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Protests Won’t Stop Trump Derailing Mueller Inquiry; Putting the Left in Congress Will


Protests Won’t Stop Trump Derailing Mueller Inquiry; Putting the Left in Congress Will

Juan Cole

The broad hints Trump gave Monday that the search of his personal attorney’s offices on a tip from Robert Mueller might lead him to fire deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has galvanized the American left, which is pledging massive public rallies in response.


The Donald’s study guide for the presidency:


If it’s a fantasy to impeach Trump (which it is) then it is also a fantasy to replace Democratic “dead wood” (what other kind of Dem is there?) with DSA members (as good an idea as that is). As we saw in 2016 the Democratic Party would rather banish themselves out of power to political hinterlands than allow a progressive into the White House let alone a member of the DSA. There’s a lot a problems with Cole’s article, I just don’t have time…


"There were massive anti-war protests in spring of 2003, perhaps the biggest in American history, but they did not stop the invasion and occupation of Iraq by Bush-Cheney and their Big Oil backers. The beginning of the end of the US occupation of Iraq came only in 2006, when the Republicans lost the midterms and Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfield (ripe for investigatory Congressional hearings) was forced from office. The nail in the coffin of the occupation came in 2008 when the Blue Wave turned the GOP into a rump regional party of the Old Confederacy.

The lesson is that protests in and of themselves do not alter the course of affairs. Electing decision-makers does."


Democrats in Congress did not end the Iraq occupation. No way, no how. And just to make sure Juan Cole and I are still living on the same planet, I want to confirm that American bombs continued to drop on Iraqi heads all the way through the Obama Administration. Or am I living on Venus?

The antiwar movement and the Iraqi insurgency did more to end the occupation of American ground troops than any politician ever did. If Cole thinks that movement was just friendly marches in the street, he’s flat out factually wrong. And to learn what a real antiwar movement is, he should read about how the Vietnam War was brought to an end, after a decade of organizing. Under effing Nixon. Learn some history.

And sorry, but I don’t care about the Mueller inquiry. That’s about as far from actual social change as Timbuktu.

The burden is on those who think electing the “right” politicians brings about transformational social change to show some evidence. The “Blue Wave in November” leads to the next Red Wave in 4-6 years (if our corrupt system even survives that much longer). That’s the way it always has been. Why would this time be any different?


According to Dr. Cole:

"What was decisive is that 38.6% of the electorate did not vote. Specifically there was a 7% decline in the African-American vote from 2012, a drop of 750,000 or so. Some of those stay-at-homes were in Detroit, and if they had come out Trump would not have won Michigan.

I am not blaming them. They clearly were not invigorated to vote by the Democratic campaign that Podesta and Clinton ran."

Which leads me to ask:

WTF has the D-Party done to earn their votes this time around? It’s not possible for a blue wave to happen without the election of a whole shitload of Blue Dogs, who will then control the D-Party agenda. Jeebus H, we’ve seen this movie over and over…


The parties of the Duopoly will do anything and everything to stay in power.

Lie, cheat, steal, Kill.

In 2016, Iceland, was faced with a corrupt Prime Minister and government, and through Massive protests demanding “Immediate Resignations” achieved their desired goal.

Too many in our country dismiss the Power, We the People hold.

It’s a mistake to do this.

We, hold the Power. Not the 536 in Washington DC who would have “you” believe they do.


America hasn’t got a left. It has a lot of centrists who have triangulated themselves into supporters of both the neoliberals and neocons. The real left has been squeezed out of the Overton Window and when it raises its head is mocked, sneered at and abused. It’s unelectable, say the pundits, because they won’t let it be elected. Only Democrats are, and they are in bed with the free marketeers.


I am not sure the Democrats would impeach Trump even if they take over both houses. But that is really less important than putting the breaks on this white nationalist movement that discovered a leader in Trump and the attempted takeover of the country by the libertarians funded in large part by the Koch brothers with an aim of virtually privatizing everything and gutting all government social programs. It is really isn’t about Trump. It is a fight over what kind of country this should be? Should it reflect the values of the enlightenment or be a country for white Christians only? Should it be a country for both the haves and the have-nots or only for the very wealthy with all others having to get by on their own means as best they can?


Sad article. From so many perspectives. One of them being that an “academic” who has written 60+ journal articles - considers no other alternative than the democratic party as the solution.

“The lesson is that protests in and of themselves do not alter the course of affairs. Electing decision-makers does.”
There is some truth to this, but coming from an “academic” it is very sad to see such simplification. As it is very reactionary. In the entire Eastern Block, just 25 years ago, millions of people changed their course of affairs precisely when they marched in the streets." And history is full of examples. The issue at hand perhaps is why there is so few marching the streets in the US…as when massive protests happen (meaning most of the country, not just a couple hundred thousands)…that means that they are asking for system change, not just a change of hands from one millionaire clique to the other.


Well said. And that’s what the role of an “academic” should be. To shed light into how to organize people in understanding that, not perpetuate a rotten system.


What were the dems doing, Everything in their power to undermine the Progressive Sanders to elect the corporate owned Clinton. We know that Sanders has the largest rallies 15, 20,000 everywhere. Clinton couldnt get 250 out…but the DNC and the DCCC so corruptly lied and deceived the people who despised Clintonn and voted for Trumpolini. Even today progressives are demanding the democrats adopt the progressive agenda, or fail again.


Juan Cole is dead-on: only going out and voting your interests will work. That is one of a two prong approach.

The other prong is to support Mueller any way you can: Evidence shows that Russia teamed up with one U.S. billionaire to manipulate social media in 2016. Who can say that the ugly false-issue fights on social media did not cause many voters to disengage? Mueller, and only Mueller, will stop that in 2018.