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Protests Planned Nationwide as Vote on FCC's 'Catastrophic' Plan to Kill Net Neutrality Looms


Protests Planned Nationwide as Vote on FCC's 'Catastrophic' Plan to Kill Net Neutrality Looms

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Open internet supporters are demanding that lawmakers answer a simple question: "Do you stand for your constituents' ability to communicate and connect, or do you stand for Verizon's bottom line?"

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NOW can we have that revolution?!
NOW can we stop paying taxes?!
NOW will we boycott those GREED CAPITALIST corporations that are destroying working families?!
NOW will we join together and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and jam the streets?!
NOW can we love one another and acknowledge “class warfare” and STAND AGAINST THE ROBBER BARONS?!

Sigh. Probably not. Fear supersedes positive action every time. Thank you corporate media for wearing “We the People” down by carrying water for your “OWNERS”!


The bionet is faster.


I’ll bite. What’s your definition of a bionet;; or, did you mean “bayonet”?



They surely listened to us regarding the tax scam, didn’t they…(and, that doesn’t deserve a question mark…)


Here’s my plan and if you are brave enough you can do it too. If net neutrality ends then I will cancel my account with Comcast and go without the internet or television. Period. Don’t you think that if enough of us did this then corporations like Amazon will suffer because people won’t be shopping on line and then Bezos can take his billionaire status and shove it. But this is just a pipe dream because face it we are addicted to the web, TV, ATMS, fast food, smart phones, Facebook etc. The world is going to hell because humans are nothing but a bunch of addicts. When we hit bottom it will be too late. I’ve already been off of Facebook for at least 6 months, no record of me. Hooray! It wasn’t that hard to do, I just became disgusted with the crap people were posting. Be brave, do something that really means something. Take back your power and stop being hypnotized by promises of happiness. Also read a damn book or two!


Do you honestly think that this corporate administration wants people to connect and thus make it easier for them to get informed and mount any effective resistance?


I have been calling for revolution and rebellion. We need to kill these people if they take away our freedom of speech and expression. All eneimes of freedom and liberty must be purged soon should they get what they want. It would be once again time to stain the world with the blood of patriots and tyrants to be free once more.

I just wish I had the guts, time, and tools to carry through with my bloodthirst for Ajit Pai’s head.


Right. I have been boycotting Walmart for decades, and they are now on the verge of collapse…


After losing the fight against trump tax scam i have lost all faith in trying to apply pressure on the US Inc. law makers to do anything for the people.


Unfortunately i feel that short of a bloody civil war nothing is going to change in the USA Inc.


Much of the effort is involved in contacting congress. The trouble is, the FCC is an executive department agency. Congress has no direct control over them.

But there is one way congress is useful in this fight make the Republicans hear that their re-election next November is contingent on Pai and his two republican commissioners not killing net neutrality. Our phone calls are useless. But a torrent of phone calls from scared Republicans congressperson to the FCC is the one thing that might make them shelve the idea.

But in most cases, contacting Democratic congresspersons will no do much - they are already on our side.

This is the idea behind the unprecedented non labor-related protests at Verizon stores. It really illustrates how corporations are becoming indistinguishable from government.

And finally, I do worry about the way this fight has forced us into a unholy alliance with the Big Tech corporations like Google who are for net neutrality over the hardware (fibers, cables, servers) but are already exercising access-discrimination at the software level…


Bayonets wont beat guns, which they have and we don’t.

Direct Democracy


Please sign this petition to save net neutrality:



Don’t forget they’re over 300 million guns in America and they haven’t been confiscated…yet. I know the military has tanks, etc but… A lot of the fake left is against guns because the violence of the US govt is here too but when they take our guns it’s really over. The Swiss have the right idea, just as our founders did too. I’m a left as anybody but I believe in the right to have a gun also. At least I’ll die fighting for what’s right in a personal way. The fascists are taking over this country and most don’t even see it. Well I do!


Yes, sometimes I think the right has convinced the left to disarm.