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Protests Erupt in Hungary as 'Fortress Europe' Rises to Replace Open Borders


Protests Erupt in Hungary as 'Fortress Europe' Rises to Replace Open Borders

Jon Queally, staff writer

Protests have erupted near the Hungarian border with Serbia on Tuesday after the right-wing government of Viktor Orbán fulfilled its promises to close Hungary's borders and treat refugees attempting to cross into the country as criminals.


I keep thinking of these scenes being multiplied by climate change increased by a factor of 10... then by 100. What will the world do when there are millions of people pressing against these fences and barriers seeking only to flee horrible conditions and the wars that such conditions produce? The media blithely reports that there may be upwards of 200 million refugees due to climate change in the relatively near future. Will we all see photos of a solid mass of 'have not' people by the millions standing outside the fences of the 'have' countries looking in?

The governments who allow the fossil fuel interests to delay change amid the denials of the need for a change to alternatives should ponder this other reality that will determine the course of human history in but a few decades.

The Sixth Extinction of flora and fauna species will not cause the extinction of man. We will have those tens of millions at our gates demanding that they too share in the necessities of food, water and shelter.

Now is the time to be human and help these people. We can begin to devise humane ways of dealing with what will likely be a never ending wave of refugees.

If we do not help these people now and leave that inhumanity to our fellow man stand as the precedent then we should expect that precedent of uncaring to come back on us someday when desperation causes the fences to be breached and we may be treated with expectations of our own inhumanity in reverse. I think people should fear governments being inhumane and show the world that people matter like did the Icelandic people, like does the Pope asking all the parishes of the church to take in one refugee family. Germany puts us all to shame.

If we think walls and fences will protect us we are fools. The only thing that will protect us is decency and mercy.
Our dystopian future awaits us outside the gates looking in.

We have met the refugees and they know where we live


I'm thinking this refugee situation has a lot to do with the Unintended Consequences of the neocon wars in the Middle East. Speaking of refugees, I wonder what ever happened to Riverbend? I eagerly read her posts during the Iraq war. Last I heard, she and her family were fleeing to Syria.


Very well put.

Note the convenient chaotic innaction of the leaders faced with the apparently insignificant fact that thousands are dying - as compared with their lock-step agreement to screw Greece for every last euro. Disgraceful.


because it's the humane thing to do, your own racism is evil enough to chock a horse...get over your-"self" and help


Unintended? Maybe a bit more intended than we would like to admit. Destabilization by definition is not tidy and the disruption of basic services and normal life is expected to form refugee populations. As these destabilized populations impinge on neighboring countries a cascading destabilization effect may occur whereby those countries resources are strained. Perhaps the neocon plan of destabilization in the Middle East expected to have unintended consequences but the large numbers of refugees had to be expected to happen. Maybe they should be described as Unspoken Consequences because in fact they may have been intended as part of the overall destabilization of the region?


oh, sorry, didn't realize you are perfect, wish I were you


You mean as Isnotreal bulids a wall and Murka pays for it? That is what is going on and is probably where trumpet got his line about a wall with Mexico.

Not all of these Eastern European countries are wealthy enough to simply absorb thousands upon thousands of refugees who may or may not seek to fit in with the local native population. This mess is undoubtedly started by the actions of the usa to "assist" in overthrowing the undesirable dictator Asaad. Ironically, he is probably looking real good to these people who have now lost EVERYTHING. And what will the usa do?

And this IS most likely to further destabilize "the competitor", EU.


I have been thinking that for a long time. Humanity has to erase the imaginary borders it has drawn between groups of people based on arbitrarily selected topographic features. Earth is the home of countless living creatures--we are the only ones who think we are entitled to segregate and raise walls between each other to deprive one another of needed resources. it's beyond pathetic.


That's a pretty short sighted answer. Look back at history (19th-20th centuries) and the European involvement in creating this mess--they are in fact mostly responsible. This is what is called :"The Law of Unintended Consequences" at work.


Overpopulation, the elephant in the room, is coming out of the closet and bringing the fat cats with it.


Notice the media (also z owned) is careful to massage the message. The images show mostly women/children/families when in fact over 70% of the "refugees" are men, with most of them military age. This is too well orchestrated to be a "crisis". Ncycat should look at the "tribal"players during those 19/20 century events, from slavery to Bolsheviks.


Carrying Two Babies All the Way From Syria
(a refugee chant)

Carrying two babies all the way from Syria
the blood left behind is the blood
in our pockets and in our eyes
carrying two babies all the way from Syria
we have yet to be made
to choose which one will drown
which one will starve

Carrying two babies all the way from Syria
the guns were trained to see us
the bombs pulled the sky down
around our little town
and we ran we ran we ran
carrying two babies all the way from Syria

The boats were over full
the islands busted up
above the surf
they piled us into stadiums
they whipped us when we refused to kneel
just because we were hungry just because
we were hungry
carrying two babies all the way from Syria

We have kept your tortures secret
we have become the families you reject
the genogram that connects
you to you to you to
me faltering in the blue
blue sea carrying
two babies all the way from Syria

carrying two babies all the way from Syria
you will close the blood-baked fields
the places where death has always exploded
into the sky, war and war and war
a whirr of wings of wails of silence of two babies
carried all the way from Syria

You think we are not related
you think my scarves and my rough hosiery
my woolen cap and my last piece of bread
you think this does not belong to you
you who would never carry two babies
all the way from Syria

but I am here to tell you
face down on the beach
hands up to the sky
wings bloodied and shorn
whole nations made of quivering lights
moving through the mountains
against the bath of blood of families
like ours

constellations over the little boat at night
carrying two babies all the way from Syria
carrying two babies all the way from Syria
you yes it is you who are carrying
two babies
all the way from Syria


The real issue is, of course, is over population. Many areas of the world have now exceeded their carrying capacity. They are in overshoot. This is not a secret and certainly in the academic world it is well discussed but the topic is off limits in the general public. It becomes almost moot to have discussions on climate change, warring factions, drought and starvation when all of these issues are being directly caused, or at least accentuated buy excessive human populations. The absolute devastation the 7.4 billion humans will cause the world and natural environment is beyond our imagination. The migration of huge populations is only just beginning. The responses to that movement will be profound as local populations have to deal with the consequences of being invaded by other cultures and their destitute citizens. It will become, and is, a national security issue for many countries---particularly the US and Europe. These articles that are just tossing around symptoms and not the causes are almost a waste of time. We all know what is going on---it is all over the press (sorta) and I find myself going, "Like dah! What do you expect with 7.4 billion?".