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'Prove Him Wrong': Progressives Demand Democrats Accept McConnell's Challenge, Expand Supreme Court If They Win Elections

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/26/prove-him-wrong-progressives-demand-democrats-accept-mcconnells-challenge-expand


Absolutely. If the dems have control all the government levers they should disregard the republicans as a non entity. They should be dead to democrats for at least the next four years.
Actually that format has already been established by the republicans.


It’s only fair at this point. Six ultra-right judges out of 9 proves the hypocrisy of Republicans whining about potential court packing. They’ve been at it for years.

It’s time to do what the GOP said it was going to do to the federal government, as the GOP has shrunk now to a size where it can be drowned in the bathtub. The DNC is the new GOP anyway. The Democrats are right wing of the UK Conservative party, and have been for years.

The progressives need a viable party to represent us. Cannot wait until that is our main focus, but in the meantime there are a million fires to put out.


Packing the courts without first reforming it is a waste of time. Term limits, retirement age, an end to judicial review, an independent board of rotating members to control the cases before the courts, and granting the House power to overturn a SC ruling for starters.


Just a wee shame that McConnell still has his U.S. passport.

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As if they care about that, at all.

I’d say go the other way, and abolish the Supreme Court. But in lieu of that impossibility I’ll settle for a 19 justice SCOTUS. And follow it up with raising the amount congressional districts to about 1000. My reasoning is simple. In 1960 we had 9 Supreme Court justices and 435 congressmen in a nation with a population of about 160 million people. We are now a nation of near 340 million with the same amount of representation. Hardly small D Democratic.

We need systemic change or the US republic will not exist in 2030. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing necessarily. I’m just saying that is our future if we continue hurtling down the same road we’re on.


McClockwork Orange ain’t right any time of the day.

In fact, do what Robert Reich suggests, eliminate the SCOTUS as an issue altogether - make it a rotating gig (with 1 year random terms from the lower circuit courts). This doesn’t violate the language of the Constitution, as they ‘are still serving.’ Make it a panel of 19, such that sub-panels of 3 or 5 can hear cases. And then most definitely, expand the lower courts dramatically, by a factor of 5, so that cases don’t languish for years - justice delayed is justice denied.


If the tables were turned, you KNOW that the ROTpublicans would do even worse than try to expand the Court, if they saw they “had to,” in order to achieve their Grail, the absolute DOMINATION of anyone NOT a ROTpublican, and of the policies they want.

I’d plug into Biden’s considered term limits for SCOTUS Justices. As we see from this episode, the ROTpublicans CANNOT be trusted to keep their words… or even what they say their morals are, in this case.

Let them do what they want. ACB is NOT a legitimate nominee, by several standards, and her nomination, if it “passes,” will not be legitimate. The ROTs HAVE NO OPTION of telling us what to do to counter their illegitimate measures. That’s all over with.


I think propagandizers end up believing their own propaganda, or McConnell wouldn’t be nearly so sanguine, that we can’t throw him and his Party over the barrel… All we have to do to see that happen, is to stop listening to HIS guff, and execute our own plans in the best way possible.


The Dems won’t do anything. They are owned by the same corporations as the GOP.

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The GOP is demonstrating that they strongly approve of a SCOTUS with a proportional distribution of 2/3rds conservatives and 1/3rd liberals, or a 6 to 3 ratio. That being the case, they should have NO OBJECTION whatsoever to enlarging the Court by adding 10 new chairs to the current 9, and appointed by a Dem President. That way, the ratio would be still 2/3rds versus 1/3, with one of the new seats added as a tiebreaker.

After FDR passed the New Deal, the Democrats ruled Congress for literally decades. Because their programs were popular, so the voters kept re-electing them.

Today’s Democratic Party leadership is far from the New Deal. But then, so was the Democratic Party leadership of the 1920s. FDR was quite far from that before he entered office.

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Dems “packing the court” is exactly what McConnell and the gop want. This will give them political leverage to up the ante with more expansion, and add even more right wing nuts in the future, when they take charge of the WH and Senate again. The dems could avoid this by removing illegitimate judges on the SC (Barrett and Kavanaugh) and at the federal level (many unqualified). This would piss off the gop to no end, and give them no reason to pack the court in the future, and make them realize there’s no sense in appointing unqualified judges, knowing they will be removed. This would also tamp down the power the Federalist Society has acquired.

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expecting the Democrats to find the courage to fight back with a completely Constitutional plan is expecting more courage than they have shown in 50 years–in this last defeat they did NONE of the things they could have done to stop or slow the appointment --just like they did nothing for months to advance their nominee–leaving the American people at the mercy of extreme right wing bigots–and the net fund raiser that was called a filibuster–how pathetic was that?? they think we are stupid–and if we keep believing their crap we are

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the progressive strategy of “demanding” or “urging” or “calling upon” the democratic party to take action has a perfect record


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What makes us think that Biden will appoint Progressive judges, if he decides to expand the court? It is doubtful that he will do that anyway, as he is middle-right like his former boss, “We need to look forward” Obama.

I voted for Biden, but he’s no cure for what ails us.

The starter is carefully worded legislation that leaves absolutely no doubt about congressional intent.

99% of the actual wording is written by lobbyists and handed over to a congressional committee staff.
If the darn lazy congress persons cannot bother to read, understand, and edit the bill - …

We have had two generations of crap written that takes three years of lawyers yapping to write and release regulations stemming from said legislation. Then, ten more years of court fights to settle the dust.

How about a congress man who only read three bills in his over 20 years serving (himself) in congress, That ain’t my idea of representation.

First step in this plan is to with both senate and executive branches .