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Protests Head Into Fourth Day as Sanders Urges Trump 'Heed the Views of Progressives'


Protests Head Into Fourth Day as Sanders Urges Trump 'Heed the Views of Progressives'

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

As U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) urges the president-elect "to heed the views of progressives," protests continue in cities across the U.S.


Forget the fear. C'mon already. Russian regime change is off the table. Enjoy and support peace while it lasts.

I voted for Jill and Baraka and have not one iota of fear about Trump.


Let's get busy on that Chernobyl sarcophagus now that the Russians aren't there to do it anymore.

And don't forget Fukushima. A robot camera can't even go in the melt down hole to take a picture and figure out what's going on.


" We must not go backward." Sanders

It is too late, Bernie. Hind site is always 20/20. I like Bernie and supported him, but we now are faced with a fascist nightmare for the next 4/8 years. Just look at the potential nominees for Trumps cabinet! If that isn't the cabinet from hell, I do not know what is!

I blame the corrupt DNC as they threw Bernie under Hillary's, political bus. But in my view, Bernie is also culpable for a Trump POTUS because he had to know he would, like most polls showed, be a much stronger candidate than Hillary and sold out with the disingenuous alibi " that we had to stop Trump". Why Bernie obsequiously, acquiesced and never fought back against the HRC corruption is up for discussion, but when all is said and done, Bernie did not stop Trump, in my view, Bernie helped to elect Trump.

Chomsky said 6 years ago that the Obama administration: " is very similar to the late Weimar in Germany. The parallels are striking." One has to wonder what Chomsky has to say about the coming Trump administration!


Can you spell civil war?


The challenge, as I see it, is to find areas of agreement between "us" and "them".

The Two-Party-System keeps in power the corrupt politicians who fund the war machine and suck the life out of our economy while slaughtering innocents abroad. That system is the enemy. Trump's supporters, by and large, see that system as the enemy. That's where "we" must join with "them".

What can we do? Demand NAFTA be renegotiated. Demand the removal of the clause in the NDAA that authorizes the military to disappear anyone, anywhere, anytime. Demand marijuana be removed from Schedule One; Big Pharma's making both a literal and a figurative killing selling highly addictive opioids to accomplish what marijuana can do better without causing addiction. Demand the Fed and the DoD be audited.

Those are just the issues I can name off the top of my head.

Rand Paul said it some time ago. I parahrase: "To me compromise means finding areas where we can work together. It doesn't mean we both give up half to reach agreement. It means we work together on areas where we agree."

There's a strong Libertarian agenda in Trump's (saner) supporters that overlaps the Progressive agenda. I say we wield that like club the next for years.

This doesn't mean we should simply give up when, for instance, the Republicans attempt to restrict abortion rights. Oppose them. Of course fight back. But more importantly, find areas of agreement and work together to make those changes happen.


I attempted to add the following on edit but time for editting had expired:

Regarding the ongoing protests. Realize it is a triumph of the Two-Party-Sytem to have us quarreling amongst ourselves. Both candidates engaged in enflammatory rhetoric throughout the campaign virtually guaranteeing that whichever won there would be violent confrontations on the streets. Had Hillary won the level of violence would likely have been worse.

March FOR something. Not against someone.


I can spell it but I sure as hell don't advocate it.


Speaking of Jill Stein, it is SO sad that she only got about 1% of the votes this election. I was really starting to love this woman, she is so incredible promoting the issues that we care about, that need promoting, like climate change and moving away from fossil fuels and universal health care. Do you think she will be willing to run again in 4 years, or has she had it banging her head against a brick wall? That wall being all those who continue to vote within the 2-party duopoly Lessor-of-two-evils kabuki theater election. And someone please tell me WHY she consistently lags behind Gary ("what's Alleppo") Johnson? I mean, does this make any sense?? She was really thinking/imagining that maybe she could at least break the 5% barrier for getting federal government funding for the green party. But no, it just seems hopeless. Even if she were allowed in the debates, I wonder if even then she would get a significant percentage of votes. Sigh!


I want to comment on this post and your immediately prior post.

I first want to thank you for taking a calm, well-thought out approach as a fragmented fight against what we are likely be required to live under will not be successful. It has taken me four days to get to the point where I can begin to think clearly ... and strategically.

I think that it's important to realize that every voter who voted for Trump had a valid reason according to their own beliefs and understanding of the issues. Furthermore, if were ask 10 of his supporters why they voted for Trump, there would most likely be 8 different answers/reasons. This same scenario of 10 voters would also apply to those voters who voted for Jill Stein.

It is my guess that at least 3 answers/reasons would be common between the two groups. As you astutely pointed out, these are the issues we can unite on.

Here is the underlying problem regarding our differences: While we may all agree on some common issues, we believe in different solutions. Identifying and analyzing the issues/problem is easy. Working out viable "solutions" is ... work. It's work that can only be accomplished by truly listening to each other. To put it bluntly, we cannot be listening at the same time we are talking. The most successful negotiators do a lot more listening than they do talking because many times those who we deem to be the opposition have some factual, valid differences.

