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Protests Nationwide Denounce Syria Strikes as US Threatens 'To Do More'


Protests Nationwide Denounce Syria Strikes as US Threatens 'To Do More'

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Protests took place in cities across the United States and beyond on Friday to denounce President Donald Trump's missile strikes on Syria.


Has the world gone mad? Nothing was accomplished by this cruise missile attack. The targeted base was informed ahead of time allowing it to be evacuated and planes removed before the missiles were launched. Notice that no casualties are reported except those of some civilians living near the base. No soldiers nor military personnel were casualties yet even this article says the '...attack on the Syrian government...'! Huh? What? Where?

The world's press is talking about an event in which nothing was accomplished militarily or otherwise. So we shot off 59 cruise missiles at a $1 million apiece and damaged an empty hangar. The runways were not damaged and remain fully functional.

This event is about the most perfect description of the Trump presidency. A description using two words... hyperbole and con!


This event has exposed many so-called Democrats as being war mongering neocons. The House and Senate need a good cleaning out of all of them. Here's a good essay on the subject: Luring Trump into Mideast Wars


But what Trump must do, according to Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and a handful of other lawmakers, is "come to Congress to authorize any further use of force against the Assad regime."

Oh Bernie Bernie Bernie. No. What you need is to have an MLK moment and come out forcefully and unequivocally against war and the MIC that runs it.


Whether or not President Bashar al-Assad is culpable for gassing his own people, while an egregious crime, is to me, totally irrelevant, because it would have been just a matter of time before Trump found some other reason to attack Syria.


U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley is cowardly terrorist wielding weapons of mass destruction and spouting uneducated allegiance to the stupid god of eternal war.


What really shocks me is the way that the media (including NPR) has embraced the misrepresentation of what exactly was accomplished (nothing actually) and consistently fails to point out that the intended target was warned ahead of time of the impending missile strikes. The media both left, right and neither is all about Trump acting (unconstitutionally) decisively and what that means etc.

Hyperbole and the Con...Trump's mainstays.


Yes, but Nikki would not have her position at the U.N. unless like so many others like Bolton, Nikki Haley did not condone the cowardly, terrorism of the U.S.


I supported Bernie in the last selection for POTUS, but when Bernie said: " we must support HRC to stop Trump" I knew the fix was in to elect Trump because the deep state knew Bernie would have buried Trump in a landslide.


Couldn't agree more with the point you make, not so much with the alt-left article you link to. Here is my response to that article.

More apologetics from the alt-left, for fascist Trump.

It is as if there is zero evidence that Trump has had extensive business ties with Russia worth investigating.

And typically authors from the pro-Trump alt-left ignore the fact that Trump has aligned himself with Neocons and Neocon positions for months and months.

Arguing that Trump ever represented obstacles to the Deep State, the establishment, neoliberal economics, Wall Street, and the MIC is complete and utter _______.

Just another day of apologizing for billionaire fascist Trump by the alt-left.

Interesting how the Deep State, according to this alt-left pro Trump logic, gets Trump off the hook on Russia. What? They threw away their 4 dimensional chess game? Heck, now the Deep State has given up their game in the MSM as well!

And the Deep State also made sure that Assad could still use the airbase!


Bernie is correct since this seems to fall under the War Powers Act. That gives Trump 60 days to tell Congress if this was a solitary action or the beginning of a war. Given that the main enemy of the US in Syria is ISIS it seems unlikely that Trump will be able to convince many people in Congress (besides John McCain and Lindsey Graham) that what we need is a war against Assad, another enemy of ISIS. Probably the big question is what if Congress says no more strikes on Assad and Trump doesn't listen. He always seems to talk like he was running for being a dictator. There could be some big problems ahead, with regard to the Constitution. Surprisingly Trump's biggest critics, beside the anti-war left of course, seem to be his supporters in the alt-right. Apparently they want nothing to do with the rest of the world and just want to set up a white supremacist dictatorship here in the US. A sort of apartheid state. Politics has really gotten strange.


If Hillary were President, we'd be half way to WWIII by now.


I responded along these lines elsewhere and hope you don't find me repetitive.

All American citizens contribute to a seemingly endless spiral of US violence and greed.

Many women stand for their equal rights yet refuse to notice that a woman candidate for president was involved in continuing US government atrocities against women world-wide, just as is Nikki Haley is now.

Many environmentalists grieve over global climate collapse and specie extinction yet live a way of life that requires more than one Earth to absorb and recycle their pollution.

All Americans live in a country that terrorizes humanity with weapons of mass destruction and eternal war yet refuse to admit they are therefor terrorists.

Humanity is one race. La raza humana.


There's every reason to believe Trump's cruise missile attack was purely political, which explains why so little damage was done to the airfield.

On the domestic level it has united behind him both the media, who until now were highly critical of him, and also the Congress who until now have been heavily divided over domestic issues.

On the international level the attacks had much the same effect - foreign leaders of America's "traditional allies" until now highly critical of Trump have now largely lined up behind him.

And in Syria Trump has now bullied his way to the negotiating table where until now the US has been excluded - the peace deal in the offing was negotiated completely without US involvement.

Of course what he does next is the big question.


Richmond, VT Peace Vigil folks have been standing against war for the last consecutive 13 years. Solidarity! Always trillions for warfare but not healthcare! And every other social good especially the environment.


Thanks for posting David Lazare's article. This article should be distributed widely, alas, it won't be. None of the good work of Consortium News is. I posted a video from TRNN on the article by Prof. Zunes, it is an excellent rebuttal of the on going insanity of both the Trump Administration and the Neocons of both parties.


So you are glad Trump won the election? Is that actually what you are saying here?


When it comes to a potential war with Russia, I suppose (not sure) that Trump is actually less of a danger than Hillary would have been.
It still bothers me that all the liberals who sat by happily while Obama bombed 7 countries, kept the Afghanistan War going for another 8 years, and appointed Clinton to SOS, where she led the awful overthrow of Khadaffi in Libya, leading to a huge amount of further suffering in the Middle East... while the liberals condoned all that, they're suddenly up in arms because either Trump didn't do enough bombing, or because he shouldn't have bombed Syria in the first place.
Please don't label me a Trump supporter for saying all that. That is far too simple and easy an assessment.
FWIW... voted for Bernie Sanders, something of a war monger himself.


Not repetitive. Thanks for your reply.

" All American citizens contribute to a seemingly endless spiral of US violence and greed."

According to many Eastern religions that is what they call "mass karma". True or not, I agree with your above quote with the following exceptions: I would not paint all Americans with the same brush as there are many altruistic, war hating, peace loving people in America ( like most articles and posters on Common Dreams). I would change your narrative from all American citizens to the American government because the average American is living in a military, totalitarian, regime and has little or no participation in U.S. war mongering and fascist, political power.


Quit beating around the bush.

Trump and Clinton were both entitled sell-out scum and if this country had been really smart, nobody would have voted for either.

For decades we've voted for the same NeoLiberal / NeoConservative bull$hit.

Nobody to blame but ourselves.