when he asked why, this is what he told me: " THEY SAID I WAS OVER QUALIFIED! "


Remember these Swedish Police officers visiting the US?


US cops would have been shooting.


That an excellent link and overview. Note how the groups are shaded various colors and how from color band to color band the number of Police killings per million drops exponentially. The US as example not in the grouping of the worse culprits so I am sure under that Lessor of evils nonsense there patting on the back going on saying “see we not as bad as Venezuela or El Salvador”, yet the US is in a tier of nations that includes Iraq, Iran Columbia and the Honduras which the US media always quick to point out as “Police thug states”.

Here in Canada we might well look at the two tiers worse then where Canada is grouped and pat ourselves on the back yet Canada has a rate of Police killings of Citizens 9 times higher then those countries in the lowest tier.

The point is in any given Country we should not be looking at the worst case Countries and suggesting “well we not as bad as these guys so all is well…” We should always strive to get our Country to the BEST case examples.

(look at the Obama years as well. The number of killings by the Police in the USA did not drop)


Happy Anniversary Robb.