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Proving Small-Dollar Army Fired Up for 2020, Sanders Raises Over $1 Million in Just Three Hours


“Bernie, I’m sure, knew for a fact that the nomination was rigged against him and yet he said nothing.”

Which is exactly why I can not support him again. I enrolled as a Democrat just so I could vote for him in the primary. I went back to no party affiliation when Hillary Clinton was nominated. Also there is the matter of the F35 boondoggled warmongering machine. Fooled me once, Bernie. Shame on you.


“It was tough to see him support that corporate warmonger, but it would have been more disappointing if he had broken his promise.”

Corporate Warmonger? Does she support the F35 boondoggle, too?


U bet Harris will take Super PAC money! She Has to now that big boy Bernie is back! He has the experience that Rookies like her and Warren are clueless about. We shall see how this builds and who we need to put our weight behind. I’m sure Sanders has learned how this corrupt game is played and how to fix the mistakes he made in 2016. Plus, he needs a much smarter manager than Weaver this time!


I kinda feel the same way, but I will not count him out so fast. No donations from me either. I will wait and see what his game plan is and compare. Still early in the ball game to make any predictions at this time…


If Bernie can do what he did in 2016 again… and this time Not screw it up, that would set the country on fire again with hope! I could use a double dose of that!!!


None of us knew what really happened to Bernie… We may never know… my guess is that he and his family were threatened and he had no choice. He did not look happy endorsing Clinton. I’m sure he now knows what’s coming and has a plan to not repeat the same mistakes he made in 2016.


You could be correct, but in my opinion, if Bernie runs with the corrupt dems…the country will be burned again.


What is his official donation site? I’m frantically waving my $27!


try this

or https://ourrevolution.com/


I think he will too. Let’s not forget that if Warren had backed Sanders instead of the witch, we would all be in a much better place right now, as the name Trump would not be associated with President!

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Thanks Phred—Done! Feel the Bern, Y’all!


I am supporting both Bernie and Tulsi with my small donations each month. I think it imperative that BOTH of them make it to the Democratic Party debate stage so people can hear them… That means they both need lots of small donors up to 65,000 with at least 200 of the donors from 20 different states. Tulsi has the steady nerves to take on the DNC, Trump and the MIC. She is the only one I have heard speaking out against the waste of military spending and regime change. She is also the only one who stood with our indigenous brothers at standing rock.


“It’s going to be a killer campaign”, yep right up till the end, Keep drinking the Kool-Aid.


I think you are right on that. I noticed Bernie’s reluctance too, and part of that was that he was being dragged to shore by tsunami and had nowhere to land but on the beach.
I think he felt much the same as many of us: Whatever is the best route to defeat Trump.


Sanders or whom else? Kamala!! Sure she’s the front runner darling of the DNC at this juncture. But in the end, Bernie will have to defeat the DNC, the mainstream media, the wingnut right media, NPR, and no shortage of colonized faux liberals. Hell…even Dolores Huerta endorsed Kamala. The left can never have a true candidate. Not this time. not next time. Not ever.


Sure seems that way … the corporate states of america !!

the corporations own this country … basically the whole world really


The realities you list are impossible to denounce. If we are going to be behind Bernie I think we all have to play an active roll on one level or another. Just to beat back the naysayers.
Question: Will Bernie denounce the corporate candidates?


I doubt he has a plan. He’ll fold, just like he did last time. Wikileaks published the e-mails that proved the rigging. What more did he need?


If ever there were going to be a real revolution in this country, it would come if the corrupt DNC tries to steal Bernie Sanders from the people AGAIN! - The establishment knows this and they are nervous. – They should be.

It’s not going to happen. People want the real deal and Sanders is it.

This primary election is the real story and the pivotal moment of our times! - We will not be mugged this time.


Wow. – You blame the one because he is not as powerful as the 99?

Bernie Sanders bona fides are as solid as they come. - He has been in the trenches since the 1960’s.

Who do you imagine could be a better candidate?