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Proving 'Wall Street Feared Bernie,' Stock Market Surges 700 Points After Sanders Exit

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/04/08/proving-wall-street-feared-bernie-stock-market-surges-700-points-after-sanders-exit

Corporate money wins. They will continue to feather their nest at the expense of the middle class and the poor. Where is a modern day Franklin Roosevelt? Not in America. They all are on the same team and it isn’t for the middle class or the poor.


As the bandit chieftan Calvera says to the gunfighter Chris in The Magnificent Seven, “If God didn’t want them sheared, he would not have made them sheep.”



If the election happens in November (and that is currently up in the air) it may be the last federal election in US history. And if it does happen it will be the shit show to end all shit shows.
Senile sleepy Joe, and poor dumb Donny. OMGodzilla, the jokes write themselves. But the final joke will of course be on us.


Sheared if we’re lucky…


The 99% have already been “sheared”…it just gets worse from here on out.

Like Warren Buffett told the world in 2004…“there is a class war and my class is winning”…and the 1% have won a lot more at the expense of the 99% during the subsequent 16 years.

Sanders bowing out is the best news Wall Street banksters have heard since Obama’s justice department criminalized everything that Occupy Wall Street (OWS) did.


Wall street is dancing on the bodies of the American people, gleefully killing us.


Wall Street operates globally…and stomp, not dance on bodies of the 99%.


wrong thread

Stock Market surges, meaning Sanders was exactly the right candidate for the job. The enemy of my enemy is my friend, a concept foreign to Americans, who believe most people are enemies, except for people of their own political persuasion. Why so many people are happy with corporate ownership of our media, our government, our prisons, schools, arenas, grocery stores, farms, etc ad infinitum is beyond me.


Anyone investing in the stock market during this crisis should be assumed to be engaging in insider trading of some sort.

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The healthcare industry is ecstatic hence the stockmarket jump. Healthcare spending was 18 percent of GDP in 2017. Surely under Biden that can make that at least 20 percent. Are insurance premiums included in the 18 percent?


What has corporate money won, really? For how long will their sociopathic “system” really last, when one man—and his supporters—can make them shake in their $1000 shoes?

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What makes you think they’re “happy”? Have you ever been in a place where the bottom of a chasm looks like “up”?

The better the stock market does the worst it is for We The People .


Bernie needs to keep talking loudly and frequently for the rest of his life! I suggest we all do the same. Speak out when not spoken to. It’s a different world out there, adapt and educate. Peace


Now we will be hearing from those that will vote for Biden, and those who won’t.
This could get ugly for a while.

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Or, " there’s a hole in Wall St.‘s arm where all the gov’t money goes. Jesus Christ died for nothin’ I suppose ". Jaime " Diamond " Prine. John’s cousin, 3 xs removed ( from the property ).

That’s legal in your state? Is there a market niche for older humans? Do you need someone to watch the kids? I only charge $40 an hour.

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I think it was Barack Obama campaigning in Manhattan, in 2008. Actually, it was more of a whispeing campaign.