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Protests Erupt as Longtime Arizona Resident and Mother Hauled Off in Deportation Van

Protests Erupt as Longtime Arizona Resident and Mother Hauled Off in Deportation Van

Nika Knight, staff writer

Guadalupe García de Rayos, a decades-long resident of Phoenix, Arizona and mother of two, was unceremoniously arrested and hauled away in a deportation van late Wednesday, one of the first deportations of an undocumented immigrant with no violent record to occur under President Donald Trump's anti-immigrant executive order.

Soon it will no longer be out in the open. Instead they will knock down doors in the middle of the night and disappear you.


They already do.

May Arpaio be accorded the Justice he so richly deserves.


The Great Orange Turd sits high on his dunghill, reveling in his opinion of himself as “all powerful” while shitting on the Constitution he laughingly swore to protect and defend a few days ago.

  • There are birds, animals and insects who eat turds on dunghills. We can only hope they will get a good meal.

In the name of human decency this is not fair. Okay, if undocumented immigrants must leave, but dear God not after such a length of time. Two years or less would be more like it for Jesus’ sake.


Let there be a knock on the penthouse door in Trump Tower and one immigrant forcefully taken away and sent back to Slovenia in the bowels of a cargo ship. There are more than enough other adult T-dumpsters to care for Barron. What goes around, comes around.

I cried this morning when I read about this horrific, inhumane separation of this woman from her husband and children. She and her family suffered under the boot of Arpaio for more than 20 years (her entire life in Arizona). Was that not punishment enough? Obviously not.

The resident demon in the WH is accumulating a mound of mendacity and malevolence that will rapidly bring him and his evil empire down with a force the magnitude of a Category 5 hurricane.


The reality here, the law is the law. Not happy with the law, seek to change it. The very worst possible thing you can do with law is create variations in interpretation to suit your current mood. The law should be blind, the law should be the letter of the law because as soon as it shifts from that, you are now subject to the moods, egos and greed of those who interpret and apply the law.

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Her crime was possessing false papers. Pretty much every college student has false ID to drink and should be deported too. Ok, maybe not since most dont even get arrested and just have their ID confiscated and are citizens. I mean this woman came to the US at age 14 as a minor, obviously brought here by family , so its not even her fault she is illegal.

Have we really become the monsters such acts make us seem?


Those who do not actively protest such acts are effectively as monstrous as the Monsters so cruelly acting against these families.


The same thing is happening in the UK.

New Zealanders with residence in Australia are being deported back to New Zealand should they have committed minor crimes.The idea apparently is to stop New Zealand’s outlaw bikers wreaking mayhem in Australia.

You Yanks are not alone in practising deportation.

Indeed; the USA has been subject to that problem for a long time, which is why POTUSes can wage war as they please, how they please and on whom they please, using whatever weapons they please, can lock up innocent people without trial indefinitely in their torture camps on USAian soil and leased USAian soil after having had them sent to assorted countries such as Syria and Egypt for torture by the torturers in those countries, can abrogate the requirements of the NPT concerning nuclear arms etc etc etc.

Yes; it would be really nice if people in the USA obeyed the law, both national and international.


How long ago was it that Melania was an undocumented alien?

Reminds me of the movies where the German SS were separating Jewish parents from their children… is this the new America?


These proceedings are inhumane, particularly in the case of this woman, Guadalupe Garcia de Rayos.

This poor woman is likened to a slave, pulled away from her family.

It’s hard to comprehend government agents cooperating with this blatant inhumane system.


Karma is a fair and strict teacher! Evil trump and his lackeys will pay!


where is the wonderful protective Senator John McCain of Arizona now that someone needs him in his State? In Ukraine or somewhere else starting wars, as usual.


This woman is not a rapist, so how is this protecting AmeriKKKa, Mr. Trump?

Once again our “socalled” president goes off half cocked. What these purveyors of grief fail to realize that the low fruit of otherwise law obeying and productivity of those like Guadalupe García de Rayos. Who they want are the ones who are more difficult to find.