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'Proudly Pro-BDS": Jewish-Led Groups Condemn Pompeo for Declaring Boycott-Divestment Movement Anti-Semitic

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/19/proudly-pro-bds-jewish-led-groups-condemn-pompeo-declaring-boycott-divestment


While Pompeo’s condemnation of the BDS movement should be lamented no rational and objective person should think that Biden has any intention of strongly criticizing the oppressive state of Israel and supporting the Palestinian people.


HI Terry49:

How many peope in Israel’s are semitic? After Babylon some were returned to Palestine----but Rome was there forever too and it wasn’t until WW 1 time that England did the Balfour agreement-------but what that agreement said is not what Israel did.
I have quite a few friends who are Jewish, but they are not semitic, as anyone can join that religion. In fact, Netanyahu is Polish and America—neither which are known as semitic races. Maybe Anti-semitic is too big a term for the many races of the word who follow the Jewish religion. I could never figure out why semitic became a term for so many non semitic people.


The BDS movement is not about Anti-Semitism.

It’s about punishing a nation that doesn’t believe in Human Rights, a nation that would rather oppress and murder than agree to coexist.


Hey Pompeo, pack your bags you fat ass, lying, bible thumping, hypocrite punk, your days are numbered.


Semitic is a linguistic term. Aramaic was the predecessor language to Arabic, Hebrew, Syriac (Assyrian modern and Akkadian Sumerian) and Amharic (also the Ethiopian language of antiquity and liturgy Ge’ez). Phoenician written alphabet is also a predecessor of the Semitic written scripts and Aleph-Bet\El Abjadiyyah.

Don’t confuse Armenians whose native language is Armenian with the Abrahamic common ancestor traced to Padan Aram and the once common language of the ethnically diverse Muddle East, at least in Jesus’s time, and a language that Jews pray in and use in modified script for the publishing and study of the sages and talmudic argument on biblical legal codes.

That language is the template language that marks Semites, namely Aramaic. Armenian has been classified as within the satem sub-group of Indo-European languages by most linguists, even though geographically the Armenians are indigenous to the Semitic lands of the Muddle East.

Scientifically, there are very few racial markers that do not change with shift in biological adaptation to physical environment. Like darker skinned couples’ children and grandchildren having lighter skin if they’ve moved to Canada or nordic climates.

Race as a category is worth online search. Fascinating how an entire so-called scientific discipline called Eugenics at the turn of the 19th into the 20th century has been so deconstructed using empirical science.

Even really good scientists with the best of egalitarian and humanitarian intentions have fallen victim to the bad science(s) founded on bias confirmation (which skews liberals as well as conservative views) and false attribution. A child-hood neighbor who became a go-to person for NPR’s segments targeting youth with hard science made friendly and fun, Stephen Jay Gould had some of his big-hearted assumptions that crept into his own specialization within the field(s) of paleontology and evolutionary biology disproven and some of his quantitative analysis debunked.

As an undergrad one of the new books of the time was just translated into English from a German book by a German post-graduate student named Stefan Kuhl. That slim text with careful foot-noting and easily accessible language remains a book I return to often and always come away checking out related rabbit holes:

The Nazi Connection: Eugenics, American Racism, and German National Socialism by Stefan Kuhl (Institute of Sociology, Institute of Sociology, University of Munich)

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Things won’t change with biden. Most in both “parties” are zionists. Seem to remember that biden was a proud cheerleader when israel was dropping cluster bombs on Lebanon.


Lord Arthur Balfour was anti-Semitic. In 1905 he supported the Aliens Act 1905 which restricted east European Jews from the UK (note, they were fleeing pogroms and other persecution). So, Chaim Weizmann, one of Zionism’s founders, saw an opportunity to use Balfour to funnel Jews to Palestine. Zionists were not having the greatest sales job getting Jews around the world to pick up stakes where they were and head for Palestine, with the understated, or unstated, aim of eventually overwhelming and removing the natives of the land - which led to the Nakba and the Palestinian oppression today.
Actually, getting people to abandon established homes and businesses just to head to another country and 5th column it, was not a great sales pitch.
Eventually the relationship between anti-Semite Balfour and Zionist Weizmann would lead to the Balfour declaration of 1917.
One of the reasons about 50% of the members of the communist party in the 20’s and 30’s were Jewish (such as, Julius and Ethel Rosenberg) was because communism had gotten rid of the Czar and his pogroms. Communism, as instituted in Russia, still managed a public PR look of the ideals and hopes behind communism (small “c”).
In a similar but much larger way, the holocaust of the Nazis on Jews was used by Zionists to funnel Jews to Mandate Palestine. Most of the refugees went back to where they came from after WWII or to a welcoming other country. Jews were often restricted, as they were in the Alien Act 1905, but they had an option to go to Palestine where the Zionists wanted them to form a new nation over the tops of the existing Palestinians.
Oh, other irony, Balfour streets or avenues are common in Israel, including the address of the prime minister.


When I post articles such as this on my Facebook page, I get zero response. It is as if most people either are profoundly ignorant of what’s going on with Israel and the occupied territories, or they are simply afraid of weighing in on the matter for fear of being called ‘anti-Semitic.’ After awhile, given all the ‘anti-fascist’ rhetoric and essentially empty symbolic protests taking place in America that will likely do NOTHING to end racism or bring about a more just world, it really irks me that people are so gutless and uninformed about what’s happening in Israel, backed by their tax dollars.