As a final thought, division among the working class benefits/profits the ruling elite and they will plant the seeds of discord every chance they get. Division among the working class prevents unity and solidarity. A unified working class in solidarity could absolutely crush the elite ruling class without any violence. The ruling elite know this. Hence, they will do everything within their power and influence to prevent that unity and solidarity.

The ruling elites don't think we are smart enough, or have enough discipline within our ranks, to figure that out. I think it's that we prove them wrong.


Jill Stein was probably the victim of election fraud. She likely received 7 or 8 percent of the recorded vote.

There is an election/polling expert named Richard Charnin (who was pro-Jill Stein, but voted for Trump because he hated Hillary). He has correctly predicted the last three presidential elections; he is also the only person in the world who correctly predicted how many electoral votes the winner would get, in the last three elections.

Richard is a wizard at polling, and he can quite easily gauge when election fraud is happening.

You can listen to the full one-hour interview here. Be aware that he rambles a lot (you can easily understand what he's saying if you set the YT video to double speed).

If you are interested only in the Jill Stein part, go to the 26:00 minute mark to begin.

Be aware that the establishment stays in power by keeping people like Jill Stein below 5% of the vote, thus keeping her off state ballots and out of national debates. The fix is still in on all of this, and don't doubt it.


Jill Stein got my vote also but your comment that you do not fear Trump tells me you are not a person of color. If we must understand the reason so many white rural voters voted for Trump out of economic fear then we should also see that for people of color, gays and Muslims they have good reason to fear Trump. As you must be aware, these vulnerable groups are now being targeted by Trump supporters and there have been numerous reports especially on Democracynow. Had the DLC supported Bernie I think we would be looking at a different outcome. Tragic, maddening really...


Have you heard of Tim Black?

If not, I suggest you start watching a few of his videos on YouTube..

He's a "person of color", in this case, black.

I'm kind of believing that Trump's supporters (the redneck bunch) may be in for an unpleasant surprise, the way progressives were not pleased with Obama's ass-kissing of corporations.


Well, we had wondered what it might take to get people into the streets.

I cannot say that this seems terribly well directed, honestly. Will Trump give people something to protest? Oh, surely, but it seems likely that it is useful to know just exactly what that is and what one's actions are apt to have to do with it. At the moment, the protests can hardly be about anything except that he is Trump and appears to hold certain beliefs.

There's no real way to test this, but I wonder how much of this protest would have greeted a Clinton election, despite the hoot we heard about "no honeymoon period." I find it hard to imagine that this should not be taken by ruling classes as a sign that what the usual oppression is just fine, but that repression with flamboyant rhetoric is not.

Under the usual circumstances--circumstances in which the protesters protest some particular policy or action--there is something of a teaching action to the protest. If that cannot be established, it gives the impression of senselessness--something that would seem to be difficult to accomplish when complaining about Donald Trump.

Surely it would be fine were Trump to heed the views of progressives. Usually, though, there is not quite so much trouble making these coherent. There was an election between one progressive Green and three non-progressive candidates. And suddenly it is to be "the views of progressives" that make people angry. We're going to have to be out there pretty soon, I suppose, but gee it would be nice were there some articulation about what's going on.


Yes, disappointing and I suspect that most of the youth voted for HRC out of fear. Sad that it did not go as they had hoped but just the opposite and so they wasted their vote. And of course the system of electoral college did not help either, and the voter suppression, etc. I had thought they would have naturally gravitated to Jill Stein but for the minority groups they had/have good reason to fear Trump. Now we must come together and organize and resist.


We have averted Clinton-Nuke-War with the Russians and Clinton TPP Tyranny.

Now we have to deal with President Trump who Diebold computers gave a razor-thin victory in more electorally-rich swing states than I can count.

Because of un-verifiable, unregulated computer-voting, this is the new reality, whether we like it or not. Let's put major pressure on Trump right out of the gate to respect the majority who did not vote for him.


Right. Nuland the Queen of offensive nuking, to the rescue.
A Ukraine shelling preventing nuclear power plant technicians from making it to work on time. What a concept.

What could/did go wrong?
Answer: rumors already exist of intercepted text messages saying a meltdown would get the people who deserve it (government officials who took bribes from Deathing-House wrong-shaped fuel rods.... cooling problems, possible partial meltdowns.)

Hillary Clinton was insane.


There were large discrepencies ( again ) in the exit polling and the vote counts. 4 states were outside the margin of error. Bet you can't guess why the Senate is now in Republican hands? Gary Johnson got 5 times the # of votes that Stein did? Many experienced, legally trained voting analysts are smelling rats in the same places they did in 2000 and 2004. New places, too.Yes, the Supreme Court was that important CDers. See Sen. Jeff Merkley explain the " court coup " we are about to witness. Even allowing for Johnson & Stein, Clinton won. Alternet has some good information on this. And, others like G. Palast and Pacifica News do, as well. Letting this happen and not one mention of it by Dems (?) on the MSM outlets? Weird doesn't begin to describe some of this.


She should have started from the bottom and worked her way up. Name recognition is everything in politics..


Predicting is not advocating. It has begun. I am concerned that nothing is being done to stop it from becoming an all-out conflagration.