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Protests Erupt in Cleveland Over Not Guilty Verdict for Police Officer


Protests Erupt in Cleveland Over Not Guilty Verdict for Police Officer

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

A white police officer who stood on a car and shot its two unarmed black occupants in 2012 in Cleveland, Ohio was found not guilty of voluntary manslaughter and felonious assault on Saturday.


It seems that there is no situation where “I felt threatened” isn’t sufficient grounds for a cop to kill someone. Whether or not it was reasonable to feel threatened, apparently doesn’t come into it. Seeing that, why waste time on these pointless inquiries and trials? Lets just concede that one perk of being a cop is the right to kill minorities–and move on.


He climbed onto the hood of their car, believing that they were armed–yeah, right.


Jerry, go shoot some tin cans and keep your lead launching phallus away from kids.


I was in Cleveland a couple weeks ago. Maybe I’m not getting out of Pittsburgh enough (where poverty and low-wage service employment tends to be more “equal opportunity”) but I was fairly stunned at the starkly drawn, race-defined class and occupational boundaries in that “mistake on the lake”. With the exceptions of a few black “professionals” and government workers seen downtown, if you are black in Cleveland, you work at a low-wage service job. If you are white in Cleveland, you are never seen working such jobs. All the white people have have nicer well-paying jobs.


I guess cars do not backfire in Germany and Japan and England and Sweden given citizens are not shot dead there in a hail of bullets.


“Each was shot over 100 times”

Anybody fact check these things? Actually “In the end, 13 police officers shot 137 bullets at Russell and Williams. Russell was hit 23 times, and Williams was hit 24 times.”

But it sounds a lot more sensational.


We live in dark times. The injustice, the corruption is wide spread. America is reaping what she sowed. Violence is the American way. When we invade and kill innocent peoples it come back eventually. When we let corruption go unpunished we all suffer. When we turn our backs on the less fortunate we turn our backs on everyone. God cannot smile on a nation that puts money above all else. Even the trolls who tempt to muddle the truth plays a part in the destruction of humanity. Truth is we all at some point are to blame. How can we correct this course before it’s to late? Can we correct the wrongs we have made? Can we heal the nations we broke? I truly doubt that we can. The people we elect to represent us no longer listen to us. They let employers cheat us. Bankers steal from us. They throw us in jails ranned by corporations. Allowing justice to become corrupted by money. Our children can no longer play in a playground without of fear. The basic needs for life, water,food and shelter aren’t guarantee. Our education system is under assault. Less we learn the easier it is to deceive. Wars and porfits are the only things important. I grieve for those killed unjustly. But I hated what we have become. I’m done with talking. I’m tired of waiting. I’m tired of hoping. I want action, I want justice, I want peace. And I’m willing to fight for it


Corruption, injustice and hopelessness is the fuel of all revolutions.


Re: Willing to fight for it.
A longitudinal memory in the United States Of Amnesia would be helpfull.


Law enforcement is allowed to destroy from a distance due to massive numbers of guns, no mental health or disabled services, numbers of poor and homeless, little drug treatment and jail the only “public service” other than state sponsored murder by police. This is like Jim Crow using terrorism with most of the money and power in the hands of a few white men.


Not the damn issue here, of course. The issue here is police violence and brutality, the killing of unarmed (largely black) people by cops and how we let them get away with it time and time again. Explain what them having guns here would have done. Would they have shot the cops and lived to tell their story? In what way would them having guns solved this problem?


What a great way to distract poor people from the anti-democracy Fast Track which likely will change our entire futures- And from the TISA negotiations in Geneva - So many minority people and women’s jobs will be privatized- and globalized - Don’t worry, “brown people from the other side of the world deserve a chance too”. “its the Third World’s payoff for globalization” “High wages are a trade barrier”

TTIP energy export will help force market rate green housing too, no more slums.

Wow, they are really pulling out all the stops.


The Cleveland police department and the police unions operate as a criminal enterprise. The Cleveland police department is 97% White but occupy a city that is 67% african american. Those white officers kill african americans and the mentally ill without cause and nobody is ever held accountable. The entire system is corrupt and afraid of the powerful fraternal order of police the police union contracts specially state that officers have “qualified Immunity” to kill anyone for anything and get away with it. One solution would be to abolish the police unions and defund the unions in order to begin to hold the police who break the laws accountable. In Cleveland you can not even fire a violent racist police predator because of the police unions.


This reminds me of a joke that I once heard:

Two black guys were walking down a country road when a drunk white guy came speeding down the road in his car, slammed into them knocking one into the field to the side of the road and the other 50 feet down the road, killing them both.

When the police arrived the man was crying remorsefully. The officer looked over the situation, scratched his head and then said: “Look, don’t worry about a thing. I will cite one for leaving the scene of an accident and the other for hit and run”.

I fear the police because their mentality is that they are an occupying army and citizens are their mortal enemies. They are looking for a reason, any reason, to kill you if you are a minority. They consider it their contribution to population control.