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Proud Boys Sued by Historic Black Church After Leader Admits to Burning Black Lives Matter Sign During DC Rally

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2021/01/04/proud-boys-sued-historic-black-church-after-leader-admits-burning-black-lives-matter

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Wow Proud Boys, it’s time someone sued you for your racist actions.
Stand down and Stand by—and maybe someday when you grow up, you can actually STAND UP and be real adults.


Thanks to the group for filing charges. We must speak out on this racism and violence.


Hit them where it hurts. In the pocketbook. All these clowns and terrorists need to be sued till they have nothing left. That includes the clown terrorist leader donnie tiny hands orange face drumpf himself.


Sue their asses. Another thing I would do is find where all these people work and boycott businesses that employ them. Why should people do business with firms that hire white Supremacists?

If I knew a local business was hiring “aryan nation” types I would never sit foot in that place of business.

I watched an interaction with a homeowner and a contracter hired to do work in her house. She came to the door and he drives up in a truck flying this big Confederate flag. He says he is there to do the work in the kitchen she wanted and she sees that flag, confirms the Truck his and says “Leave my home I am not doing business with you”. He offers to take the flag down if it bothers her so much and she tells him in no uncertain terms she will hire someone else.

There was also that mealy mouthed lawyer caught in video claiming that because people are speaking Spanish he is going to have them all deported as illegal aliens. Did he ever get his comeuppance. The building he had his offices in ended his lease due to protests, his name and face was splashed everywhere so no one would hire him , and he took to hiding his face in Public because of all the ridicule coming his way. The people then used YELP to rate him as a lawyer and he got endless negative reviews.

The “Proud Boys” can be very proud hiring one another and doing business only with one another while paying damages for the lawsuits.

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Arresting Tarrio may help DC keep the peace Jan 6 and 20.
Identifying active armed members should have already occurred.
Every police and assigned soldier in DC can have the info, including photo, of each
in a secure APP that they can access on their phone - at the scene.

Disarming a ‘proud boy’ may not be easy.

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Are we so sure that the F.B.I. doesn’t have investigations on going.
The fact that they are armed, in public, and display hostilities is enough for a watch list.
Personally, I say ignore them, and they might go away.

Already happened:


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Now lets see if he gets the usual 5 years in prison, like any other convicted felon would receive for the charges of possession of weapon parts.

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I would like to see these terrorist acknowledged as such as we designate terrorists in other countries. Not only that but treated by law enforcement and the courts as terrorists instead of just citizens who rightfully carrying guns as is their right. However, it is not their right to provoke armed conflict in our streets. It is not their right to terrorize random people as they do when they congregate. As much as I hate to bring in race, if these poor bad boys were black, they would be shot, tear gassed, rubber pellet shot, tazed, cuffed, beaten, hog tied, and left for dead in some dark hole. ENOUGH! They are terrorists and should be treated as such.

!/6/2021 Update:
This lowlife was just released on his own recognizance. Definitely not how any other convicted felon would be treated when caught with firearm paraphernalia. Here in my state, for an average person, it’s no bail and an automatic 5 years in the penitentiary. No questions asked.

~https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/law-enforcement-braces-for-protests-as trump-supporters-gather-in-capital/ar-BB1cveHMocid?=msedgdhp

Notice the photos in the article, the police are handling the protestors with kid gloves, even when they break the law. And the National Guard is unarmed, complete opposite of the BLM protests this past summer.

If interested, see my above update on this story. (I clicked the wrong reply button)

Nazis on the prowl. Let’s hope the cops get tired of them.

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It’s remarkable to note, in the year 2021, we have Nazis and Nazi sympathizers marching on Washington. All to intimidate members of Congress and service a corrupt, spoiled man who couldn’t care less about them and their causes, save for what helps him. I don’t think Kubrick saw this coming, monolith and all.

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Even more remarkable to me is how many of them are in our police ranks, and the preferential treatment the police afford the new Nazis in street confrontations, compared to left leaning protestors in the same situation. The meaning of the term “Antifa” needs to be shouted from the rooftops everyday, and a link to the solders of WWII fighting fascists IMO.

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It’s utterly frightening. Really good point. There’s a reason why 10 SecDefs published that letter in the Post regarding the military not intervening in elections. It’s nice to assume everyone has honor, but Trump has put some real questionable people in leadership at the Pentagon, including white-power aficionados.

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