Hi PonyBoy:
Yes, it’s based on what South Africa had to do, to treat people with different backgrounds fairly—whether the background is race or religion, Ending apartheid in South Africa showed that this is possible. It should affect the People of Palestine in the same positive way—sadly it does not—and neither the UK nor America stand up for the human rights of the Palestinians—even more sadly the state of Israel seems not to care at all! : (

Hi lay-lowStudiosOre-Wa:
Thank you for all of that information. But it still does not answer that question for me—why Israel so often calls people antiSemitic, when that term does not seem to apply in 21st century Jewish Americans-----or why Israel even uses it.

With all due respect, stardust, the charge of anti-Semitic took on new meaning as it was employed as a tactic for demonizing those who dared openly and publicly criticize Israeli policies such as changing facts on the ground of the Occupied Territories in service to the Zionist enterprise, whose original mission I have to admit supporting myself. That’s a whole long and digressive other story from your question.

After the Holocaust and before any Islamist projection of terror directed at the Western Imperial Powers, the term anti-Semite had a connotation of anti-Jewish exclusively, due to the Gentlemen’s Agreement (the Hollywood movie starring Gregory Peck) dynamics obliquely driving that film’s narrative of quiet complicity against Jews in the so-called liberal, if Eugenics as Science espousing western world and its ethnic and racial quota enforced institutions.

Arab money didn’t become gaudy or appear so imposing or threatening on the World Stage beyond the Arabic Curtain of remote colonially controlled North Africa’s burgeoning nationalist movements until the mid to late 1960’s. Not much anti-Semitism targeting non-Jewish Semites was widely perceived. Not even in the secret language of Hollywood’s more exploitative movie industry that spawned an academic discipline of Ethnic Studies and Deconstructionism on U.S. campuses back when a liberal education was open admission and darned near free of tuition.

Also, Israel as an expansionist military power in the Muddle East and as a tool of Washington’s imperial designs in the region didn’t really materialize until after 1967 when the Six Day War changed the Green Line borders between the 1948 British Mandate dissolving and partition of Palestine\Israel and the creation of Saudi family led trans Jordanian-occupied Palestine and the Egyptian-occupied Gaza Strip.

Before Israel was created there was heated debate within the U.S. and pre-Holocaust Euro Jewish community between Zionist Jews and Anti-Zionist Jews. Only after Israel took on its late Cold War job as what Nixon and Kissinger’s Secretary of ‘Defense’ Melvin Laird called the region’s "Cop on the Beat" did the actual smear campaign within the Jewish community (with some outside coordination and assistance for entirely different and often conflicting sets of interests) of tarring Jewish Anti-Zionists as “Anti-Semites” or more commonly “Self-hating Jews” get rolling as part of the Cold War’s Mighty Wurlitzer propaganda industry. In more recent times the whole wider very disturbing U.S. part of the Culture Wars known as CANCEL CULTURE really got rolling and some of it illustrates the efforts of Jewish Professionals to isolate in professional circles Jews and\or Israelis and also Palestinians or non-Semites who speak out critically against Israeli policies. The coercive elements were threat to livelihood and social positioning. Donald Trump’s youthful mentor Roy Cohn was one example of an early CANCEL CULTURE coercive bully-terrorist: ~https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roy_Cohn
Al Pacino played Roy Cohn in the film version of Tony Kushner’s ANGELS IN AMERICA.

Here is one such illustration though filled with some irony of the U.S. Jewish CANCEL CULTURE doing a job on one of our own: Namely, the case of Bari Weiss that seems to embody both the victimizer and victim of CANCEL CULTURE:

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especially since Palestinians (and most Arabs) are Semitic, and many, if not most, Israelis seem blatantly anti-those-semites.


Hi Lay_LowStudiosOre_Wa
Thank you for the information, but it is still confusing in that many on Israel ( like Netanyahu) seem to call those who disagree with Israel policies is antisemitic------and the confusion for me is that as the charge often starts in Israel, and so many in Israel are not semitic, but rather European or American----- I support BDS and people have called me anti-semitic for that support. Perhaps the term should just end its usage----because it does not inform but seems more to divide. : (


Agreed. Categorizing people and then naming the categories is a tricky, if necessary undertaking for some specific purposes. What makes a collection of familial tribes into a nation? At what point does a language stretched over such great distance break up into different "dialects" as opposed to entirely different "language families" as determined by a scientific community of peer-reviewed “linguists”?

Race as a category is useless except for the most superficial way of marking ourselves from the “Other.” And then, only if we remain in place and do not travel or relocate. Since there is at least skin and hair deep adaptation to different climates and sunlight. Even DNA testing only marks region and certain physical characteristics, that as was noted likely reflects biological adaptation, which itself is a theory always subject to change.

Different individual people can come together and decide what criteria are used to determine what makes a nation as distinct from a collection of tribes or a collective. Does community mean folks who remain living in a place? How big of a place?

Identity formation seems to be the endeavor. The name of the game…so to speak.

Making it more confusing is the way we blur our mytho-poetics and our attempt to observe and codify our observations of differences in category and the naming of those categories with these groups of always mobile and subject to change, inside as well as outside, people(s). Good luck figuring out what a Semite is by tracing it back to the mytho-poetics of the Old Testament or older still the Akkadian mytho-poetic text of Gilgamesh.

Health and balance

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Hi Lay-LowStudiosOre-Wa:
Thank you for all of that information, and now on to reading of !Bari Weiss and Cancel Culture . : )

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