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Proving Eager to 'Get the War Started,' Pompeo Ramps Up Anti-Iran Rhetoric in Israel and Saudi Arabia


Proving Eager to 'Get the War Started,' Pompeo Ramps Up Anti-Iran Rhetoric in Israel and Saudi Arabia

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Wasting no time confirming fears that he would would bring his disdain for diplomacy and zeal for war to the world stage if confirmed as Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo used his first offi


I am at at a loss for words to describe just how pathetic that statement is!


Pro-Military elements in our country are having wet dreams every night.


Israel, Saudi Arabia and the war profiteers have given Trump his marching orders, “Take out Iran before you are impeached”.


How about this: You two are pathetic pieces of war-mongering, profit/power- seeking, murderous assholes who are wasting oxygen that those you seek to kill could use!!!


The first thing Pompeo the War-Mongering Puppet does is to go crawling on his hands and knees to the the second and third largest terrorist nations (USA is number one) in order to get the ball rolling on yet another war against a nation in the middle east on behalf of the MIC. Can’t you just picture Pompeo sucking on Netanyahu’s dick while taking the Saudi Crown Prince’s dick up his a$$. I guess Pompeo will get his pleasure any way he can as long as it involves wars and imposing suffering on people around the world. Fuck them all.


Geezer: You forgot to put Dumbf in that mix of graphic descriptive genius!


So much sucking up that anymore wouldn’t be allowed to air on television.


And right on cue Netanyahu has just given a “presentation” complete with new and improved graphics to tell us how Iran has lied about their nuclear program. The war drums are beating extremely loudly now. So sorry Iran, but your turn has come to take a beating from the triumvirate of terrorist nations (USA, Israel, Saudi Arabia).


They call Iran the greatest sponsor of terror, which can’t be true because the US is the greatest terrorist state, both indirectly in what it sponsors and directly in what it attacks around the world head on.


Given what happened in Iraq there is probably a feeling throughout the US that Congress could not be stupid enough to be duped into a war against Iran. But I would assume the worst. Congress might be that stupid, particularly if the Trump administration rolls out a campaign of demonizing the Khamenei, gets a bunch of retired generals on TV promoting a war, and plants a number of false facts in the media about Iran. The media outlets like CNN would go with a run up to war go get ratings. Until the next presidential campaign really gets going this could be a story that could really be a ratings bonanza.


The pathological lying from trump and nuttyahoo are so obviously full o shite! EVERY international agency certifies Iran is living-up to their end of the nuke bargain, but netanyahu claims to have proof they are not? BS! The partner that is cheating and changing the “deal” is the U under the trump regime’s war-mongers!

IF there are any world leaders, especially Euro, worth the term and not on their knees for either of the axis of evil scum, they had better prove it by denouncing the US-Israeli lies and build-up to war against Iran! Show the wrold the reports Iran is keeping the deal!

Pompous ass warmonger pompeo and his twin propagandist warmonger psycho bolton, are the threats “domestic” we are supposed to have trustworthy leaders to confront…where the frell are they? Licking trumps/Israel’s boots salivating for war…


Congress wasn’t duped. They had more information than we did and we weren’t duped. Most of the Congressmen were only too happy to go to war then and they will fall all over themselves to go again. All that is missing is some sort of false flag operation which is being planned as we speak.


Every photo I see of trump and nuttyahoo together looks like they can’t wait to lock lips once out of camera view. I’m thinking trump is very jealous looking at this photo of his new SoS and nutty. Pompeo might get fired when he gets back, if he doesn’t back off trump’s little nuttsy–he does not like to share.


Iran has announced it will drop the US dollar in foreign trading. Iraq tried that and so did Libya and we all know what happened to those countries. Another ‘incentive’ for the US warmongers and some of their allies to attack Iran are the gas-and-oil rich fields of the Caspian Sea bordering Iran where western oil corporations have for years heavily invested in exploitation of the resources. Investors in the US MIC are eagerly awaiting their returns…
Israel’s premier just announced there is ‘proof’ of Iran running a secret nuclear program. How convenient this piece of 'information is made public now…


Congress was definitely duped by Bush and Cheney. The majority of members did not possess any critical information that the public didn’t have. The members of Congress saw Colin Powell go before the UN and show aerial photos of what the intelligence agencies had told him were weapons of mass destruction. Powell himself failed to ask enough questions and didn’t realize the information he conveyed was bogus. Members of Congress read the Judith Miller articles in the NY Times about Iraq’s chemical weapons. It turned out all that information was concocted by a defector from Iraq. They also heard about the aluminum tubes that Iraq had purchased that supposedly could be used for enriching uranium for nuclear weapons. Congress was also duped by Bush and Cheney because they were told that Bush needed the authority to use force in Iraq in order to get the UN to go back into Iraq to do inspections. The presumption was that if the UN did not find weapons of mass destruction that the US would not invade. Of course we know the the UN in fact did go back in and found no evidence of weapons of mass destruction but Bush still went ahead and launched a war. There is no questions that many members of Congress were duped by Bush and Cheney just like millions of Americans were likewise fooled. .


The last democrat for president said she only read the executive summary of the duping propaganda.


Emphyrio wrote:

“IF there are any world leaders, especially Euro, worth the term and not on their knees for either of the axis of evil scum, they had better prove it by denouncing the US-Israeli lies and build-up to war against Iran! Show the world the reports Iran is keeping the deal!”

Exactly. So now we know the real reason Trump summoned Macron and Merkel to the White House. The administration will use the same tactic Bush did on the lead-up to the Iraq invasion. Get our principal allies onboard by producing fake intelligence showing Iranian skullduggery and then hold hearings where pseudo-indignant D’s ask every question but the correct ones and off to slaughter we go. There isn’t a world leader other than those in the second and third world willing to stand up for truth and saving untold lives from the impending massacre.

Here’s another example of just how heinous the democratic party has become. To vote thumbs up for Pompeo - who couldn’t wait to fly to the ME to start the lying - shows how venal those ‘liberal’ senators are. Not that it would make much difference, as Trump would eventually get the war monger he wants. But could those spineless folks toss a bone our way once in a while when it relates to empire?


Permit me to correct that statement:

Virtually all members of Congress failed to be critical of any information coming from Bush, Cheney or the press.

As for whether the possessed information that the public didn’t have, your assertion is a bit hard to swallow. It’s not like the entire intelligence network was shut down. I’m sure they saw plenty that we didn’t see, and it’s a good guess much of that undermined the nonsense Cheney was peddling. They just didn’t want to look weak and so jumped on the war band wagon, an especially vile result for the Democrats who wholly failed to be an effective loyal opposition in the face of disastrous governance by W and the Republicans.


Incase you missed it. Israel attacked Syria again last night for the hundred time. Over forty people lost there lives because of this attack. Including a dozen Iranian soldiers and many Syrian troops and civilians.

It does appear Israel is egging Russia, Syria and Iranian. To respond to this unprovoked aggression from Israel. I hope these countries don’t take the bait.