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Protests Erupt as Lawmakers Continue Spread of Anti-Worker Legislation Nationwide


Protests Erupt as Lawmakers Continue Spread of Anti-Worker Legislation Nationwide

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Just days after Kentucky became the 27th state in the nation with such an anti-worker law, Republicans controlling legislatures in New Hampshire and Missouri are working fast to pass their own so-called right-to-work laws.


I blame the democrat do nothing party over the 40 years. They should have been vigilant against this 40 year attack on labor, women, social services and wanting to privatized everything.

They did not no know to frame message or they just really did not want to as their pockets were being lined also.


I use to live in Arizona, a right to work State, so I know what that Orwellian term really means.

Right to be taken advantage of; right to work as long as you have no bargaining power.


Here in Idaho too. Right to work at good jobs for low wages.


We have a lot of "shoulda's" and "coulda's", but it's time to lace up our shoes and look to the future! Obama's speech last night was a big inspiration to me that it's time to get involved. As Dem's we need to bind up each others' wounds and work together. We're going to face some fierce headwinds, but we can't afford to just sit back and watch...


I'm no fan of the Demos, but the push behind the right to work legislation is ALEC -- a group of extremely right wing, extremely wealthy, bastards. My impression is that they won't be happy until slavery is re-established.


I think slavery is alive and well. As Obama gives another speech and the media focus on Trump the corporate overlords are hard at work.


They did and do not want any change just theater.


Why can't they be happy with what they have?


Why not be in the green party. Dems have been neoliberal for decades.


Right to no dignity, Right to no respect. Right to individually beg Massa for an extra dime on the check. Without union representation, you're on your own to bargain with your employer. If you ask for more pay or a benefit, you have the Right to leave before you get replaced. Don't forget, there's always fifty more people standing at the door waiting for your crappy-ass job. If you live long enough after retiring in these newly disorganized RtW States, you'll have a Right to no more pension or at least retaining a partial pension if you happen to be lucky when you can afford to retire, if at all. It's a proven fact that disorganized workers in RtW States make a lot less than their counterparts in a union State, as well as have fewer benefits.

I'm a recently retired union electrician in a recently enacted RtW State. I hope I'll be fortunate to get what was bargained until my end.


I guess they have concluded that if Bangladesh ss paying its child workers a dollar a day , the US can be made great again by creating more dollar a day jobs.


Finally someone else who is moving forward and not being a cry baby.


Can't survive like that in the US.Saw a post the other day by a Trumper saying that US workers should sacrifice after all those other countries need help. What an A-S!


Why can't they be happy with what they have?


Hey, they got away with Wall Street crashing the economy- now just like three year olds they'll see what else they can mess.


MOST of the reason for this is ALEC and Republican control, yes. But a little bit of the reason it's forging ahead so fast is the uselessness of so many unions. Seems to me many have hierarchical structures with a guy at the top who is out of touch with the workers, more connected with the bosses and other in the fancy suits who take the long expensive lunches. So the unions support the Democrats, who respond by smacking them in the face, since the Democrats are after the big sugardaddies on Wall Street. So after that the unions get all pissed off and withdraw support, right? Nope. Union support for Democrats is automatic, even against third-party candidates who are much more supportive of the unions. Such a rigged game...the Democrats can safely rely on the Republicans to be even worse, the Republican can snatch the ball and run with it, breaking the rules but who cares--right now, they get to make the rules so they're going to grab for everything their side has ever wanted, and reset all the rules so when the backlash comes, they can still win the next election even if they have 10% of the population on their side


Sooooo damn true!


Swell. So the democratic party slept and got bought. We know the Republican party got sucked out by the almost maniacal regressive Tea Party and fat cat and corporate funded contract on America. How about you? How did you contribute to this state of affairs? If you cannot or will not own up to how you contributed, how can you - in good conscience - expect the humans in the Democratic Party to be able to?


So, what do you intend to do about it? Organize? write, visit, harangue your state representatives, march in the streets, write letters to the editor? Sit on the power of your will while watching TV/computer games/writing poor me victim comments on progressive sites like this one?