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Protests Erupt as Trade Ministers Sign 'Toxic' TPP Agreement



This TPP sell-out to global corporate fascism by government co-conspirators continues the other so-called "free trade" deals such as Clinton's NAFTA , that had such catastrophic consequences for so many. Obama continues his legacy of sellouts to corporate interests and big-money championing the TPP along with RepubliCons. Hillary will no doubt flip again on her flop of support-no support for the TPP sellout deal. She runs partially on Obama's record and the probability she will eventually support TPP, flip-flopping again - her financial campaign-contributors and banker advisers tell the tale - there is little or no integrity in her character, IMO. Nuanced words of "opposition" to the TPP can, and will, be "overcome" to eventually re-support TPP as her financial masters wish - IF she gets the nomination. Bernie is the clear choice for a functional moral compass and our future!




Meanwhile, in related news, shares of Soylent Green continue to reach new peaks.


The media has been extremely effective in hiding the TPP and the TTIP from the majority of the people who will be their victims . Alternative media preaches to alternative media, but there is a need for much wider dissemination of the consequences if they become law.

Something that seems to have almost disappeared from the public scene are bumper stickers. We need to advertise the existence of these "Free Trade" horrors to a wider audience. I have a 'Stop TTIP' sign in the rear window of my car in the hope that it might pique someone's interest. But if there were hundreds of similar rear windows/bumpers with similar messages people might begin to feel left out if they didn't know what it was all about. These days many people could use their computers and printers to create signs for their cars and leaflets and stickers to be left in public places. Perhaps then we would no longer simply be preaching (lamenting) to the choir.


Boy they just handed one to Bernie Sanders to rail against, and he surely will. Let's help him out--let the political revolution begin in the streets to stop TPP! Birddog every incumbent member of Congress on TPP. We've got to make this an issue everybody knows about.


Waiting for Hillary to denounce the signing......



Aren't the contradictions of global capitalism a delight? I can go and buy some soylent shares but, but, but I'm one of the key ingredients in the recipe. The freedom market, ain't it grand!


HRC will give some kind of BS double talk, statement about having to study the TPP agreement if she becomes POTUS, because it is another "hard choice" and then the Wall Street prostitute will do what they tell her to do. HRC has never made a "hard choice" she is nothing but a quisling for the MIC and Wall Street and does exactly what she has been told to do!

HRC did have a chance to make a "hard choice" in 2003, but alas again, she made the choice she was told to make even though now to pander to the voters, she calls it a "mistake".


Anti-American? Bullshit! New Zealand protesters are in solidarity with the American people, who also oppose this Bill of Corporate Rights. Many articles talking about (some of) what's wrong with TPP (and TTIP and then there's TISA). But here's the big question: if these agreements are so awful in so many ways (and they are)--why are all these governments signing on? How is this achieved, that supposedly liberal chiefs sign an agreement that quite clearly sells their people down the river? Useful opposition begins with thinking about that question. This is not a "mistake" that we can educate "our" representatives on...we have a system designed to ensure that "our" reps actually put corporate interests first. So TPP isn't the only issue here. Yes, we need to do all we can to stop the signing of each of these pacts which already bear the signature of Satan...but we also need to ask why it is that we're constantly trying to defend ourselves against the latest legislative onslaught from "our" representatives. And how we can change the SYSTEM, not the latest package it has vomited up.


Capitalism causes communism (and vis). Time to try democratic socialism.


Good question.

This is happening because our Constitution has always been a property rights document. Corporations were granted 14th amendment rights--equal protection under the law--before women were, and they just keep on chipping away. Besides 1st and 14th amendment rights, they also have 4th and 5th amendment rights, and additional rights spelled out in the commerce clauses. Plus they have a super-shield: the privilege of general liability. Put that all together with the fact they never die, and we have a superhuman being that just rolls all over we mere mortals, we the people -- the sovereigns of this great nation--and any country that stands in the way.

We need to take away corporate Constitutional rights (corporate personhood) and money as speech by amending the Constitution to say only natural persons have Constitutional rights and that election spending shall be regulated. Check out Move to Amend.org


So what if it is anti-American? The USA does not rule the world and certainly should not rule New Zealand. New Zealand has a record of people standing up for themselves to tell their government to F-35 off. I wonder what will happen this time.

Australia: ruled by a strongly right-wing government with an apathetic Labour Party and a simpering pblic broadcaster with reduced budget and managed by a PM with "charisma" who is a multi- millionaire and former CEO of Goldman-Sachs (Australia) and with a voting population that reads only what the Murdoch press wants them to is a different kettle of fish.


The Protests are NOT Anti-American.
The TPP is Anti-American as well as Anti People in general.
It is a Huge power grab on the part of the Multinational Corporations who wrote it and Paid for it.


TTP means MORE Flint Michigans..... Those are corporate rights and with TPP will in fact override ANY AND ALL EPA regulations.... and rights to clean water and health....