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Proving Yet Again She Is 'Grossly Unqualified,' DeVos Admits She Hasn't Bothered to Visit Struggling Schools


Proving Yet Again She Is 'Grossly Unqualified,' DeVos Admits She Hasn't Bothered to Visit Struggling Schools

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Education Secretary and multi-billionaire Betsy DeVos firmly believes that her ascent to the top of the list of President Donald Trump's "most hated" cabinet secretaries is simply the result of one big misunderstanding, but in an interview on CBS's "60 Minutes" Sunday night, DeVos bolstered critiques of her right-wing agenda by failing to answer basic questions and admitting that she hasn't even bothered


I suggest a Science Fair project in which the power of prayer is tested. Cover Ms. DeVos with fire ants and take detailed notes as the experiment progresses. Don’t forget video documentation, kids, just for good measure.


My mom raised me to be as not male chauvinist as I can be (She was a 5’2" trained world war 2 bomber ferry pilot).

Even so; I gotta say it.

This Betsy DeVos lady looks like a ditsy painted blond airhead, to me.


She is doing her duties as assigned. Her employer most likely would give her a raise after a job performance review.

The hiring board must be fired for not doing it’s job in not screening out crooks and those with poor job histories.


Well it is hard for someone who was born into wealth and then married wealth to understand those much less fortunate. For me, the question is how does a christian women of her wealth reconcile that with the teachings of Jesus?
“I’ll say it again–it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to enter the Kingdom of God!" - Matthew 19:24

So, it must be that DeVos plans on going to hell?


In DeVos’ world, Money = God. I think that pretty much sums it up. The rest is just an act.


Dear Betsy,

Pink Floyd’s song The Wall (“We don’t need no education…”) was a cautionary tale, not an operating manual. I just thought you should know.


Ken in MN


The bitch needs to burn in hell.


Betsy DeVos has no interest in helping public schools because Betsy DeVos is all about government subsidy to socialize private and parochial schools. The worse public schools are, the more successful the current education secretary is performing her job.
If you want to see Ms.DeVos get really worked up and concerned, have some CIA trained psychos go and shoot up some private and parochial schools. Then watch as she heads some blue ribbon commission to recommend that “something be done” about such a deplorable situation.


Since Erik Prince, the founder of Blackwater, is related to DeVos, you have to know she will support teachers being armed.


Betsy DeVos…one of Trump’s Dunce Cunce.


How do you spell Peter principle? DeVos!


I suspect you know what fire ants would do to this witch. That said, I almost choked on a drink laughing while reading you’re post. Beautiful !


The title should include somehow that, she has not visited the schools that failed due to her educational policies in Michigan. Then, ask why she is perpetuating failed educational policies for the rest of the country.


Her objective is to destroy public education - nothing else. She doesn’t care about education. It is more about destruction of an institution aimed at integration, equality and opportunity for all and service of the community. Her agenda and the neo-liberals is to separate us into self interested groups who care nothing about each other. The antithesis of community or egalitarian values. She is repulsive like her brother and Trump and his cabinet of the 1%.



She is doing what any racist, regressive, right winger is supposed to do.
Arne Duncan and the Obama cult members gave her political cover.


As I’ve said before, educational policy in this country is make by people who know nothing about education. More telling than anything in her interview was the fact that she obviously knew even less than nothing, which was also apparent in her Senate hearing. That this horse’s ass–(sorry for the insult, horses; and your asses too)–was ever confirmed, given her testimony is evidence–(like we really needed more)–that the GOP is out to destroy public education. Most of the under performing schools are, in fact, her charters. They have done worse than the worst of the public schools. That should tell everyone everything. I was irritated that Lesley Stahl didn’t mention that specifically; a little more exposure next time please; even if your boss tells you to lighten up, show some chutzpah and do the right thing.


But not soon enough. Hopefully, if there is a Hell, I will get to be her tormentor. Satan might promote me.


Doesn’t it seem a bit odd to promote religious instruction in your schools while also supporting the presence of firearms. Jesus might have a problem with this too, would he not… I’m glad I’m too old to be a kid and having to try to understand and live through all this.